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"So Asashi-chan," Kotetsu said when you cracked your eyes open. "Feeling alive? Ready for a long life?" He was teasing. Now that you knew the truth about your ARMs you had no idea how long you had left to live. You could die in 50 years or in two minutes. You didn't know.

"I'm ready to never see you again, that's for sure," you said with venom dripping from every word. Gaining your memory back like that wiped you of all of your energy. Now you lay on the stone balcony staring up at the moon, unable to move.

He smirked knowing something you didn't, "Well that's nice. But Asashi-chan, do you know why you've been kept alive?"

"Enlighten me," you flatly replied, not showing any interest but still curious.

Kotetsu was enjoying this. Knowing what you didn't, and watching how you react to every word. He was like a predator playing with his prey. "Diana wants your ARMs. But only you can use that necklace of yours. You should know what happens when she doesn't get what she wants. Yet I think there is another piece of information I have for you." A sadistic smirk was still on his face. "Do you remember my promise, Asashi-chan?"

"What prom-" you stopped mid sentence. "In that case, I promise I'll burn it to the ground when I go to visit the magic Kingdom." His words echoed in your brain. "You didn't," you whispered with wide eyes full of fear.

His smirk morphed into a wide grin. "I did."

Your felt like your past crumbled just then. What was the point of remembering such a paradise as home without having it? Without ever seeing it with your own eyes to make sure it's real and not a dream. Without ever being able to go there yourself and remember blissful memories that you now had. Your eyes watered but you didn't dare let yourself cry in front of him. Pure hatred was swimming in your worn blue eyes. "I swear I'll kill you," you hissed. You had only used that tone with two other people, Halloween and Phantom. Kotetsu tensed and seemed slightly nervous but his grin was still plastered upon his face.

"Empty promises darling. And now I'll leave you with one more promise before I go." His grin folded out even wider. "If your little boyfriend goes to kill the knight that tortured the worthless pawn, I'll slice her head off before he even gets near her," as those words left his mouth you finally knew just what kind of person he was. He was twisted and took pleasure in others pain, no longer deserving of the title "human".

His words though still sliced through your mind with ease. Killing Gido would mean so much pain for Ian. The option to let him kill her was no choice at all. "Kotetsu, I won't let you do that... Just know, I meant it," you said through gritted teeth. His name had felt like poison on your tongue. "I will kill you."

He turned around and looked at your defenseless form from over his shoulder. "I look forward to the day when you can."

You heard the sound of his shoes on the cold ground as he walked away. Your head started to feel light just as the fourth match was beginning. "Sorry Ian," you whispered as your eyelids started to fall. "I guess you'll have to save Gido alone..."

OMG! It's Raikira's Point of View!

Pinoccion was just defeated by the witch Dorothy. Now it was my turn to fight. A hooded Magical Ro told me to fight against Nanashi. I had no obligations.

I jumped out onto the mushroom field in front of him. "Don't you have a tendency to lose to girls," I asked while removing my cloak.

"You're just going to have to find out," he said while smiling ignorantly.

I smiled back, "Gladly. Though you should know that I may be a bishop, but I might as well be knight class."

He scoffed lightly, "Then why aren't you?"

My gaze softened back into a faint memory, "Because I'll only accept the place of the only one who accepted me."

"Well, if that's the case," Nanashi started, "Ladies first." The jaws of everyone on team MAR dropped. He was going to lose again.

"How kind of you," I said, still holding my smile. Truth was, I didn't feel like smiling at all. But being told to always hide your emotions makes you create fake ones. I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be beside the person that does need me. The person that I need.

When I finished my last thought, Pozun had just said to begin. "You should give up now, Nanashi. Killing isn't really my taste," I said.

"Not until I get revenge."

"So be it," I whispered, not to happy about his decision. I withdrew the fan from my belt, the Hurricane Fan, and unfolded it. It had deceiving picture of a white swan on a beautiful lake.

