Mistakes We Knew We Were Making

The list goes on and on.
The list goes on and on.
The list goes on and on...

The day of the wedding, Rei Otohata found a small note on top of Aya Hoshino's abandoned wedding gown. It read:

Dear Rei,

I can't do it. I hope that someday, you'll find it in your heart to forgive me, even when we both know that I don't deserve it.



At around the same time, Mami Honda received a two-word text on her phone. It said:

I'm sorry.

The sender was none other than Yuuya Asou, whom she already lost once to a blue-haired brunette whom she considered a dear friend.


Three months later, Miyu Yamazaki received a lengthy letter from a long-lost friend. It said:

Dear Miyu,

I'm sorry it took me so long to find the courage to write to you. And I'm sorry I have to drag you into this mess that I made for myself. But I'm scared to send this message to Rei directly, and I doubt if Ran will bother reading anything coming from me, not since I betrayed all of you.

Please tell everyone, if anyone would care to know, that I, we, are doing okay, somehow. And please tell them I'm sorry for disappearing without so much as a word. And tell Mami... tell Mami that I know that no apology would ever be enough, but that we're both very sorry for breaking her heart again. We do not expect forgiveness for what we've done. We just would like to let all of you know that not a single day goes by without us not thinking about you guys, or the mistakes we've made that most likely permanently ostracized us from the group.

It's hard, Miyu. Yuuya and I are trying so hard to stay together, but it's hard when the weight of our sins are dragging us lower and lower to the ground with each passing day. I guess this is punishment enough.

Trying to survive,


The envelope gave no return address.


A year after, Yuuya read an entry in the newspaper's obituary that forced him and Aya to return to Shibuya. It read:

Mami Honda


Loving daughter, dear friend.

They would find out later that Mami finally succeeded in what she had failed to do almost two years ago.


Aya received a hard slap on the cheek from a grieving Ran Kotobuki, who Miyu desperately tried to hold back, and Yuuya a punch on the face from an enraged Rei, who was being held back by an equally distraught Tatsuki Kuroi and Yamato Kotobuki.

Both Aya and Yuuya bowed low at the group, who were standing in front of Mami's grave, tears streaming down their faces. Both knew they could never undo what they've done, and that they could never bring Mami back, not for all the tears in the world. Still, they bowed as low as they could, and regretted as much as they should, and asked for forgiveness they knew they did not deserve.

Finally, Aya felt arms wrap around her, and she blinked back the tears when she realized that both Ran and Miyu were hugging her tightly, both aching for their best friend who left without a word so many months ago. Yuuya looked up and locked eyes with Rei, who glared at him coldly, but Yuuya knew that it was the same kind of glare Rei used to give him after he had done something royally stupid, a glare which says that he was an idiot, but that he was still his friend nonetheless. Tatsuki and Yamato placed comforting hands on his shoulders, and it was all Yuuya could do to stop himself from weeping bitterly.

Aya then turned to Rei, bowing low and not meeting his eyes, but before she could say another word, she felt Rei take her in his arms for what they both knew would be the last time, and as Aya returned the embrace, she couldn't help but cry at all the pain both of them suffered because of each other.

No words were spoken that cloudy afternoon, but everyone in the group knew everyone was forgiven, and that although they could never save the group Ran tried her very bestest to save years ago or undo the mistakes they've done, they would, in one way or another, remain friends forever.


It's finished! After so many sad chapters, I finally finished this story! I know it's depressing, but I think it ended pretty well. Don't you think so? Uhh, guys? Where are you going? Don't leave me! It was the best I could do! Guuuuuuys!!!

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