New fic idea... curse these plot bunnies. Time to go ARCLIGHT on them.

HP/DMC4. Harry is somewhat like Nero, ie the demon arm.

Rating: M, to be sure I guess.

Pairing: Harry and Ginny. You guys should know I love this pairing. Again, you want the reason behind why, PM me and I'll do my best to explain.

Another idea, hoping I can bust out the Beyond the Rim and Darkness chapters I got sitting on this machine soon, maybe another for Sleight of Hand, and some more for Aussie Wizard, guess it depends how much work I have.

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Harry woke suddenly, the afternoon sun burning into his eyes.

'We're almost there, did you fall asleep?' the truck driver asked Harry.

'Must of,' Harry replied.

'You wanted Ottery St Catchpole right?'

'Yeah, I did.'

'Give it another five minutes, anywhere you wanted to go in particular?'

'Just the middle of town will do, I'll work it out from there.'

'It's not that small a town you know.'

'I know, like I say, I'll just work something out... how much do I owe you?'

'Fifty pounds should cover it.'


'No problems.'

Harry reached into the pocket of his leather duster, pulling out a large roll of notes. He pulled off a note, passing it to the driver.

'Thanks, I only said fifty,' the driver said.

'Smallest I have,' Harry said with a shrug. He reached for the guitar case behind the two seats. 'I'll jump off at the next red light.'

'Yeah, if you're sure...' the driver started, but Harry had already jumped out of the truck. 'Strange guy, I wonder if something is wrong with his left arm. He didn't use it at all'

Harry walked down the busy street, the looks he was receiving coming from both ends of the spectrum. The older generations tended to look at his outfit, a black leather duster, thick black jeans, jackboots with a red shirt over a white shirt, with some disgust. The younger generations, especially the teens looked at him as some type of deity. He stopped in front of a small deli, trying to remember the last time he ate. He adjusted the strap for the guitar case, before walking inside. He saw his reflection, the dramatic changes in his appearance still hadn't been fully accepted yet. The one thing he did appreciate was somehow his eyes had corrected themselves.

Harry pulled out another hundred pound note, before he walked up to the counter, and ordered a pizza to go with a bottle of water. He looked outside while he waited, seeing Hedwig sitting on a lamppost.

I never wanted all of this Harry thought. It was bad last year... but this is just...

Harry snapped back into the living world when he heard his pizza was ready. He grabbed the pizza, and walked towards the park, knowing Hedwig was following him. He found a tree with a large shadow on one side and sat in it, glad to be out of the sun for a moment.

'Come on Hedwig, we both need to eat,' Harry called. After a second he saw his now off white owl land on his thigh. 'Well, we should be able to relax in a little while, okay?'

Hedwig hooted in reply, as ever, but this time Harry caught a sense of relief. He pulled the pizza apart, before pulling out chunks of bacon for Hedwig. She started to eat slowly.

'I know it's still hot girl,' Harry said, starting on his slice. Damn the Goblins, damn those bloody sheep who call themselves people, damn that bitch of a reporter Skeeter...

His thoughts were disturbed as someone was trying to get his attention. 'Yes?' Harry drawled.

'I'm sorry... but your hair, where did you go?' a man asked.

'My parents, because it's like this naturally,' Harry replied, still feeling annoyed.

'Right, err, sorry,' the man said before he walked away.

Pansy Harry thought, far more venomously than he would have ever before he changed. He continued to eat in silence, occasionally pulling more bacon off for Hedwig. He looked at the greying sky, deep black rain clouds appearing on the horizon.

'Well Hedwig, looks like you're getting a wash tonight,' Harry commented. Hedwig hooted, again, in relief it felt like. 'I could do with it more than you.' Hedwig shook her head, before she flew onto his shoulder. 'Think you could give me some directions?' He stood up, Hedwig pointed her head in the direction she wanted to go. Harry smirked, folding the now empty pizza box with a single hand, keeping the other hidden in the duster. He walked by a bin, throwing the box inside before he opened the bottle of water he bought, drinking half of it in a single go. He looked at Hedwig, who didn't seem that interested in having a drink, and continued out of the park, following the direction of his owl's head. He walked for at least two hours before the rain started, Hedwig hopping down to his other arm.

'Not much further is it?' Harry asked Hedwig, who again hooted in reply. 'At least the scenery is familiar.'

Harry took a turn off the main road, the orchard to his left the one he was after. He stopped at the top of a small rise, seeing the Burrow in the distance. The rain increased in intensity, the drops stinging Harry's face. He sighed, before he continued to walk towards the Burrow. He smiled when he eventually reached the door. He knocked on it a few times.