I swung it through the air and sent a blade of wind rushing towards him. He sent up his "Thousand Needles" ARM as a shield. Then it redirected it self into an attack. I jumped back and they kept shooting out of the ground towards me. I dodged left then left again and started going back again when they suddenly stopped. My eyes widened momentarily realizing what he had done. I pivoted on my right foot and blocked his lance with my fan. Unfortunately, it had already nicked me in the shoulder.

"What happen to ladies first?" I grunted.

"Must have slipped my mind slipped my mind when I was dazzled by your beauty," he said with a sly smirk on his face. In even battle Nanashi had to try to pick up women.

I rolled my eyes at how pigheaded he was. Seizing the new opportunity I swiftly summoned my ARM, the "Raijin no Katana", with my left hand and held off his lance. It quickly extended to sword length. Then I put my fan away. This battle wasn't about to get any easier.

(This is the part where I was stuck. Sometime I'll come back and type it out. You didn't miss much though. It's really just some sword/lance clashing.)

Time Skip A Tiny Bit

Nanashi and I were both badly beaten. Bloodied and bruised we were barely able to stand across from each other on the mushroom field. My time limit was almost up. Soon my mask of fake reasoning and emotions would fall. It was my most drastic fault in battle.

Nanashi took a step forward with a blazing look in his eye screaming that he would not give up. "Nanashi, please stop!" I shouted. The facade had fallen off. "Please! I don't want to have to kill you!" My one rule I had broken. The most dearest of all. My mouth was now leaking words of mercy and hesitation to the enemy.

"I will not give up," he firmly stated while gaining a straight standing position.

I couldn't take it. Kill or be killed? I didn't want to live like this. But I had to. I had to get anyone out of this life that I could. Save anyone from what I've been ordered to do. "Why? What's so important to almost kill yourself over?!"

Nanashi smiled, "I have to get revenge for my comrades. I have to protect those that I have. And I have to save those that I can." I felt my face grow pale. There was no way out of killing him. He had people waiting for him and I had to crush their hearts. He looked at me in the eyes with that same smile over his features. "What about you, Raikira-chan? What do you fight for?"

My voice was caught in my throat. My mouth ran dry. An image of Peta-sama flickered in my head. Tears were welling from the stress of this all. The job I had to do. The life I had to live. "I fight for," I paused, and then continued, "I fight for the one who believed in me."

Nanashi's expression looked grim. His voice was harsh as he said, "And that would be the bastard Peta?"

I dropped my head and looked at my shaking hands. Of course it was him. After all, he saved me...

The cold air nipped at my back. I cursed that winter was coming. Earlier that month l tried to steal some bread for food because I didn't have the money. The back of my shirt was ripped when they caught me. I then tried to earn money by performing on the street. Business was slow, but at least I could eat twice a week. I often thought that I should have stayed in the mountain village of Veela.

Almost a year later I met a girl with pink hair. She had no money but offered me words that gave me hope. She said that if I was really abandoned no one would be as kind to give money for my work. She also said that somewhere out in the world, someone was looking for me to give me a home. I held onto those words and not even five minutes after she left he came.

He wore a sorcerer's robe and had long blond hair. What caught my eye were his ARMs. I had only seen a few on people here and there, but not like the ones he had. I thought he would keep walking but instead he stopped in front of me. His cold eyes rested upon my weak and frail form.

The first words he said to me danced in my mind. He said, "Do you want to come with me?"

My eyes were wide in disbelief. How could this have been happening to me? My jaw opened and closed for bit until I finally said, "Where are we going?"

Right then I could have sworn I saw a shadow of a smile on his stern face. "Home," the blond haired man replied.

Within the next 5 months I learned that his name was Peta. That he saw I had great potential and was going to teach me how to use my magical power. After the 8th month of training, I received my most prized possession. Peta-sama had given me my first ARM, the "Hurricane Fan."

