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Bold and Naked

Chapter 13

Kakashi had thought his day would follow as per usual, create a little something for breakfast, get in some training, spend a couple of hours by the memorial, and then return in time for dinner, and some light reading before bed. He was about to begin his dinner when his plans were shaken with the appearance of the blonde enigma who had been missing.

Upon opening his door Kakashi was shaken and slightly startled to receive an armful of teenager, and the feeling of a wet face burying itself into his loose shirt. He could feel the teen's still wet hair soaking into his shirt, while the damp body clutched to him like a lifeline.

"Naruto?" He asked tentatively his hands still out to his side in surprise, and insecurity.

He felt the teen nuzzle in closer to his chest, his fingers clenching the material of his shirt and the slightest sound of sniffling could be heard. His hands eventually got the message his brain seemed to miss, wrapping around the teen, and sliding into his wet golden locks. He lightly pulled on the teen's hair, causing his head to tilt back so he could get a good look at the boy.

Those cerulean orbs filled with glittering tears nearly broke him. He had no idea what Danzo had done to the boy, but if he had harmed the teen enough to cause him to cry, than the man was as good as dead.

"What's wrong?"

Naruto eyes flitted away from the concerned gaze, resting his head against his sensei's chest, listening to the quickened heart beat of the man he loved. Kakashi was like a calming charm, he gave him such a sense of security, of peace, and of love. He felt like he could burst with joy for being within the man's grasp. He had to kiss him.

"Kiss me."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow and looked at the teen, connecting with Naruto's eyes and realizing the magnitude of the demand. He decided to give the teen what he so desperately needed, reaching up to lower his mask and place a chaste kiss on the teen's lips. He would have died a happy man if Naruto was the last thing he had tasted. The boy was so soft but firm, his lips rouged from his tears and kneading the flesh with his teeth, and the slightest hint of salt from his tears. He felt a hot tongue dance out from the boy's mouth to trace his cold lips, heating them as he pushed into the hot mouth.

His arms tightened around the teen, pulling him closer, as the teen relinquished control of the kiss, tempting Kakashi into the hot depths of his own mouth. The jounin took no time in tilting the teen's chin open, and devouring the boy's mouth as if it was water in the desert, and with each swipe of his tongue he was living again. Naruto was his oxygen.

At that moment, neither was aware of the world around them, only the feel of their lips together, and the hot press of their bodies. Kakashi felt a hand press against his zipper, fumbling with the clasp before he reluctantly pulled back.

"What are you doing Naruto?" He asked, still slightly dazed from their kiss, his voice husky, but the look that the teen gave him, complete seriousness, and unhidden lust sobered his mind, causing the man to take a step back.

Naruto took a step forward, his tone serious and pleading. "I love you. I love you Kakashi-sensei." He said kissing the side of the man's mouth, attempting to draw him in again.

Kakashi's eyes closed and his fists clenched, he couldn't bear to look the teen in the eye, to see the hopeful orbs looking at him in that way. He wouldn't be able to hold himself together. He gently pushed the teen away, holding him back by his shoulders.

"You don't love me Naruto. Now please leave my apartment before something happens that we will both regret." He said releasing the teen from his grip.


"Get out of here Naruto." Kakashi nearly growled.

Naruto frowned, and shook his head. "You're the type of man who doesn't see what you have until it's gone. Don't let me go Kakashi. You'll regret it for the rest of your life." Naruto knew that he would have little chance of convincing the man. Kakashi was so stubborn, and he doubted the man even realized the magnitude of what he felt.

Kakashi scoffed slightly. "What makes you so sure of yourself?" Kakashi asked his scowl deepening as he raised his eyebrow, he hated feeling tricked like he had, and he despised acting the way he was. Naruto looked so vulnerable, and needy, but he worried that it was a ploy of the blonde to get further.

"Because without me you know you're lost. Have you ever once told someone what you've told me? How long has it been since you've gotten close to anyone? Do you even remember what it's like to love?" Naruto snapped, his anger propelling him. He couldn't stand the way the man was brushing him off.

"Do you? Everything you've told me about your family only leads me to believe you have no idea what love is. So don't try and pretend Naruto. You've just found something that you finally like that hasn't hurt you. You don't love me Naruto, you're just comfortable with me."

