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Title: Falling For A Flirt
Author: Crystal Saturn
Rating: M
Chapter: 6- Sensual Sexual Seductive

Later that night, A painful shriek could be heard above the unusual silence of the darkness. Serena's head shot up from her calculus textbook that she had fallen asleep on. She grumbled wearily before hearing her communicator begin to sound. She grabbed it and flipped it open.

"Rena, Tokyo park- NOW!" She was greeted with the sight of Ami. She closed her communicator and transformed into Sailormoon before quietly leaping off her second story balcony onto the grassy lawn. Just as she arrived, she was attacked. Flaming blue orbs headed towards her and before she could react, she found herself in the arms of her protector.

"Be careful." He didn't look down at her and his tone was stern.


"Quick… your scouts need you." He interrupted, trying to distance himself from her. His heart belonged to Serena now. She looked up at him and knew he was right to do so. She couldn't have feelings for him still… could she?

"Moon Tiara Magic!" And with a beam of light, the monster was dusted. Serena turned her head to find her masked hero gone. His silhouette leaped onto a nearby rooftop. She wondered if he knew who she was. Could it be? Was Tuxedo Mask… Andrew? He DID walk in on her and Darien after all. She needed to know his identity. Ohhh the mess she would be in if Tuxedo Mask was Andrew. They were best friends. She couldn't love them both!

"Well what are you waiting for?" Venus watched her leader. "Go after him." She urged on. Serena nodded. As Serena, she probably would never catch up to him, but as Sailormoon, her agility and speed was increased tenfold. She might just have a chance. Serena found herself running after his shadow as he nimbly bounded across the rooftops. She chased him for what seemed like eternity before he finally slowed down and jumped off an apartment building roof. She gasped in shock horror as she watched him fall 7 storeys. He held out his cane and swung himself down onto a balcony where he retreated inside and disappeared from view.

"Level… 12. 6 rooms from the end." Serena calculated before de-transforming and walking casually into the lobby and across to the elevator. It was late and the hallways were empty. Serena stood in front of his door and hoped she had gotten it right. She transformed once again and knocked on his door.

"I'm coming." A male voice answered from within. The door opened and she raised her eyebrow at the man before her. "Sailormoon." He stared at her in disbelief. "To what do I owe this honor?"

"Oh you can stop acting so innocent Tuxie Boy." She smirked and pushed the door open, letting herself in. "Nice place you've got here Darien."

"Do you usually make a habit of following people home?" He asked as he leaned against a wall, watching her as she looked around. "You know, there are laws against that… Miss Moon."

"Oh, I just came to thank my brave… masked… hero in person." Sailormoon turned and walked over to Darien. He slowly backed away, up against the wall as she pressed her body up against his. "You've done so much for me." She tilted her head and smiled innocently. He took a deep breath and looked down at the girl before him. Her smile turned from one of innocence to one of playfulness. He felt her hands grab hold of his and place them on her waist.

"Well then Miss Moon…" He his hands fell to her hips as he slowly pushed her backwards towards the couch. "I really do appreciate you going out of your way just to say thank you…" He sat her down on the couch and leaned over, whispering gently in her ear. He could feel her tremble beneath him as he sat next to her. He was playing along. "But there must be something else you want from me."

"Well, actually." Sailormoon purred and slowly started to slide her body up against Darien's once again. She knew this was wrong. How could he tell her he liked her when he was clearly flirting back with Sailormoon? "There was just one thing I wanted you to do for me…" She nuzzled against his neck and she felt his hands slowly make their way up her waist. They stopped just under her breasts and she shuddered at the feeling.

"And what would that be, Miss Moon…" He gently pushed her away and looked into her eyes, "… or should I say, Serena" His hand moved higher and he pushed it up against the locket on her chest, causing pink ribbons to envelop her whole body, de-transforming her back into her human form.

"How did you know?" She breathed, looking into his eyes. She was sitting on him, a leg on either side of his lap.

"Only you would sit on me the way you are now." Darien smiled cheekily.

"Oh, is that so?" Serena reverted back to her flirtatious form, resting her arms around Darien's neck.