Nanashi's voice still held the same harshness from before, "Forget about him! You mean nothing to him! He treats people like garbage!"

I felt something in me snap just then. I didn't understand why, but I summoned my guardian ARM, "Raijuu." The water droplets brimming at my eyes dared them selves to drop. "You don't know what you're saying!" I shouted. "He's all I have left! He's all I've ever had!"

Nanashi called upon his own guardian "Gymnote." It coiled around Raijuu into a death hold, but Raijuu held its neck in its jaws. If either Nanashi or I tried to attack, both of our ARMs would be destroyed. It was only a matter of who was left standing now.

Nanashi was having a hard time with blood loss, but I was about to crack. The years of suppressing such emotions as I had now were gaining up on me. He had to use his chance now.

"Tell me! When was the last time you talked to him?! The last time he relied on you?! The last time you were needed?!" Nanashi shouted trying to drill the messages into my head.

I tried to think of when I even saw Peta-sama last. Was it really so long ago? Had I been replaced or forgotten like an old doll on a shelf?

... Was I really unnecessary...?

"No," I whispered. "It can't be. I am needed! I am not forgotten!" I yelled loudly. I yelled as if making it any louder would make it the truth.

Nanashi's face now held pity. He may not know Peta, but he has seen how heartless he could be. He has seen his comrades. And now, he has seen the break down of a girl who has worn out her use. "I'm sorry. He has forgotten."

My tears now flowed freely. I collapsed to my knees and Raijuu returned to his black ring state. Gymnote was called back too. "What am I fighting for?" I asked my self, not even noticing Nanashi walking towards me. "What am I living for?"

"You're living for those who need you," he said from above me. I looked up at him, tear lines down my face. He wiped away the remaining droplets from my face with his thumb. "You're living for those who are weaker than you. For those who need you."

More words. More words that filled my heart and broken soul with the glimmer of hope that everyone needed.

Nanashi turned his head towards Pozun and smiled. Then he fell backwards onto the field. "I give up. I've lost too much blood," He said with an arrogant smile. He could still move though, and everyone knew it. All I could do was give my broken smile that would be repaired over time. (A) (Will return to a little more of Raikira later.)

Your POV

Your eyes seemed to drag open when you finally regained consciousness. You still couldn't move your body too well, but that was to wear off. You turned your head to left to see if anyone was there only to find Ian staring at the night sky.

"So," I started bring his attention down to what I was saying, "How did your match go?"

He smiled widely just like he used to when you first met him. "I lost, but it was fun."

I smiled more to myself thinking that some of the old Ian was back and it was all thanks to Ginta. He was looking at you with his eyes open (that means not squinted) as if something seemed out of place with you. "Tomorrow's the day, huh?"

He dropped his eyes shut a bit and muttered, "Yeah."

You took a deep breath and prepared to tell him the news. You opened your mouth to let the truth flow, but nothing happened. II need to tell him. He needs to know the most. I can't leave this in the dark./I You tried to reason with yourself to just straight out tell him that he was on his own. That you had other things to take care of that came before Gido. Like whooping Kotetsu.

Ian saw the frustration on your face and direct confronted it. "Is there something wrong?" he asked.

You cursed your self. Anyone could get any bit of info out of you if they knew who had to ask you. Unfortunately, Ian became the one. "I... can't save Gido with you."

He instantly tensed and asked with surprise, "What are you saying?"

You forced yourself up into a sitting a position and leaned against the stone that blocked the edge from the empty sky. You folded your legs to your chest and looked away from his face feeling unsure of how he was going to handle it. Unsure if you could watch Ian get mad at you. "Kotetsu gave me back my memory, but he said that if you try to kill the Knight who harmed Gido, he's going to kill her before you can do anything. I'm sorry Ian. I really am."

Ian sighed, but never got mad. It seemed as if he understood it all. "Then, at least stay as long as you can."