Naruto flinched, looking away. "That was low. Did you have to bring them up?" He looked back towards the man he loved, but hated at that moment. "True. I don't think my parents have ever truly loved me. Yes, I do feel comfortable with you... but it's more than that. I'm comfortable with Sasuke, and with Sakura, but nothing compares to the way I feel when I'm with you." His eyes shone with intensity, and honesty.

Kakashi turned away, but Naruto persisted, stepping closer. "Why do you find it so hard that I could love you? Do you think you're really that unlovable? Or is it me?"

"Naruto you're only thirteen. I'm twenty-six years old. You're half my age, and you've got your whole life ahead of you. You're too young to even possibly fathom a relationship, let alone love. Things that start at thirteen aren't meant to last, it's so wrong for me to even consider starting anything with you. You're young enough to be my child. Anyways, no one knows that they are truly in love at thirteen."

"So it's me then." The teen shook his head once again. "And if I was your child then you would have had me at my age, so don't even try that card on me... Do you really believe that, doing what you do everyday? Knowing what you know?"

Kakashi couldn't help the look of confusion that crossed his face. "What are you talking about?"

"Obito." Kakashi tensed at the name, but Naruto refused to stop, continuing on. "You visit his grave everyday, without fail, excepting missions. So how can you devote yourself to him so fully if you didn't love him, if you didn't feel something so strong at thirteen that you can't let it go, not even to this day. How can you look me in the eye and tell me you can't love at thirteen?"

Kakashi felt anger bubbling under the surface. The teen knew nothing about what he had felt for Obito, however he couldn't ignore that little voice at the back of his head saying that it was his own fault for not telling him.

"I'm not about to discuss this with you Naruto. The answer is no. No matter how much you pester me, no matter how hard you try it will always be no. So please, just give up."

"I'll never give up. It's not my way of the ninja." Naruto said, his eyes blazing.

Kakashi turned his back on the teen, walking away from the situation, however the teen's next move caused him to reconsider his actions. He was nearly out the door when the blonde called out to him.

"I wouldn't do that Kakashi-sensei, you wouldn't want someone to see your student like this, in your apartment would you?"

Kakashi's brow's furrowed before he turned back around. The sight that met him caused a shiver to crawl down his spine and a tingle begin in his pants. Naruto had already removed his jacket, and shirt. His hands were slowly taking off his pants, before hooking his fingers on the edge of his boxers, making sure to make eye contact with Kakashi before slowly sliding them all the way down, sliding the material down his shapely legs, to puddle at his feet. The teen took a dainty step out of the material, walking over to stand in front of the frozen man, blocking his exit through the door.

"Tell me that you don't want me." Naruto said, his voice brimming with withheld emotion, as his hands trailed down Kakashi's chest.

Kakashi attempted to leave, his skin heated as tension filled the room. Either he left now, or something would happen, something that he would never be able to take back, and something that could get him in a lot of trouble.

"Don't go into this Naruto, you have no idea what you're asking for. Now please move out of the way." Kakashi said, turning his head away from the teen.

"Look at me. LOOK AT ME!" Naruto shouted at the man, his eyes alighting with passion.

Kakashi eyes were irrevocably drawn to the teen's body. Naruto was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. The light from the room poured over the lithe figure, highlighting his pale skin with an angelic glow. Naruto's eyes were smouldering, lust, anxiety, and anticipation swirled within the cerulean orbs. Kakashi's eyes lovingly traced over the boy's features, his pert little nose, his plump pink lips, and the golden halo of hair that framed his heart shaped face. The boy was heartbreakingly beautiful, and even through his courage to stand in front of his sensei naked, there was still that apprehension, that fear that made the teen's lithe body shiver as the eyes moved across his figure. His eyes started to travel lower, admiring the boy's collarbone, and wondering if he was as sensitive there as Kakashi was. He let in a small intake of air as his eye traversed over the chest of the boy, past his dusky pink nipples, winding down to his abdomen and his delightful little bellybutton, his eyes taking in the seal fading in and out of life with the teen's nervousness, gulping as he followed the slight trail of blonde hair leading to his prize.