"Yes it is…" He whispered and leaned in to kiss her. Their lips brushed up against each other lightly and she leaned back. He followed, desperately wanting to feel her lips against his but she wouldn't let him. Darien growled impatiently as he pressed his hands against Serena's back, bringing her closer to him and finally getting what he wanted. Serena moaned and realized that he had gotten his way this time. She squirmed in protest, trying to wriggle her way out of Darien's grip but his arms were locked around her protectively and he deepened the kiss. Eventually she realized that all resistance would be futile. She weakened and moved closer. Darien groaned as he felt her hips grind against his. The friction between their bodies was undeniably unbearable. She had no idea the power she had over him. His hands traveled down her waist and across her hips before finally resting on her thighs.

Serena's heart began to go into overdrive as he gently caressed the soft, sensitive skin of her thighs. She moaned and her lips broke contact with his for a bare moment. They both gasped for air and he lowered his lips upon hers once again in another passionate lip-lock. She shuddered at the feeling of his hands slowly sliding up her legs and before she knew it, he had lifted her up. He was carrying her. Serena wrapped her legs around Darien's waist, clinging onto him. He kicked his bedroom door open and gently laid Serena down on the bed. She pulled on his shirt as they kissed, wanting to feel his body against hers. She sighed as he left a trail of kisses along her jaw and neck. He moved the delicate strap of her top over her shoulders and slowly, ever so gently placed delicate butterfly kisses across her collarbone. The feel of his lips on her skin only added towards her burning desire.

"Darien…" She whispered into the darkness. He looked up at her, laying beneath him, and for a split second he saw uncertainty flicker through her eyes. He groaned and silently cursed, pushing himself away and rolling back onto his bed to stare at the ceiling. "Darien? What's wrong? Why did you stop?" Serena rolled over, and leaned onto her side to face him.

"This isn't supposed to happen… this is wrong." Darien sat up, looking away.

"What… what is?" Serena quivered at the sudden lack of warmth she felt.

"You… me… us right now. It's not supposed to happen this way. Serena, you're beautiful and I love you very much but you're 4 years my minor. I could get into serious trouble. That and this is meant to be special. Not something that just happens… we're not even dating yet and-"

"Say it again." Serena looked up at the frantic man in front of her.

"We can't…" Darien began, turning to face Serena curiously.

"No… before that…" She whispered softly.

"I love you…" Darien stared into her eyes deeply. He watched as she inhaled a ridged breath before flinging herself onto him, bowling him over, back onto the bed. He opened his eyes to see her sitting on his waist and smiling back at him. Her long blonde hair pooled around them.

"That's what I wanted to hear." She bent over and kissed him gently on the lips before pulling away. He looked up at the girl that was sitting on top of him. Her innocence had seemed to return. He raised an eyebrow and lifted her off him so she lay on the bed beside him.

"Are you trying to tell me that all this time… all that flirting and prancing around in miniskirts was just to get me to tell you I love you?" Darien frowned.

"Pretty much." Serena nodded and smiled innocently. Darien chuckled and wrapped his arms around the girl, holding her tightly. She sighed and rested her head on his chest. He reached down and lifted her chin up so she looked him in the eyes.

"You're insane… you know that right? Darien smirked and watched as Serena pouted and smacked his chest playfully. He lifted her chin to his and kissed her gently once again.

"I love you Darien." She sighed contently, resting her head back on his chest.

"I love you too meatball head."

End of Flashback

"You're right… you had me wrapped around your little finger the whole time…" Darien smiled and kissed Serena's forehead lightly. She stirred in her sleep and frowned.

"Dare-bear… who are you talking to?" She mumbled, slowly opening her eyes.

"No one, precious." Darien smiled warmly at the angel in his arms.

"Honey…" Serena looked up into Darien's eyes, sincerely. "You're insane… you know that right?" a playful smile tugged on her lips. He grinned broadly and leaned over, pressing his lips against hers before releasing a barrage of tickles on the young woman.

"Stop! Please! Dar… Stop! You're so mean!" She squirmed and wriggled against him.

"And you're such a flirt." He nuzzled her neck with the tip of his nose.

"Oh, you love it…" Serena grinned lightheartedly.

"I sure do…" Darien sighed and leaned over to capture her lips against his once more.

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