Devil's Bride


Perhaps he could seduce her over dinner?

"I wanted to spend some time with you. Getting to know you, you know?", she asked, then flushed.

Probably not.

With every passing second, in which he did not answer, she seemed to shrink further into herself. Kakashi wanted to scream. This would only further her interest in him, and he couldn't have that. At the same time, it would keep him exposed to the danger until he could get rid of these nonsense feelings she thought she had for him. Well, it couldn't be helped. He couldn't let her walk away now. It would blow the entire operation, and he'd have to listen to Tsunade's laughing while Jiraya fries his ass. And as she began to turn away, there went his heart again, twitching. Mourning her leaving.

So he grabbed her hand.

Chapter 12

He could do affectionate, Kakashi noted that evening as he curled himself around Sakura's sleeping form. If that was what it took to change her from a saint into a wench, he could do it. Nothing grand, just a bit of that tenderness humans loved to indulge in, so he could reach his goal, go home, and forget about that stupid twitching in his chest. He needed to get himself checked for a serious heart condition. This twitchting couldn't be a good sign. The silver-haired devil tried to ignore the scoffing voice in his head, reminding him that devils didn't get heart conditions. They didn't have a heart, period.

Her soft fragrance filled his nose as he breathed in. His heart twitched. He did the logical thing. He stopped breathing.

As a devil he didn't need to breathe. He didn't need air to fill his lungs, oxygen to fill his blood, and he didn't need some stupid heart to pump the oxygen-rich blood through his body. Still, Kakashi liked breathing. No breathing, no sense of smell, and no talking. Being a little narcisstic as all devils were, he liked hearing himself talk, therefore he liked to breathe. He couldn't breathe, though, because Sakura's scent would engulf him once more, and his stupid heart would resume twitching.

He glared at the cause of his discomfort. His heart twitched again, and Kakashi groaned in frustration.

If he had a heart condition, it was a very specific one. But this pathetic child in his arms could not have beathed life into his heart of ice. He felt nothing for her. She was nothing. Her existence was of no consequence to his. He was separate, detached, from her in every way but that of physical touch, and even that existed only to lure her onto the path of sin. String her along, and twist this angel into a devil. Make her fall like he fell, through despair and darkness and into the fiery abyss. All for the mission. Why was he still looking at her, then. More than that, his hand had risen from around her waist to smooth over her hair, and thus soothe her back into her peaceful dream as she had started to wake from his restlessness. Kakashi glared at his hand as if it were a foreign object to him, treacherous little thing that it was.

He looked at her, not quite with pity, and turned her face so he could see it clearly in the soft moonlight.

"You do not know what awaits you on the other side. You doo all this good, not knowing that it will be of no consequence. It would break your heart. I wonder... If you knew, would you do it anyway, or would you despair", he mused quietly, his voice wavering.

Obito became visible at the end of the bed.

"It is the good we do for the sake of goodness that makes us worthy", he whispered back as if Kakashi had posed him the question.

"And the evil you do for the sake of goodness makes you worthy of what, exactly?", he snarls.

Obito sighed, but before he could answer, Kakashi waved his hand, dismissing him from his appartment. Rules, Kakashi noted, rules still stand in an angel's way.


When Sakura woke up, the bed was empty.

The pink-haired woman huffed in annoyance, but she had almost been expecting this. Kakashi didn't seem much like a cuddler. At least not when she was obviously awake. This brought a small smile to her face. She had half-awoken that night, feeling him run his hand softly over her hair. it had soon soothed her back to sleep, but not before feeling his body curled around hers. He had turned her to face him, and spoken to her in voice so soft and insecure. Softer than she'd ever heard him speak at all. Sakura tried to remember what he'd said, but for the life of her, she couldn't make out the words. All she remebered was the softness of his voice, and that it had sounded almost... sad? Was he worried over something? Perhaps he didn't trust in his ability to keep this relationship going? He didn't seem very apt at conveying his feelings outside the bedroom.

Sakura blushed bright scarlet when she realised where her train of thought was going. She couldn't stop her heartrate from accelerating, nor the heat from flushing her body, spreading her blush well over the limits of her face. Her breaths suddenly came out in pants, and she raised a hand to her chest to fan herself as if that would help her control her frantic heart, or cool her down. It did nothing to cool the heat in her lower centre or to stop her insides twisting pleasantly. Her mind, running at a hundred miles per hour now, came to a screeching halt when she felt the first tell-tale signes of moisture.

She needed to get out of Kakashi's bed immediately, so she jumped up, and got dressed in a hurry.

Entering the living room, she could smell eggs, bacon, and toast coming from the kitchen. Furrowing her brows, she made her way there, only to find Kakashi making breakfast in an apron... and little else! Well, no, that wasn't exactly true. He was wearing pyjama bottoms, but the apron did little to hide his well-defined chest. Or his handsome face. Sakura could feel the heat rising, could feel herself becoming wetter, and pressed a hand to her face. Her man finally noticed her, turning around to face her fully, and smiled at her... or perhaps he was smirking, because he knew exactly what his half-naked body was doing to her sanity.

"Oh, you're awake." He sounded far too innocent to be believable. "I was going to give you some breakfast in bed, but since you're up... i guess we can eat at the kitchen table."

He smirked at her again as she nodded mutely.

Breakfast in bed would've been good, because at this point she was hoping she wouldn't outright jump him in the next thirty seconds.

End of Chapter 12

A/N: A bit of fluffy fun for Sakura and Kakashi. It's been a long time, hasn't it. Almost a year, blimey. I'm really sorry, there was just so much to think about... There still is, and I'm not sure how long it will take to finish this story, but it will be a while yet, I'm afraid. I hope you liked it anyway.