Naruto was nearly shaking with anticipation the entire time, standing there naked in front of Kakashi was completely nerve wracking, but it was the single most exhilarating thing he had ever experienced. His heart was thumping away madly in his chest, his limbs felt slightly numb, and his blood was pounding in his head, his whole body felt like it was throbbing with power. He could feel the caress of Kakashi's eyes travelling over his body, as if finger tips were slightly grazing his skin, touching him, enveloping him. A shiver travelled up his spine, causing him to shake, and his back to arch slightly. For once in Naruto's life, he truly felt alive. He felt strong, and he felt bold and naked. He licked his lips in determination.

Naruto reached forward slowly, grasping Kakashi's larger hand in his own, and placing it on his chest, trailing it up and down his sides, before moving it up to kiss the palm, his eye's smouldering. Kakashi's breath hitched as he pulled his hand away.

"I-I can't." He said a bead of sweat travelling down his back.

"Tell me. Tell me that you don't want me. Look into my eyes and tell me, and then I'll let you go." Naruto felt as if he was begging, but it was worth it. Everything would be worth it if only Kakashi accepted him, he had given Naruto everything, his knowledge, his past, he had saved Naruto, and cared for him like no one else had before. If Naruto could express only a fraction of his love for this man then he would be happy, as it was he would give Kakashi his everything, his loyalty, his body, his soul, and his love.

Kakashi's eyes watched the teen's form, and he felt his control break. His hands tentatively reached out again, brushing against the soft skin of his shoulders, trailing down the blonde's arms, to his hands. Kakashi took a tan hand into his own, observing how small it seemed in comparison, he took the hand towards his face, brushing his lips against the smooth skin, pressing a kiss to the fingers, and brushing it against his cheek. Naruto's face grew red at the intimate gesture, as his body trembled under the man's intense gaze.

Kakashi's voice was deep and serious, calling Naruto to pay attention. "You don't know what you're asking for. A grown man has desires that you can't understand Naruto. You don't get what you're asking for. Sex isn't flowers and innocent kisses; it's hot, dirty, and messy. It will be painful, without a doubt, and by the end you'll be disappointed that it wasn't all you had built it up to be. If we do this I won't go easy on you, I'll take the fill of my desire from your body, and I won't stop even if you beg me."

Naruto shuddered at Kakashi's proclamation. What was meant to be a warning acted as an incentive to the teen, he relished the idea of pain and helplessness to Kakashi's desires, the very implication of his dominance caused a chill to travel down his spine. The teen reached up and gripped his sensei's hair, placing a passionate kiss on the man's lips, his hips driving forward to roll against the man's burgeoning erection, pulling back only to catch his breath.

"Oh god Kakashi Sensei. I want you to take me, push me down, fuck and fill me up. Make me yours, brand me."

Kakashi's eyes grew wider with Naruto's words, as his pants grew tight. He wondered where in the hell the teen had garnered that kind of language, or why he seemed to enjoy the idea of Kakashi's control. Either way the teen had made it very clear that he approved of what he had said, despite his own warnings. As it was, his will power was draining at an impressive rate. There was only so much he could take. He attempted to dissuade the teen a final time.

Gripping the teen by the back of his head he crashed his mouth onto the swollen lips, his teeth nibbling on Naruto's plump bottom lip, before his tongue plunged in for a taste of the sweet orifice. His hand shifted down the silky smooth skin of the teen's back, brushing past the small of his back, to cup his ass lightly before giving a harsh squeeze, his nails digging into the plump flesh, leaving little half moon dents in the supple skin. Naruto gave a small drawn in breath, a whimper escaping his lips as Kakashi lifted the teen into the air, without breaking from their kiss, before kicking open the door to his bedroom and throwing the blond onto the bed.

Naruto gave a small bounce before settling, his breathing laboured, and his eyes in a haze. Kakashi's attempt to scare the teen by moving quickly had the opposite effect. His actions caused the blond to lose all focus altogether, and left Kakashi with a painful erection.

He took one look at the lewd picture that the teen made, sprawled out on the white sheets, his golden hair shining around him, his lips rouged, and his erection standing proudly from its golden nest, before his stomach dropped, and he shivered in appreciation. To see that he had such an effect on the teen, to cause such utter abandon in such a lovely creature was powerful, and it was consuming him.