You wrapped your arms around your knees and rested your chin on them. Smiling at him warmly you replied, "I will. You can count on it."

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(1) It may sound like it, but no. Raikira does not love Peta. She deeply respects him and views him like a father. Just needed to clear that up.

Behind The Scenes: What He Really Does

Phantom always had fun while watching the War Games. It was like watching time and reality play out without actually being there. But you can't really watch fighting and entertainment without snacks, now could you? So before every match Phantom would briskly walk into the Lestava kitchen and Peta would drag his feet behind him.

You see, Phantom secretly likes to cook. So as he mixed a cookie batter, Peta opened the cupboard and pocketed the bottle of Pepto Bismol. When the cookies were finished Phantom walked back over to his throne and continued watching the games.

While drinking chocolate milk... In a mug with hearts on it... Through a bendy straw... Yeah. Peta though, stood there gnawing on the cookies that resembled hockey pucks because Phantom wouldn't eat them. He wasn't stupid. He knew how bad they tasted so he fed them to someone who couldn't complain. Just compliment.

"Very... Chewy," Peta commented feeling like he had a mouth full of gravel. Very tasteless gravel.

Phantom took another sip and smiled. "Good. I almost though I over cooked them."


Raikira's Profile
Originally from a mystic mountain shrouded in clouds near Kaldea, Veela. She had to make her living stealing and performing. She had a very high level of magical energy and strength. She was dying on the streets when Peta gave pity on her (which is a rare thing to do), gave her food, and gave Raikira her first ARM, Hurricane Fan. Raikira vowed to work for Peta in the future if she's called upon. A few years before the first war games, her training had to be called to an end so she could participate. At that point she was already at Knight level but Bishop ranking. At first she was reluctant to do as the Chess no Koma do, but her conscious to be useful as much as possible took over.
She has a calm, calculating, and surprising personality when she is serious. She's like that most of the time, but is still caring on the inside. Yet, on the inside is where she was told to leave it fore the Chess no Koma need to be uncaring and to them, mercy such as that is a weakness. She hates cruel punishment and tries to avoid killing unless it is needed. She is reluctant of how she has been taught to act and wishes for more peaceful and less violent means. She sees though, that there is no point to try to make up for he sins now. She only has to look forward into the future that the Chess no Koma are to create.

Read if you wish:
(If I make a continuance to Undecided FateI may use Raikira again. I dunno. It's up to Drago and if I do, I may or may not use this info.)

She prefers wind and thunder type arm ARM. She has a natural ability to manipulate wind with pure magical energy because of her being only 3/4 human and 1/4 wind spirit (she hasn't unlocked this ability yet). She is half wind spirit is because, ever heard of veelas? They are mystical folk tale creatures. Thus the story irony continues! She also uses an elegant style of battling that look like it is dancing.

On to the ARMs!

Name: Raijin no Katana
Type: Weapon/Nature
Accessory: A silver dagger with a golden hilt. Though when not used, it is a silver band on her right index finger.
Ability: It becomes a long silver katana. It can raise the user's speed, reflexes, and flexibility. It also has the ability to engulf it's self in blades of wind or electricity.

Hurricane Fan
Type: Nature
Accessory: A metal purple folding fan with the design of a swan on a lake. When not used, it is in her belt the same way that samurai wear their swords Ability: A large battle fan with many uses. It can be used a to control weather and wind

Name: Raijuu
Nickname: Rai-kun
Type: Guardian Mystical Animal
Accessory: A black ring that is on her right hand, finger in between the middle and pinky (forgot what it is called).
Physical Description: A large wolf with sunset golden yellow fur. The whole body's fur grows upright. Its six tails take a lightning shape. He has a cocky attitude and a foul mouth as well as a grudge against foxes.
Special Ability: Can ride on clouds and shoot lightening as well as make the enemy see the illusion of a peaceful meadow merely from eye contact which leaves them open to any kind of attack.