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What's the Worst…?

Chapter One: Not that Bad

Tomoe was not feeling good, in fact, she felt like shit; no worse than shit. She felt as though a crap had been taken—not hers of course—and then was thrown on the side of the road—for some unknown reason—and was left out in the hot sun to dry up, then after drying out, rain had come and washed it up to a soft substance; and she just fell face first into it. But then again, that could just be her "luck."

Now it wasn't as if the woman with the greenish hair had bad luck, she always just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or rather the right place at the wrong time.

It had all started early the previous morning…

-(Fluttery flashback music comes on and the scene ripples to the previous day.)-

Boom Boom Boom!

"Hey Bitch, get outta bed I need you to help me with something!" a voice yelled from the outside of the apartment door, the incessant banging continuing all the while.

"Go the hell away before I make you go away, Yuuki!" Tomoe yelled from her bedroom, not being a morning person and being awoken from a peaceful slumber can do that to someone.

"I'd like to see you try!" Nao's banging stopped, but a rattle of the doorknob and the click of the lock let the grey eyed woman know that she would not be getting anymore sleep, now that the redhead had picked the door's lock and entered her apartment.

But of course it didn't hurt to try and find some peace, "I'll do it as soon as I wake up when I fucking feel like it!" in short it meant "I am so kicking your ass later."

The redhead just smirked and walked into the large bedroom. "Aw, is someone getting cranky 'cuz they didn't get enough sleep?" She crawled onto the king-sized bed. "Well tough luck, Bitch, get up we've got things to do." Nao grabbed Tomoe's shoulder and roughly pushed her off of the bed, while pulling the covers off of the half-sleeping woman, "And get dressed… the last thing I need is the unwanted attention from your naked ass."

Despite acting like she didn't care, there was a faint dash of red that had crossed her cheeks after seeing the other woman in her state of undress.

The forest-haired woman on the ground growled, "If your ass isn't on the line Nao, so help me I'll cut it off and hang it on a flagpole for everyone to see!"

Tomoe begrudgingly got up and made her way to the bathroom for a quick shower, not even bothering to cover up the nudeness of her body on the way there. After being refreshed and awakened, Tomoe dried off and walked out the shower in the same state of undress as day she was born. She made her way to her dresser and took out simple, but matching black undergarments, and walked toward her closet to get changed.

The redhead was still sitting in her previous position on the bed, continuingly watching the other woman get ready for events that she didn't know were coming. Nao let out a sigh, she couldn't deny the fact that the older woman was attractive, which made her glad that the other woman didn't show off her assets quite as much; after all, that was her job, and it wouldn't do for her to get distracted while trying to distract others.

'My job, heh,' Nao laughed inwardly. It was about to be both of their jobs soon. 'That is if she doesn't kill me before she finds out what it is…'

"Hey Greenie, hurry up, times-a wastin', lets-a go!" Nao said in a pseudo-Italian accent. Normally Nao would feel ridiculous if someone heard her act this way, but around the green-haired female, she could act somewhat freely.

"Oh yeah?" Tomoe rolled her eyes at the other woman's antics. "Just tell me, Mario, what exactly is it that we are doing?"

"Well, Luigi, we are-a going to-a save the world!" the redhead replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Don't get your panties up in a bunch; you'll know when we get there." She got jumped off the bed and walked out the open bedroom door. She was actually hoping that leaving the room would stall any further questions on the matter; she did want to live, and despite it being a horrible pun, she was quite attached to her ass.


Tomoe was pissed off at the fact that she had been woken up on a weekend, before noon, to go and do some stupid job. And what's worse is that the trip actually only took half an hour to get there. But what was worse than that was Nao had dragged her all around the city for nearly three hours so that they could eat up time until they were supposed to be expected.

"So Red, where are we?" Tomoe recognized the area; she just didn't know the exact place they were at.

"Well I thought it was pretty obvious by the very large mansion in front of you, but obviously a Dumbass like you wouldn't know be able to find your way if a fucking sign hit you in the face!"

"Oh you BI—"


"There's your sign, Greenie," Nao held back a laugh while trying to keep the haughty smirk on her face after she literally hit the other woman in the face with a sign that had the mansion's name on it.

"Windbloom… Manor…" Tomoe tried to give a smug look to the other woman after she read the sign aloud, but the look didn't work out very well, she was sporting a very red nose and it looked like she was on the verge of tears—but that, of course, was from the sign hitting her square in the nose.

"Manor, mansion, it's the same thing." The redhead tried to wave off the comment that she knew her companion wanted to say.

"Actually, Red, they're not; especially when they were technical enough to put 'Windbloom Manor' onto the sign, instead of 'Windbloom Mansion.'" The forest-haired woman replied in a matter-of-factly tone. And she kept the smug look on her face until she realized exactly where they were. "No, no, no, no, no, NO!"

"Oh, shut the hell up," Nao yelled, but took a step back for good measure; the girl did have a knack for beating the hell out of others first and asking questions later. "You don't even know what the job is." She needed Tomoe calm so that she could explain the details of what they would be doing.

"No," Tomoe crossed her arms and stood her ground in front of the manor's door. "No way in hell am I going in there."

"What's the worst that could happen?"

Just then, the door swung open with mighty force, colliding with the green-haired woman to successfully knock her down. But that wasn't all, the figure that had opened the door was in mid-leap ever since the door had been open, meaning that it didn't see the poor woman on the ground until it was far too late.

"Oof! Son of a bi…scuit." Tomoe stopped her curse as soon as she saw who had landed on her.

"Shit." The word had come from someone's mouth; it was from one of the three figures outside, and despite not knowing who had said it, it was the thought that had gone through each of their minds.

"Um, hello Madam," were the only three words that could escape the lips of a certain grey-eyed woman.

Nao just stared; okay, so it was a little bad. But really, could it get any worse?

The redhead realized that she had just said those five words out loud after seeing a heated glare in her partner's grey eyes.

Stomp. Stomp. Stomp. Tap. Tap. Tap.

"Mashiro!" two loud voices called out from the inside of the house and they seemed to be getting closer.

"Oh fuck!" this time all three of the females had uttered the curse.

The situation had just gone from grenade launching bad, to an all out nuclear war.


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