Naruto gained enough of his mind back in order to beckon the shivering man to join him. He worried his bottom lip, his arms out stretched and his fingers curling, begging Kakashi to join him, to touch him, to take him.

As if he was mesmerized Kakashi lowered himself into the bed, his hands shaking as he reached for the teen. Naruto's hands met Kakashi's on the way, their fingers intertwining as he sat up to chastely kiss the man on the forehead, moving to his nose, kissing each of his cheeks, and the side of his mouth, before finally kissing him on the lips. His sly little tongue licked along the bottom of his lip, before pulling their joined hands so Kakashi hovered over his body.

He gently unhooked their fingers before sliding his hands under the man's loose shirt, feeling his taunt muscles and abdomen his fingertips gently caressing his scars as he lifted the shirt up and off of the man's head. Kakashi looked down into Naruto's eyes and felt a warmth fill his body, the teen looked so happy, so content. He had never seen such a peaceful look on his features. He looked... angelic.

Kakashi couldn't help but reached down to lift the delicate chin and gently kiss his lips. He took his time, coaxing, exploring. Enjoying the innocent movements of the blonde's tongue against his own, the sweet little whimpers that escaped his lips every so often, and the grip on his wrists. He savoured how the teen arched into his body, and the heat between their bodies and their mouths. When they finally separated, Naruto's eyes were a deep cerulean, and his heart was fluttering in his chest.

He reached down to unzip Kakashi's pant's, his movement this time went uncontested, Kakashi finally stopping his hands only to shift off the bed, and slide the pants down his legs. Naruto raised his body onto his forearms, watching the jounin with an intensity that sent tingles down the man's spine. He slowly pulled his underwear off, allowing his dripping erection to pop free, springing from its confines to bounce against his abdomen. He looked to Naruto's eyes to search for any hesitation, but found only admiration, and unconcealed lust.

Standing there in all his naked glory Naruto couldn't help but admire the body of his sensei. His broad shoulders, his lean narrow waist and his magnificent member. He had seen the acts between Aoi and Idate, he had learned everything there was to know about sex and seduction, but to see the man that would make love to him, to be in this moment... nothing could ever prepare him.

Naruto felt trepidation creeping up as Kakashi once again joined him on the bed. He had planned for this moment, thought it through, worked out what he was going to say and do, but having Kakashi's warm naked body hovering over his own... his plans went out the window, and he couldn't help but lose some of his confidence. He was really going to have sex for the first time.

Kakashi watched the hesitation in Naruto's eyes, reading the teen's emotions as he observed him. His heart clenched painfully, there was something about those blue eyes that pulled him in and didn't let him go. His chest ached to kiss the teen, to ravage his mouth until his lips were puffy and red, to taste that caramel skin. His hands were shaking in anticipation, yet he kept them to himself. He would not force the teen into anything, Naruto would have to make the first move.

Naruto's hand tentatively stroked the man's scarred chest, his finger's dancing over the raised lines, pausing to ghost over his nipples. His touch was as light as a butterfly's and completely tantalizing. The temptation proved too much for Kakashi to bear. His mouth covered Naruto's in a gentle caress, however it wasn't enough. He moved to deepen the kiss, pleased to have Naruto respond to his actions. His tongue swept inside to mate with the blondes, the movement of the slick appendages against one another caused a low growl to emanate in the back of his throat. Causing Naruto to whimper and arch his back in response.

The teen could feel Kakashi pressed against the skin of his thigh, his own erection bobbing in the air, and arching to brush against the taunt skin of Kakashi's stomach. The kiss consumed the teen. He was so inexperienced in such matters that he felt his control slipping away, his body becoming putty in Kakashi's arms. He couldn't get enough of the taste of him, or his scent, so clean and masculine, he was aroused beyond belief.

Naruto uninhibited response was breaking Kakashi's control. He attempted to pull away, but his noble intentions were swept away as Naruto wound his arms around his strong neck, pulling him closer and deeper into the kiss. Kakashi felt his cock jump slightly as he felt a tug on his hair, as Naruto gave his bottom lip a playful nip. Kakashi saw the playful look on the teen's face, and his eyes narrowed slightly. If that was the way Naruto wanted to play then he would show him who was the master.

