Be warned, like most of what I have out, this story is moved from Quizilla! and it also happens to be my first seriously taken fanfiction. Meaning, I thought out the plot. Once again, forgive any bits of html that might be laying about and yes, it is all in 2nd POV. You were warned. IanxOC

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Lestava Castle

When all of the Chess no Koma gathered in the castle before the newly risen Phantom, something unexpected happen... "The Chess no Koma shall wage war on MÄR-Heaven once again!" Phantom announced to his underlings, and from out of no where some one extra teleported into the room. "Eh? And who might you be?" Phantom asked.

"I am Asashi. That is all I know and I have a feeling the Chess no Koma came help me gain my lost memories." The cloaked figure announced. The figure sounded female.

Laughs, protestations, and suggestions to just kill her flooded the room. With a raise of his arm, Phantom silenced them, "I am curious to know who was able to get past the barrier around the castle first." He said with a smile of amusement.

Pulling down the hood the face of a young teenage girl was revealed. "I wish to know if you can help, other wise, I'll be leaving." She calmly stated. Chuckles of amusement were heard from the crowd of Chess, but her face remained unaffected and emotionless.

Phantom smirked, "I'll help but on three conditions and one is in your favor."

"I'm listening"

He smirked even wider clearly knowing something she did not, "First, you will join the chess no Koma. Second, you will have your memory when you become a Knight and defeat me. And third..." Asashi tensed knowing the third will not be as "kind" as the last two. "You will accept the Zombie Tattoo." Her eyes widened. He was bribing her to become a living corpse for her own past. "Don't worry; the favor is that you shall automatically be promoted to Rook, but have in mind that if you refuse then you shall be killed. And we wouldn't want such an important person to be killed, now would we." He said with a chuckle.

With clenched fists and teeth and her head lowered Asashi gave her answer...

Remember, just a prologue.