Chapter Thirty-Six: Joy and Terror

Harry sat on the floor of the den with Malcolm.

He ate a bowl of cereal.

Mal watched the fish and babbled to the room.

Since that first bowl with a goldfish in it, which to Harry's dismay did not live long, he had moved up in the pet fish world. He now had his own little ocean in the den. Coral, algae and even some small sculptures he created for his trove of fix to live, to hide and chase one another about in. Harry would often, as Malcolm is right now, get lost in the sights of the tank watching the fish shimmer to and fro, dash about, disappear, scare up others and the dance continuing.

There was just something about watching these creatures that could spawn a million ideas and hours of entertainment.

As the summer wound down, Harry's trepidation at starting his new magical studies grew, as did his excitement. The lingering doubts, am I good enough, do I have the skill, the background to do this? This is so much more then what I have been doing, so many skills I do not necessarily have. But his excitement over exploring these new concepts is what encouraged him it would all be worth it, the days of work; years of training would make him better at his craft, as well as beyond.

Harry lay in the backyard of the Burrow with Mal sleeping on his chest, Ron and George sprawled around him.

"I'm starting to think that kid likes his Uncle Hare more then 'is Mum and Dad," George joked.

"Of course he does, I let him eat dirt and don't throw a fuss about it, like some people," Harry cracked back.

"Harry! It was a whole ball of clay, its my baby, I'm not letting him eat a giant chunk of clay, Georgie here made me eat enough to know its not good coming back out!"

"I wasn't letting him eat it, Ron, just play with it."

"Then why did I pull a whole wad of it out of his hair?"

"I missed some?"

"Why didn't you just summon it all off him, boys?"

Harry and Ron looked at each other and laughed, Harry's shaking chest causing Mal to stir before settling back into slumber. "Because there doofusses," Lucy said as she walked up and loomed over the gentlemen. "It was hilarious to watch Ron try to clean Mal up that day, totally forgot his magic, scrub, scrub, soap, bath. When Malcolm started fussing I stepped in and saved your poor brother, Georgie."

"I still don't understand why you made me suffer and torture are baby."

"Well, at first it was just too cute.. Then I realized I better save you before you did irreparable harm."

"Is that why you let me watch him all summer, he's too young to remember any horrors about his time with Uncle Harry?"

"No, we put him with you because he likes you, your good with him."

Ron cut in, "And your dirt cheap!"

Harry grinned and laughed.


"When are you having one of your own, Hermione?" Molly snuck up behind her and asked as she looked out at the group on the lawn.

"Eventually Molly, not yet."

"Oh, but your both so good with the children."

"That's different, we can give them back," Hermione laughed.

Molly shook her head, "Don't your parent's want grandkids?"

"They probably do eventually, but they also encouraged their daughter to work hard, and be set in her career first."


Hermione cut her off, "Don't worry Molly, when we're ready we will. Right now, there is just too much going on in both of our lives to bring anyone else into it. Harry's transitioning into studies in magic and art, depending on his focus, that could take years, we probably won't wait a decade, but if that's what we need, we just might."

"So your going to wait till all the cousins are in Hogwarts?" Ginny asked coming into the conversation.

"I don't know, I don't know, we're waiting, don't worry about it!" Hermione frantically replied as the Weasley women tried to close her into some answer more to their liking, or so it seemed to her.

Ginny laughed at her terrified face, "Relax, Hermionesie, Mum may be serious but I'm just messing with you. When your ready, your ready, or you fuck up and woops."

"Ginny!" Molly reprimanded.

"What Mum, at least in some cases its less messy then muggle means."

"Muffin?" Fluer interjected.

"Oh!" Ginny crammed a muffin into her own mouth and shoved another into her mother's face to stop whatever was going to come out next.

Hermione chuckled, "Thank you, Fluer," as the older women winked at her.


"Be glad you were out in the yard love, I thought Molly was going to start interrogating me on why we're waiting to have children and not just doing everything at once."

"Wouldn't that be unfair to a child to bring them into our haphazard, chaotic lives right about now?"


"Would it not make more sense for your parent's to be the ones bugging us about kids.. Not, our best friend's mother?"

"If we weren't essentially adopted Weasley's I'd say yes, but is it terrifying or flattering to be treated just like her brood?"

"Both. Its definitely a mixture of both." He shrugged, before flopping back onto the sofa, "Always makes me wonder how my parent's would react to all this."

Hermione sat down settling in, snuggling up to his side, "Hey, don't let the wonderings and what if's get to you, if you like we can speculate and guess and have fun making up insane plots."

Harry turned his head to look right at her and started grinning, the grin grew wider and his eyes lit up, "No, I don't want to imagine worse then Molly," and they sprawled together in laughter.

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