He languidly licked and nibbled on the teen's lips, pulling back every time Naruto attempted to take control. His mouth resettled against the rosy lips of the teen, teasing his lips with his tongue, slowly driving the blonde crazy. Naruto could feel his patience wearing thin. He tugged on the silver hair of his sensei, begging him wordlessly that he wanted more. Kakashi finally penetrated his mouth, his tongue snaked forward to stroke against the blonde's. He acted as though he had all the time in the world. His actions were time and measured, slow and deliberate. His movements helping to stoke the fire building between the two.

A soft moan from the teen, told Kakashi just how much Naruto was appreciating his ministrations. He pulled back slightly to gaze upon the teen. His lips were moist and red around the edges, and the lust in his eyes mirrored his own. Kakashi felt his heart clench painfully.

"So sweet." He murmured, his lips moving down to the teen's neck, leaving a hot wet trail with his tongue, pausing to suck on tantalizing patches of caramel skin.

Naruto was shaking in want. Kakashi moved back to the teen's lips whispering , "Open up for me". However the jounin couldn't wait for Naruto, his thumb moved forward to tilt the teen's chin back, his mouth shifting to cover the puffy lips with his own. His tongue penetrated the hot cavern, thrusting inside, before retracting and repeating the process. Naruto became putty in his arms, becoming soft and willing. It was with that innocent action that Kakashi lost all control, and all pretences' of going slow.

His hands snaked down the naked side of the teen, shifting down to cup his firm cheeks, squeezing and rolling the globes in his palms, and causing Naruto's head to fall back and his hips to press forward. The teen moved against Kakashi restlessly, unaware of the effect he was having on his sensei. The kiss that had seemed unending felt as if it was over too soon. Kakashi's body settled over Naruto's completely, and all too suddenly, he wasn't close enough. Naruto felt as if he needed to hold on to something, to do anything. His arms snaked around Kakashi's back to caress his back, and the sides of him arms. His touch was as light as a butterfly, and as innocent. However the action caused shivers to roll own the jounin's back, and settle in his groin.

Kakashi's head lowered to place kisses along Naruto's neck trailing down his chest. The teen's body couldn't stop shaking, his legs trembled, and his erection ached. Kakashi flicked his tongue against the teen's nipple causing him to arch off the bed, and his erection to brush against the jounin's stomach. "Kakashi!" He groaned, his hands clenching fistful's of the sheets. His face was flushed in exertion, and his cock drooled in excitement.

Naruto nearly sobbed Kakashi's name as he took his nipple into his mouth and suckled it hard. His body writhed uncontrollably underneath Kakashi's. The man was driving him out of his mind. He felt as if his hands were everywhere, everywhere except where he wanted them to be. Naruto was nearly sobbing in frustration, by the time he felt the pad of a thumb brush against his pucker. The teen jumped slightly at the action. Kakashi kissed the teen again, before spreading the teen's thighs and settling between them. Kakashi pulled away from Naruto's lips, his thumb still moving back and forth against the puckered skin. He brought his unoccupied hand in front of Naruto's lips, and pressed them inside. Naruto knew what Kakashi was attempting to accomplish, his hands moving forward to grab Kakashi's wrist and pull his finger's closer. His lips wrapped around the thick fingers, as he began to suckle them his saliva coating them.

Kakashi had to roll his hips against the teen, pressing his erection against the soft skin in order to relieve the pressure that was growing. Kakashi pulled his fingers away from those tempting lips, before covering the teen's mouth with his own again. His saliva soaked fingers reached down to caress the pucker before slowly breaching it, one at a time. Kakashi swallowed Naruto resounding moans and whimpers, his tongue caressing the teen's and thrusting in and out, mimicking the actions to come.

Kakashi rubbed against the smooth inner walls, before brushing against Naruto's prostate, causing the teen to convulse uncontrollably, and his member to bounce and dribble pre-cum over Kakashi's body.

"Please Kakashi sensei, please...I'll.... do anything, just stop teasing me. " He moaned, his hips wiggling.

Kakashi placed a soft kiss on Naruto's lips, before pulling his fingers away. His erection pressed against the pucker, his pre-cum dripping onto the tight entrance. "Is this what you really want Naruto? There's no going back." He said, despite his heavy breath. He wasn't sure if he could stop, he felt as if he was dying already, but he wouldn't force Naruto's hand. He would stop, even if it killed him. He had to be sure Naruto wanted this.

