Yu-Gi-Oh! and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! Parody!

Yami rocks

Syrus sucks

Seto Kaiba will rock your socks!

Jaden's cool

Yubel was a fool

Yugi you go back to school!

Joey's a mutt

Tristan had the gut

Marik is a pain in the butt

Mai is hot

Blair is not

Rebecca likes Yugi a lot!

Sadie's cute

Pharoah's mute

Daemon smells like 10 y/o puke!

Chazzy's cool

Zane-y's cuel

Bastion acts a bit like a fool!

Alexis broke a nail

Hassleberry killed a snail

Atticus recieves fan girl mail!

Mokuba can't sing

Jaden went in the ring

Yugi used the millenium bling!

Doorothy cooks

Aster has the looks

Chumley's eating by his nooks!

Crowler's gay

Pegasus's gay

Everyone let's shout hooray!



Me: This poem really is short... and it might not tickled any of your bones either...

anyway then R&R!

((Immitates Cosmo)) MR NAY NAY!