Faces of the Moon: Epilogue

Fandom: Card Captor Sakura

Series: Faces of the Moon, or, Five Times Sakura Wasn't There

Characters: Touya, Yue, Yukito

Summary: Wrapping this puppy up.

TEASER: There's something about Yue that just brings out Touya's inner hedgehog.



You're a piece of work, Yue-san.

Thank you, Touya-kun.

Touya held Yue's skinny wrist and stared at the angelthing's bone white face. It was so different from Yuki's. He remembered the first time they'd met, in a crowded classroom, the smaller boy's face beaming behind silver-rimmed glasses, all that light and life shining out. Hi! I'm Tsukishiro. Pleased to meetcha! The curve of Yuki's head against his shoulder, light silvery hair falling through his fingers. He remembered leaning over a balcony on a pleasant summer day, the rail biting into his ribs as he desperately clung onto that same (different... same) wrist, and the terrible moment when its physicality faded away like a scrap of moonlight obscured by cloud. Yuki, falling... His hand tightened. You can call me Yuki if you want – To-ya. With an effort of will he loosened his fingers. There were other ways to hold on.

They sat under the greenly spirit of trees in Penguin Park under a true blue dream of sky, the slight breeze stirring the Yue's robes and silvery, pale hair. Touya leaned against the tree and crossed his arms; Yue sat very straight.

"I have answered your questions," said Yue. "Now for mine," he said, his voice implacable as the tolling of a churchbell. "As the boy is without other family, the matter falls to me."

"Are you asking me if my intentions are honourable?" asked Touya blankly. "I think I'm offended." As Touya was a noticing boy, the tiny sparks appearing in Yue's floating hair did not evade his attention. He concluded that Yue might be getting a little peevish. Again.

"It is not that I dislike you," Yue began austerely. But then his face became alarmed, and he launched into the air in a welter of silk and hair and scattering leaves.

"Hoi!" yelled Touya, but was interrupted by Sakura's distinctive scream. With adrenaline and fear lighting him like electricity Touya crashed through the undergrowth of the park, ignoring the paths in favour of a direct route to his distressed sister. Dammit, he never used to get blindsided like this. Fuck, fuck, fuck...

Slender strong hands seized him under the armpits and hauled him upwards with a big whoosh. Yue had come back. Touya grabbed for his falling hat as they quickly cleared the trees and gained a vantage over the whole park. He squinted. Where? In the clearing? Should I be looking for explosions?

Then he saw ("Ha! A monster chasing a monster!") Sakura running through the clearing around King Penguin screaming 'Hoeeeeeeeee!' as a cloud of the butterflies - in the formation of a big, monstrous, uber-butterfly - now pursued her. The Daidouji kid stood quietly by the swings with a video camera, a slight smile playing about her lips. The Chinese brat was earnestly leaping to her defence but the small brilliant wings that made up the giant butterfly just flowed around him and his dinky little sword. The expression on the boy's face was priceless. Touya snickered and made downwards movements with his hands. "Put me down and let the little ones handle it."

The settled down among the trees, lightly as two falling leaves. Touya settled his jacket back in place, though Yue did not bother adjusting hair and vestments – he was supernaturally well-groomed, apparently, and they just fell back into place.

"You never asked," said Yue.

Touya raised his eyebrows in puzzlement. "Eh?"

"You never asked when Yukito began," said Yue, "or whether your early memories of him were fabrications."

Touya paused, possible answers running through his head, all variations of: If I share them with Yuki they're real enough. He gave up trying to express it, and looked at Yue's still face instead.

He thought of the angel-thing slipping through the years of his guardianship, crafting new masks to sneak into each possible Master's life, just in case this one passed the Judgement, just in case this one was the stopping point. He moved his hand, hesitated, and ruffled Yue's hair. The angel-thing stiffened, his head coming up in annoyance. Touya grinned and set off down the path again. A touch on his shoulder stopped him.

"I," said Yue. "He loves you. If you were wondering."

Touya had to stop until the lump in his throat went away. "Thank you, Yue-san." He looked away. "I'm hungry," he said, patting his pockets, "want something?"

"I don't eat."

"Of course not." Touya looked up, "What?"

Yue stared at Touya. "Where did you come from?" he asked finally. "Clow did not see you; the Wizard Hiiragizawa does not know."

Touya shrugged. "Guess I'm the one and only." He offered a bag of sour lemon drops and, as Yue began to decline, flicked a sweet into the angelthing's open mouth. Yue swallowed it in surprise. His pale eyebrows shot together.


"It is not that I dis-"

"-liked it, I know." Touya said. He dumped the bag in Yue's hands and walked quickly down the path with his hands shoved in his pockets.

"You are very annoying."

Touya grinned. "I try."

"Hpph." The white-feathered wings swept closed around Yue and opened again, revealing a boy distinctive for the silver-grey sheen to his hair and his large silver-rimmed glasses, still holding the packet of sweets. He beamed at Touya. "Did you two have a nice chat?"

Touya frowned.

Yukito looked concerned. "It wasn't nice."

Touya shrugged. "It was interesting."

"I was terrified when I met your family," Yukito confided.


"Nm. For about half a second. Your father is very kind. And isn't Sakura-chan adorable?"

Yukito popped a sweet in each cheek and beamed. Touya tweaked his friend's nose. "You look like an odango when you do that."

Yukito responded by pulling Touya's wide-brimmed hat over his eyes. "Is fix. Er, fixed."

"Let's go home."




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