"Please Kakashi. Your making me ache." Naruto begged, his arms wrapping around his corded neck.

Kakashi nodded before gripping his penis, holding it steady as he eased himself in. He pressed forward, pushing until his balls pressed against the soft skin of Naruto ass. The teen's face was scrunched in pain, and tears fell lightly from his cheeks. Kakashi attempted to remain still, despite his instincts telling him to pull back and thrust forward. He pressed light kisses on the teen's cheek's, kissing away his tears. He tried to move forward to Kiss Naruto but his head turned away. The teen's erection was wilting, and Kakashi felt his stomach drop.

"Please baby, let me kiss you, I promise it will get better. Please just let me hold you. Please Naruto. Please." He placed butterfly kisses on the teen's cheek.

Naruto heartened by Kakashi's words turned back to him and kissed him again. It was painful, he felt as if he was being split in two. He clenched around the member inside him experimentally, pleased to discover that the pain had lessened, and that there was a hint of the previous pleasure he had found in Kakashi's fingers, tickling his senses.

Naruto felt the need to move, and his body burned in anticipation. "I want to move." He whispered.

Kakashi kissed the side of his mouth gently. "I want to move too. I want to pull back and then sink deep inside you again, and again."

Naruto squeezed again to test if the pain had actually gone away. He was surprised to find that barely any pain lingered, and that his body burned for more movement, and action. His senses were heightened as a touch of splendour came from his bottom when Kakashi shifted his hips slightly.

"It's... It's starting to feel nice." Naruto commented.

That was all Kakashi needed to hear. He pulled back and thrust forward, his balls slapping wetly against Naruto's skin as he plunged back into that tight heat he so adored.

"So tight Naruto." Kakashi groaned into the teen's neck, his hips jerking back and forth, pressing into the teen.

Naruto's hands shifted down, gripping Kakashi by his ass, pushing back and he pushed Kakashi deep inside him. "Faster, sensei." Naruto groaned, squeezing Kakashi's ass with his hands.

Kakashi snapped his hips back and forth jerkily, forcing himself deeper until Naruto was forced to release his grip in order to bite his arm to stifle his greedy moans. Kakashi felt his balls tighten at the sound of their wet skin slapping against one another, the muffled whimpers and groans emanating from Naruto spurring him on.

"Uhh." Kakashi grunted, his arm muscles seizing with the effort of holding himself above the teen. Shifting to accommodate his weight, he thrust in again and almost came when Naruto gasped in delight and bucked upwards helplessly.

"Oh god. Yes, there Sensei!" Naruto moaned.

Kakashi lost himself to the sensations, the feel of his skin brushing against Naruto's, the sounds of the teen groaning beneath him, as the teen writhed. His hips pumped back and forth, and he watched in astonishment as Naruto arched so far off the bed that their chests rubbed together, and the teen's erection brushed against his stomach. The teen's legs were wrapped around his hips and trembling, and his eyelids fluttered open and closed. His mouth seemed open in a perpetual scream, as he panted heavily.

Kakashi thrust forward again and again, watching Naruto the entire time. Marvelling in the reaction he got out of the teen, and his look of complete pleasure. He was drowning in the passion of the blonde and his own rolling desire.

Naruto's head thrashed back and forth in pleasure, his left hand clenching the sheets, while his right slipped down to grasp and pull on his member, roughly stroking the overly sensitized flesh. His eyes dilated and his breath grew short, Kakashi pumped harder, his hips working his dick into that wondrous heat and tightness. Each time feeling his member enveloped in the massaging folds of skin, and released unwillingly from the tight grip. The feel of his full balls slapping against the baby soft skin of Naruto's bottom, was driving him mad. The heat that had been growing in him hit its peak, and with a grunt he pushed in as far as he could go and stilled, then shook with the tremors of his orgasm; He erupted into Naruto's hot channel again and again, the tremors of his orgasm shaking through him, until he was dry and shaking, hardly able to hold himself up.

