Devils Bride


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Way past midnight they were making their way home. The streets were dimly lit, scratching noises flew to their ears, and the never ceasing sound of footsteps seemed to follow them. But that could be just the rain, heavily pouring down on the two girls, drenching their clothes. Making everything seem worse than it already was. She could hear her best friend slowly muttering curses the girl would've usually spat out at lightning-speed, but her drunken stupor would not allow the words to flow out of her any faster than they were. She wasn't too far off from the usage of cuss-words on the celestial gates herself, as more and more of the big, wet droplets soaked her to the bones, making her clothes heavier by the minute and chilling her skin. Apparently, the angels wanted to be especially clean come tomorrow, and were showering away an oceans worth of water to achieve this goal! Oh, what wouldn't she give to be at home right now!…

"Really, Forehead," her drunken friend interrupted her cursing to address her. "You need to get a life! You know, date some boys, have sex on a regular basis or at all drink some alcohol. Its make you loosen up, forehead. Trust me!"

She scoffed.

"Really? And who's going to drive you home after one of your girls' night out, when you're too drunk to even stand on your own, Ino-Pig?" she retorted, lifting the other girl a bit higher as if to emphasis her statement.

Silence stretched between them as neither spoke, one slowly taking into her jumbled mind what had been said and processing this new-found information, the other concentrating on dragging her insufferable friend towards her car. Normally, she called Ino a pig only to annoy the hell out of her. There wasn't any real malice behind that, just as Ino only called her 'Forehead' to tease her. However, she had found that, when drunk, the little nickname fit the girl quite well. She chanced a glance at her blonde friend, and noticed that an expression of realization was written all over the drunkards face, before turning into scowling determination.

Ino took a deep breath.

"Don't you ever dare to touch even so much as a drop of alcohol!" the blonde commanded.

She snorted.

"Yes, ma'am," she mocked back.

Not that she had any intention of touching that godforsaken poison. She couldn't stand even smelling that venom, let alone drink it herself. No, she would rather forever stay that weird girl that wasn't up-to-date than so much as take a sip of that infernal liquid. Watching Ino now was reason enough to abstain from it. And it was just one of her reasons, she thought as she opened the door to the passengers seat of her car. Thank god for wealthy parents, or she would've had to borrow her fathers!

Get into the car, Ino, she grunted into her friends ear gruffly, while helping the blonde to lower herself into the seat. Unfortunately, Ino slipped and fell head first into her car. The blonde girl started to giggle uncontrollably at the odd and not really funny situation. She sighed. This would be a long ride home, she thought as she helped her friend up, before fastening the belt, and closing the door. Sighing again, she turned and was about to move to the drivers side when something caught her eye.

The eighteen-year old took two seconds to analyze the situation, before she made a jump for it.

"Sakuraaaaaaaa!" Ino screamed.


It was a normal day-or night, he wasn't sure as there was no sun around here-in hell; he had just finished his latest job in tormenting the poor souls wandering around in their domain, and was now sitting on a stalagmite about to indulge into his favorite pass-time. Leaning against the cave wall (there was a whole club area a few floors down, but they needed to keep up appearances for the tourists), he made himself comfortable, raking a calloused hand through his messy hair to push it out of the way, so that he could read in peace. Sighing, happy that his day was finally over, he was just cracking his very detailed, pornographic novel open, when a loud roar resounded from the walls almost made him fall from his seat.

Raising an eyebrow, he shrugged.

It was none of his business. If Jiraiya was in one hell of a mood, it probably had to do with Tsunade, and he really didn't need to get involved in the silent crusade those two were battling. Better leave them to their own devices. That way, there would be more time for his reading. However, his wish was not granted as he heard a puff of smoke down below him. Chancing a glance, he recognized one of his pals as the smoke cleared. The guy had shoulder-length brown hair, was chewing on a senbon all the time, and his name was Shiranui, Genma.

He sighed.

"You're wanted," Genma told him.

"Cant it wait?" he asked, as if he hadn't heard the feral growl that had almost caused him a headache.

"You know it can't," the brown-haired man answered with a wicked grin on his face.

He sighed again.

"Fine," he murmured lazily.

"Then lets go!" Genma said.

Both of them vanished into a cloud of smoke, reappearing in a much larger cave full of stalagmites and even some stalactites. It was divided into two halves by a great stream of lava that shimmered in red and golden light, as it leisurely wound its way through the stone. With one hand on a steadily crumbling stalagmite, a white-haired man was loudly fuming at something neither man knew. He exchanged a glance with Genma, who shrugged, while looking all too happy to only be the delivery boy. The senbon-chewing man winked at him, before hastily making his exit.

He turned towards the only other person.

"You called for me, Jiraiya?" he asked.

"A kitten!"

He raised an eyebrow in question.

"She risks her life to save a kitten! A kitten, Kakashi! Do you see why I can't allow this to go on?!" the other man yelled, his white hair bursting into flames that danced around his head.

"Uhm…why don't you start at the beginning?"

"Haruno, Sakura-your next job."


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