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It was another quiet day in the Sawada household. Or, that's what the future Vongola Tenth thought. For, once he entered the kitchen,he wished that he had never been born.

"VOOOOOIII!! You finally woke up, useless brat!" a loud and quite unwelcome man shouted.

Tsuna froze. "S-suberbi Squalo? Am I dreaming?" he asked, terrified.

"No, baka-Tsuna." Reborn said, landing a kick on Tsuna's head.

"Eeeeeep! What was that for Reborn! More importantly, why is a Varia officer here? He's going to kill me!!" the pathetic Tenth squeaked and hid under the kitchen table.

Squalo did a scary face and leaned under the table, resulting to Tsuna letting out his favourite 'eeeeeeep!' and shrinking to the other edge of the table. "I'd love to tear your head off, but no. There is a direct order from the Ninth, that you'll have to spend a month with the Varia as part of your training, you lousy brat." Squalo stated, frowning. He had no difficulty in facing the hardest missions, but staying with the wimp that caused their defeat was more than he could handle.

While Tsuna was busy having a seizure, the yellow Arcobaleno smirked. "It will be good for him to spend some time along with the real thing. Have you guys created a training program for him yet?"

Squalo shook his head negatively. "Not yet. You wanna help, infant?"

The baby hitman thought for a second, before smirking maliciously. "No. But I'll recommend to you the person to be his new home tutor..." he said lowly and took a check book out of his pocket. Scribbling down a number with too many zeros for its own good, he ripped it and handed it to the swordsman, still smirking. Then he took a notebook out of his pocket and wrote down a few instructions. "Give the check to him. Along with this note."

The silver-haired man understood who the check and note were going to, and gulped. "The brat will not get out alive..." he murmured.

"Oh, he will." Rebron assured Squalo. 'Barely.' He added mentally and his smirk turned into a full grin under his concealing hat.

Meanwhile, in the Varia HQ...

Levi was praying in his Xanxus shrine, when suddenly Lussuria came in, wearing a pink dress. "Levi-kuun!! How does it look on me?"

The ass-kisser's eye twitched. "Just like everything else you've tried on today. Ugly!"

The gay martial artist wasn't fazed at all. "Aww, don't try to hide your feelings, Levi-kun! You know you love it!" he said in his usual happy yet perverted tone.

Levi glared. "Shut up, I have an appointment and I have to go."

Lussuria pouted. "You're so dull!!What time is the appointment anyway?"

"... 5.00 pm. I don't wanna be late."

"It's only 10.00am.Ushishi, still obsessed with the time, aren't we? Well, I can be late anyway, because I'm a prince." Bel said as he entered the room. "Luss, that dress looks awful. It's totally not your colour. Try purple, or orange."

The -almost- sun guardian fawned over the tiara-wearing assassin. "How do you know everything Bel-chan??"

"That's because I'm a prince." Belphegor replied in his usual cocky tone.

"Boss seems in a bad mood today." Levi pointed out before leaving.

Both Lussuria and Belphegor turned subtly to observe their leader more closely. He looked angrier than usual, yet amused. 'That klutz can't even read emotions...' Belphegor thought. They stayed completely silent for a while, before Lussuria somehow found the courage, and asked their boss why he was so quiet. The reply was a box thrown at his head and a small sigh. "The Sawada brat is coming here. That trash is going to spend a month with the Varia officers. It was the old man's order."

Belphegor was the first one to recover from the shock, and laughed creepily. "Ushishishi, things are going to get interesting...That little brat should die..." he hissed as he played with one of his knives.

Xanxus nodded in agreement. "That trash will pay.

Back in the Sawada household...

Squalo had already left, after spitting out a long string of curses at poor little Tsuna, who was now reluctantly packing his things. At first, he was completely opposite to the idea, but that was before Reborn threatened him that if he disobeyed a direct order from the Ninth, he would be killed at once. "Oi, Reborn... Will those guys really hurt me?"

The Arcobaleno shrugged. "Who knows. But I'm sure they keep quite a grudge. Don't be surprised if Xanxus shoots at you randomly."

"Eeeeh!!What am I going to do? I'll die for sure! " he shouted, and banged his head on a table. Reborn smacked him across the head.

"Don't worry, baka-Tsuna. Your personal trainer there will make sure that you stay alive."

Tsuna gulped. "P-personal trainer? Who is he?"

Smirking, Reborn spoke again. "You'll find out once the time comes."

The future Vongola Tenth's eyes widened and he felt his stomach doing backflips."That doesn't sound good..." he said, and sank to the ground, in a terrified state.

"It's not that bad, see it as a vacation!" Reborn said teasingly.


A couple of days later, Sawada Tsunayoshi was heading to his death- no, vacation. The flight was as pleasant as it could be ,but the trouble started at the Italian airport. As Tsuna got down from the plane, he spotted a few familiar figures and twitched in fear. It wasn't every day that two Varia members came to pick him up after all. Whatsmore, no one seemed to pay any attention to the huge humanoid weapon that accompanied them.

"It's that creepy guy with the tiara...and that damn robot... and that sunglasses guy...or maybe girl. Eeeep! I don't want to go! I'll run away!" he squeaked and looked around frantically, trying to find a way to escape.

Before he could run away though, a hand grabbed him by the back of his collar. "Ushishishi...Where do you think you're going, hm?"

Tsuna froze and did not reply for a while, afraid that the psychopath might turn him into a not so- living cactus. After gathering some courage in him, and making sure that his dying will pills were still there, he finally spoke. Or better, stuttered. "No-nowhere. I-I was just...L-looking around."

"Is that so? Because it looked much like you wanted to run. And if you try to run away, I will kill you personally...Ushishishi..."

Tsuna looked down and nodded. "I know..."

After those... clarifications were made, they all headed to the Varia HQ. 'Wow...It's even creepier than I thought...' Tsuna thought as he stared at the huge black castle.

"Ok, I don't get why it has to be all black! Why don't we add a bit of pink, or maybe light green? It would be like, much prettier and stuff!" Lussuria said enthusiastically.

Tsuna and Belphegor stared at the fruity Varia. "...No." Belphegor replied, after a long pause, while Tsuna simply continued to stare. 'I think I overestimated these guys...'

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