Naruto trembled with the heat of Kakashi's release filling his body, he couldn't seem to reach the edge on his own. He gasped as his mouth opened with an o shape, no noise coming from his lips, as he felt Kakashi's larger calloused hands envelop his own, taking control over his strokes. Naruto was flipped around, and then placed on Kakashi's lap, his back to the man's chest, as those elegant and dangerous hands began to stroke his member. His head lay back against Kakashi's chest as the man stroked him to completion, his hips pumping back and forth into that tight grip. With cry and the arch of his back Naruto let loose and released his seed into Kakashi's waiting hand.

Kakashi laid back, still catching his breath and basking in the glow of his orgasm and the sight of Naruto's own release. Naruto laid down right beside him, his breath heady, still gasping for air, and his eye lids closed. He looked absolutely content, and completely satisfied, a look similar to the one Kakashi himself was sporting. The man pulled the teen closer into his arm's, the teen's back against his chest as he spooned the body to his own.

"Oh Naruto, you stupid, stupid boy. You fucking amazing stupid boy." Kakashi murmured, his lips moving down the teen's neck. "You're teasing me."

Naruto managed to pull from his stupor long enough to give a foxy smile, as he turned in Kakashi\s arms to look him in the eyes. "It's only a tease if you don't give it up. I have all intentions of giving you whatever you desire." He said with a small grin before sticking his tongue out.

Kakashi quirked an eyebrow at the teen's response grinning back, "Don't stick that out unless you intend to use it"... a pensive look suddenly overcame his grin, his features slowly darkening. "Naruto... What if I desired to end this?"

Naruto snapped immediately out of his glow, his blue eyes overtaken shrouded with insecurity as he gripped the blanket tighter, wrapping it around his form as he sat up. "What?" He managed to ask, his grin fading as he looked into Kakashi's eyes.

"Naruto... what we did. No... what I did was wrong. I'm an adult and I should have resisted. There's no way that we can continue on. It was wrong of me to do what I did."

The teen shook slightly, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth. "B-but..."

"I'm not about to discuss this with you Naruto. The answer is no. No matter how much you pester me, no matter how hard you try it will always be no." Kakashi let out a tired sigh, his eyes pleading. "So please, just give up."

The teen shifted out of the comfort of Kakashi's bed, with a thin sheet wrapped around him for protection. He shook his head, his fists turning white with his grip on the material. "Do you really want me to? I will if that's what you really want. I love you enough to let you go if you really wish it, but I know that's not what you need. I know what loss feels like." He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath.

"I know how you feel as if you are the only person in the world at times, and how no one can understand that pain. You don't want to let me go, because I don't want to let you go." His eyes welled with unshed tears, as his voice cracked slightly. "You're the only one who can make me feel as if I'm not empty inside."

Kakashi could see the tears beginning beneath the teen's eyelids, he tentatively slipped out of the bed slowly before wrapping his arms around the boy's waist, and cradling his head to his chest. The blonde let out a muffled sob, before burying his head into the chest before him.

"I don't even care if you love me. Just please don't let me go. I'll be whatever you want me to be, just don't leave me like the others. I don't think I can stand to be abandoned again." His tears dripping down the bare skin of Kakashi's scarred chest.

"Naruto..." Kakashi pushed the teen back a little ways, before wiping his tears away with him thumb, and placing a chaste kiss on both of the teen's eyelids.

'This is it. The moment he gives up on me... just like the others. I wasn't enough for him, I'm never enough for anyone.' Naruto thought, bracing himself for the heartache that was sure to follow.

"I'll never give upon you." Kakashi said, drawing the teen into a soft kiss. He gave up. He would hurt Naruto if he denied his feelings for him, but he would end up hurting him more in the long run. But for now he wanted to be selfish, he wanted to hold his little blonde fox in his arms, and show him what love least for a little while.

Naruto's brain could barely keep up. It took him a few moments to realize that he hadn't been rejected, and that the love of his life was currently kissing him. Tears began to stream down his face as he kissed back with all the passion he could, his arms moving to wrap around Kakashi's neck and shoulder.

The man broke the lip lock to kiss away the droplets adorning tan cheeks. "What's with the tears? I thought you wanted this?" Kakashi said softly.

"They are tears of happiness." Naruto said with a smile, his cheeks still damp, while tiny little streams continued to trickle down his face. "I'm just so happy."

The teen's smile lit up the room, and Kakashi felt his heart clench painfully. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but when it made Naruto smile like that, he couldn't help but feel that it was right.


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