Molly Weasley was not a happy woman by any stretch of the imagination. Her twin sons had completely ignored her advice. She didn't mind they were doing well, which was better than one of her sons. She had just seen his OWLS and was far from impressed. If only he took after Hermione more then he would have much better options for his future. She stormed over to the door and yanked it open.

'Molly?' the white haired young man in front of her asked.

She didn't even reply, simply slamming the door in his face.

'Well Hedwig, it looks like another motel for us,' Harry said before walking away from the Burrow. Hedwig hooted, before she flew off to a tree outside the Burrow. 'You'll find me huh? Alright.'

Ginny sat at her desk trying to work on some homework, but the rain kept distracting her. She scratched the ankle she broke before she looked out the window. She could see a person with all white hair at the door. She tried to listen but only made out a few words. When she saw the person walk away from the Burrow she wondered what was going on.

Harry's owl is named Hedwig right? Ginny thought. She walked to the kitchen, still seeing her mother was in a bad mood.

'Mum, I think that was Harry,' Ginny said, cutting off her mother mid rant.

'No, Harry is so very different,' Molly started. 'For one thing, he's not so...'

'But isn't his owl called Hedwig?'

'It is,' Molly started. 'That was Harry?'

'Yes Mum, I think so, and hasn't he been added to wards?'

'Oh dear, Ginny, can you go and find him?'

'In this weather?'

'Grab my jacket... just go...' Molly said, now sounding very worried. 'Oh... what will he think of me?'

'It'll be okay Mum,' Ginny said as she left the Burrow. She took off down the track. She hit the road into Ottery St Catchpole and saw Harry ahead of her. She called out his name a few times, but he didn't seem to hear her. She again, tried to catch up with him, but by the time she did they had just reached the outskirts of town.

'Harry, is that you?' Ginny panted.

'Ginny?' Harry asked. 'What's going on?'

'Mum's... sorry, she didn't recognise you,' Ginny said, regaining her breath.

'Really?' Harry asked. 'Well, we need to get out of this rain.'

'What happened Harry?' Ginny asked, sounding worried. 'That bitch wrote about you just as the holidays started and then...'

'It's a long story,' Harry said, as he opened the door to a small backpacker's hostel. He got a small room for the night, one that they discovered had both a sofa and a bed in it. 'If the rain stays.'

'Alright, but what happened Harry, you look so different,' Ginny started. She stopped when she saw his left arm. It looked like plates of some type of bone had grown around the outside, while the tips of his fingers seemed to be glowing faintly. 'What's that?'

'This?' Harry asked, revealing the full changes in his left arm. The plates had seemingly grown down the elbow, and a little beyond it, forming a type of arm guard. The same type of bony plates covered his fingers and the back of his hand as well. 'I have no idea.'

He seemed to concentrate for a moment, before the arm flickered, it's appearance changing to that of a normal arm. 'I can't keep it up long, only about an hour.'

'Right, just what did happen?' Ginny asked. 'The Prophet says you're half demon or something...'

'I am,' Harry replied, opening the guitar case. Ginny gasped, on seeing the contents. Three guns, two of them a small machine pistol, while the other was a long rifle with a grenade launcher. The final item was a sword, and it was almost too large to be wielded effectively in her mind. She blinked as Harry picked it up single handed before spinning in a series of circular cuts. He stopped the sword, just seeming to place it on his back.

'What... how...' Ginny stuttered.

'Do you want some dinner?'

'Ah, yes, thank you.'

'Anything in particular, or just here?'

'Here will do.'

'It makes things easier,' Harry said, then stopped suddenly. He could hear a faint thumping noise. 'Could you hold on a moment?'

'Sure Harry,' Ginny replied. She watched Harry leave the room, sword still strapped to his back.

'Bloody people don't know the meaning of privacy do they?' Harry muttered as he opened the door, which he guessed was locked by the sounds of wood breaking. He walked over to the furthest bunk, ripping the sheet away. He saw a man and a blonde woman in the middle of their intimate moment. She looked at Harry coyly for a few seconds before she said 'woof woof.'

Harry just covered his eyes and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him. He stopped as he was about to descend the stairs, the familiar weight of his sword was present. He quickly placed the sword in his room before he went back to deli and bought two more pizzas. He returned with one Supreme and one Hawaiian. He set the Hawaiian in front of Ginny, before starting on his own.

'Um, thanks,' Ginny said shyly. 'Do you want to start your story?'

'What do you want to know?' Harry asked in between mouthfuls.

'Everything, like why no owls could reach you, I...we're all worried about you.'

Harry paused. He was sure he heard an 'I' in her last statement. 'It all starts with the left arm and my eyes.'

Can any one guess the position? And yes, I've actually heard someone say that when they were caught out. Believe me, it's not what you expect.