A/N : This update was a long time overdue. With this story recently being added to readers favourites list, I thought it was about time I went back over it and update, edited and improved it somewhat. I don't expect you to go back and re-read it. But I do hope those who do read this story enjoy it.

Dr Tezla went through the drivers on his screen. The rivalry between the Metal Maniacs and the Teku had dispersed since the disappearance of Vert. This made the situation tolerable between them all, as they worked together to rebuild their base.

In their temporary headquarters Dr. Tezla was been busy trying to restore the Wheel of Power. It had been the most agonising time for him. Without Vert and the forth ring trying to get the Wheel of Power to work this time proved frustrating; bordering on despair. But Tezla would not quit.

Tezla continued to scroll through the drivers, taking a break from working on restoring the wheel. Every so often, he keyed in vital information regarding the drivers and their cars, with the vain hope it was going to help them get through the next realms without any problems. "That's if I can get the Wheel of Power working again," he sighed to himself.

Tezla knew his true goal was to reach the Accelerons and this time he was ready to return to racing himself. The new suit he had created was more durable to allowing movement with ease. He was confident there was nothing to stop him now from reaching his goal. With Nitrium, he knew he would be a force to be reckoned with. If only he could get the wheel of power to work.

He ran his fingers through his hair. The last twelve months had been even harder than Tezla would have admitted and without the other drivers, he did not think he would have made it as far as he had. He sighed again and stood up. He missed Gig not being by his side. After everything that had happened between them, he still felt responsible for his destruction.

It was late and Tezla was tired. He needed sleep - something he rarely got enough off. Shutting down the computers, he made his way to the garage. Sleep could wait a little longer.