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Ages: Kagome: 16, Yugi, Kaiba, etc: 17

Name translations:

American : Japanese

Yugi Mutou : Mutou Yugi

Joey Wheeler : Jounouchi Katsuya

Seto Kaiba : Kaiba Seto

Tea Gardner : Mazaki Anzu

Triston Taylor : Honda Hiroto

Bakura Ryou : Bakura Ryou

Marik Ishtar : Ishtar Malik

Serenity Wheeler : Kawai Shizuka

Ishizu Ishtar : Ishtar Isis

Duke Devlin : Otogi Ryuji

Mai Valentine : Kujaku Mai

Odion Ishtar : Ishtar Rishid

Pairing: Kagome/Male Harem (consisting of Yugi/Yami/Jounouchi/Bakura/Ryou/Malik/Kaiba)

"Honest to Kami-sama, I have no idea what happened here." Higurashi Kagome said sweetly, enough to cause a few cavities. She knew exactly what was going on here; she would never admit it though. She would probably be admitted to an insane asylum if she ever told.

"Are you sure?" The nurse asked skeptically, not really believing the patient, but not really heckling her either. The girl was injured and needed to heal, getting into an argument would just delay that.

"Of course." Kagome nodded, her blue eyes wide in hopes to get away with that innocent schoolgirl look. It seemed to have worked when the nurse merely sighed but nodded, obviously accepting her answer.

"Alright…" The nurse said, looking back at the two men knocked out cold and crippled near the wall in the narrow hallway. She had asked earlier if Kagome had seen what had happened, or who did this to the men, but the girl said she didn't know.

"Get me some more doctors and security." The nurse mumbled into her dispatcher, not knowing if these men could be trouble or not, they certainly didn't look like the nicest men on the block…wearing their strange black cloaks.

Kagome snickered, watching as the unconscious men were dragged away. She was the one who had caused them to be knocked out without even lifting a finger. They had come earlier, demanding to see her 'cards.' She simply found them annoying, and since she knew that the short and narrow hallway just outside of her room didn't have any security cameras to catch anything, she had blasted them with her miko ki, making them hit the wall in the process and knock them out cold. She, of course, also made them so they couldn't remember happened.

She sighed, looking out the window. She had no desire to be cooped up in a hospital, but she really had no choice in the matter. Her family had been caught up in a deadly robbery, even including herself. She could've fought them if they hadn't taken her by surprise, shooting her in the arm and knocking her unconscious.

She awoke some time later, shocked and depressed to hear that her family had been killed in the attack. Every valuable in the shrine had been taken…except for one thing.

Kagome looked over to the tin box sitting on the table, and she smiled lightly yet sadly. Inside the box was the only valuable Souta had left behind, and she would guard them with her life.

They were a whole bunch of cards, basically useless to Kagome herself, but they were now precious to her, being the only thing she had left of Souta. They were called 'Duel Monsters' and apparently, they were really popular these days.

She had never heard of the game, too busy spending time in the past.

'The game seems really hard too.' Kagome thought with distraction, fingering a paper booklet in her hand. She was reading up on these duelling monsters and how to play the game, but she simply wasn't interested.

"And so many people are for some reason." Kagome sighed, looking at the box that contained the cards. Apparently, Souta had some pretty rare cards; his most valuable was that of a silvery blue dragon.

And that's why people had been visiting her non-stop these past couple of days, wanting to trade, bargain, rip-off, or steal the card. Kagome actually had no idea how people even found out that she had this 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' card, maybe it was put on the news when her family had died? She didn't know, but it was so annoying, there was on way in hell that she would ever part with the card, not even if someone offered her all the money in the whole world for it.

It was that precious to her and that was the end of story.

Those two goons that she blasted earlier had the nerve to actually threaten her, but she had sure shown them.

Kagome snickered, but blinked right after. They had called themselves 'Ghouls,' an organization after rare cards. She hadn't bothered to listen to anymore nonsense of theirs before blasting them into the sweet bliss of unconsciousness.

