Possibly the first thing I've written with pure angst.'s told in Drew's POV.

May, how could you ?

You were seventeen, and yet you've torn my heart in two.

I never thought you would give up on me when I said you were a ditzy retard. I thought you knew I was just playing with you, but you didn't. You slapped me in the face with fury and left the Contest Hall afterwards to go with Brendan. I wailed when I knew I couldn't see your sparkling sapphire eyes and that melting sweet expression you always had on your face.

May, I couldn't stand it. I filled the void with Brianna. I wanted to forget about you. But it just wasn't the same. I dumped her and stayed in solitude.

Of course, you sent letters to me, yet each time they seemed less jolly than the one before it. At first, Brendan sounded like a prince. After all, his dad was Professor Birch. It seemed like he gave you anything that you desired. I envied him, because everyone adored him. How could he steal you from me ? How could his sweet facade and swooning gestures make you fall for him ?

After a while, things turned darker. Your letters no longer had you stated as a queen. As I place pieces of the puzzle together, I saw signs of abuse. You were beaten and bruised from head to toe. Brendan was nothing more than a rebellious bastard.

The week after you sent me that last letter, I quickly left LaRousse to go to Littleroot Town to see you. As I was about to storm into Brendan's house, I saw your body in the dumpster. Bloodied. Stabbed. A newborn baby was in your arms, strangled. He had my shade of hair.

Both of you were murdered, I found out. Brendan was angry when he found out you were pregnant. You had never wanted him to find out, but he did when he saw a pregnancy test thrown in the trash can.

What makes me guilty is that I'm the one who got you pregnant. I made your baby. I'm the one who got you killed. It's my fault. All my fault.

May, why did you have to die ? Why did you have to make your parents and Max cry and grieve over you ? Why did you leave and not tell me you were pregnant ?

Most importantly, how could you leave me ?

When I was at your funeral, I cried for the first time in so long. I still remember your smile. I still remember how you managed to penetrate my guard and made me smile and laugh. I still remember the fact that I lost my one chance to say that I love you. I lost my one chance to hold you in my arms and tell you that all these years I've lied about not liking you.

Now it's too late. You're dead now. Dead, with our son. Dead, because I let this loser control your life and I never once intervened. Now that you're dead, I realize I'm nothing more than a coward. I had the chance to save you from your demise, but I blew it. If only I could have saved you. May, I can't live without you, knowing you're now in a grave.

So I pick up a knife and stab myself just like Brendan stabbed you. I stab myself in the chest and let blood gush through as I lay down next to your grave. It hurts, but not as much as I hurt you. May, we'll be together soon. Maybe now I can finally tell you how much you mean to me.

Nothing matters to me now except seeing you in Heaven, not even my own life.

As I lay dying, I take my last breath and laugh as I see you gently smiling in my mind.

I hope you forgive me for being a selfish jerk. May, I love you.