She leaned back, trying to get comfy on her bed. Being in the hospital really sucked, she could've been out of here a long time ago. Her miko ki had the ability to speed up her healing, not as much as a youkai, but faster than a regular human. However, since she had already been admitted to the hospital, she had to forcefully slow down her healing to look like a normal human. But she did wow some doctors she had heard. Apparently, she had been shot in the arm and hit her nerve, her arm technically should've been paralyzed…but it wasn't.

'It's too bad I can't really reveal this to normal humans.' Kagome thought ruefully, sighing a bit. People would label her as a freak if they knew about her abnormal abilities.

The miko adjusted her clothing, consisting of a large black red-trimmed male pajama top. It completely dwarfed her, reaching almost all the way down to her knees so she didn't bother wear any pants to go along with the top. The slumber clothing had belonged to her father, whom she been told was a very tall man.

"Higurashi Kagome?" A cold, cold voice broke her out of her vague thoughts, and said girl glanced up from the TV she had been looking at, but not really watching.

"Hai?" She bit out, probably impatiently and all rude-like but she didn't really care. She was really sick of people coming to visit her because of that dragon card.

Kagome actually blinked as she looked at her visitors, consisting of a very tall brown-haired, blue-eyed cold-looking male, complete with two bodyguard-looking men in black tuxedos standing behind him, hands in their pockets as if holding a gun… 'What weirdos did I attract this time?' Kagome mentally cried, she was just the weirdo-magnet, wasn't she?

"This is about your card—" The blue-eyed man began coldly, without even introducing himself but Kagome cut him completely, not in the mood.

"The card is not for sale, bargain, being ripped-off or being stolen. So just screw off." Kagome said mechanically, not caring in the least that she was being horribly rude or when the two bodyguards took a threatening step forward at her language.

"Listen you—" One of the bodyguards began, but immediately stopped as the tall man waved his hand dismissively.

"I beg to differ…Kagome-san." The man spat out her name like it was poison, Kagome glaring at him for the action. Since when did she give him permission to use her name so familiarly like that? He really should be calling her by her family name and not her first name, she had no idea how this guy was.

"What makes you think you can change my mind?" Kagome teased and taunted a bit, knowing he would probably offer her money for it. She had already turned down pretty jaw-dropping offers down already…like some businessman who had offered her one hundred and five million yen for one single card.

To put it simply, she refused. This guy could do nothing to change her mind.

The man smirked coldly, finding this unfunny situation humorous. "I would offer anything I have at my disposal…including myself." He spat out, and Kagome blinked, surprised at his offer.

'Obsessive much?' Kagome vaguely thought, what exactly did he mean be offering himself? She voiced her question out loud. "Yourself? What do you mean?" She asked.

The man (who still hadn't introduced himself yet) seemed to look at her incredulously, before straightening to his full height, which was really, really tall compared to her short frame. "Do you not know who I am, little girl?" The man asked and Kagome glared at him for calling her a little girl, sure she was a bit short but that didn't mean she was a little girl…

"Should I?" Kagome asked lazily, the two bodyguard man seemed to have gasped quietly at her statement. It was now obvious to her that this man was a very important person.

The man smirked arrogantly and coldly at her, instantly reminding Kagome of the cold, inu Taiyoukai that she knew.

"Girl…I am Kaiba Seto." He said simply, as if that solved everyone in this misty situation. Kagome only raised a brow, the name vaguely ringing some kind of bell within her mind like she should know who was, but she still didn't know who this person was…

"Good for you." Kagome muttered sarcastically under her breath, before turning to speak to him once more. "About selling yourself to me, what was that about?" She asked, wanting to know what he had meant by that.

Kaiba, as she now knew him, raised a brow at her question, looking at her as if she were the dumbest girl on the Earth, which she probably was in his cold eyes. "I am offering to become your…companion." He spat, as if the word was not even apart of his vocabulary.

"Companion?" Kagome repeated, mumbling under her breath. She translated it to teenager speech in her mind, companion obviously meant boyfriend.

"No…thanks." Kagome instantly answered, not liking how this man would go so far in offering himself for a mere card. She wanted no part in it, he was only offering himself for a card and not for her…she already had been second to a reanimated dead corpse, there was no way in hell that she would be second to a card made out of paper.

Besides, she had no idea who this man was in the first place, so why would she even want to date him?

Everyone, including Kaiba, looked surprised at her answer; he had thought that she would instantly hand her Blue Eyes over to him on a silver platter.

He had heard that somehow that another Blue Eyes White Dragon had been put into circulation by Pegasus from a mistake; it had somehow ended up in this girl's hands. He had heard it from a news station earlier that day, immediately going down to the hospital that held the girl to strike a deal with her…but it was not obviously working in his favour.

"Please leave. You cannot heckle the patients." The nurse from earlier walked into the room, a firm look on her pretty face. Kami only knew how many people she had to kick out of Kagome's room because of that card…she was starting to pity the poor girl.

Kaiba glared at the nurse icily, but tightened his grip on his briefcase, motioning for the bodyguards to leave. He himself started to leave, but turned around at the last moment.

Kagome glared at Kaiba as he smirked arrogantly at her. "I'll get that card one way or another." He last remarked, before walking out of the room, his white trench coat flowing out behind him.

"The nerve of some people." The nurse huffed, before kindly asking if she was hungry. Kagome nodded absentmindedly, biting her lip a bit nervously.

She had a gut feeling it wouldn't be the last time she would see Kaiba Seto.

Unfortunately, she was one hundred percent correct.

"Oi, did you hear?" Jounouchi Katsuya said excitedly, Yugi and Honda looking over at him curiously while Anzu just sighed at his eagerness.

"Hear what?" Yugi asked, absentmindedly fingering his Sennin Puzzle. He and Yami had the feeling something big would happen in the near future.

Jounouchi looked at his short friend incredulously, not believing the 'King of Games' hadn't heard this before he did. He smirked, his brown eyes sparkling. He brushed his large hand through his unruly blond hair, arrogant as he heard this information before Yugi. "There is another Blue Eyes out there, one that Kaiba doesn't own." Jounouchi said, everyone blinking and gasping.

"Are you serious?" Yugi asked, feeling Yami perk up a bit. It was an interesting bit of information. "Who owns it then?" He asked, after much prodding from his darker half.

"Some girl in the hospital…man she was hot." Jounouchi snickered at his last statement, remembering seeing her beautiful face on the news, she had frikin' awesome seductive blue eyes… "What was that for?" He whined, rubbing his head in the spot where Anzu had hit him.

"You were thinking perverted thoughts." She said simply, blue eyes slightly disappointed. She was curious also, was there really another Blue Eyes out there? The only ones were in Kaiba's possession, especially after he had ripped up the one Yugi's grandfather owned. "What's the girl's name?" She asked.

Jounouchi blinked his chocolate eyes, scratching his blond hair. "I…can't remember." He said sheepishly, embarrassed with himself as he was too occupied with ogling the girl's awesome figure to remember her name. The girl had a damn fine body though, easily on par with Kujaku Mai's. He mentally drooled at the thought.

Yugi merely sighed at his best friend's antics, not really surprised in the least. 'This is an interesting turn of events…' His darker half, Yami, stated with his deep baritone voice within his mind, Yugi merely nodding absentmindedly.

"Yeah." He muttered, smiling at his friends antics as Honda caught Jounouchi's head in a headlock for forgetting the girl's name. He smiled even wide at his next thought.

It shouldn't be too hard to figure out the girl's name.

"Damn it!" Malik cursed in his native Egyptian, tightening his fist around his Sennin Rod until it drew blood. He had ordered two of his servants to steal the card off from that girl, but they had somehow blown it. He wasn't sure what had exactly happened, not being fully in control of their minds at the time, but he could feel the presence of some kind of magic.

That meant the girl could use magic, and judging from what he had vaguely felt, it was the exact opposite of that of the Sennin Items.

It would be that much harder to get that card from the girl if she could use holy magic.

Malik suddenly smirked, finding the situation humorous all of the sudden. It would be challenge, and he did like challenges.

That Blue Eyes would be his, and he even may gain another mind-slave in the bargain. A mind-slave that could use holy magic. Not even that damn Pharaoh would be able to stop him with holy magic on his side.

Malik laughed insanely, feeling one step closer to his goal of killing the Pharaoh…

Now he only had to gain control of that girl.