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Ranger can be seen at his desk in fanfiction may cry when black armored soldiers enter with Mp5's and open fire!

Border line,

Dead inside,

I don't mind,

Falling to pieces.

TSS can be seen firing on massed fangirls in twilight town while Seras loads Harkonnen.

Count me in,


Lets begin,

Feeding the sickness,

Nukid beats down some thugs with his awesome Tiajustu.

How do I,



The enemies on the way!

The soldiers open fire on Ranger and the bullets slam into him knocking the chair over!

Show me what it's like,

The soldiers stop firing.

To dream in black and white,

Ranger slowly pushes himself off the floor with not a drop of blood on him.

So I can leave this world tonight!

Ranger breaks out his pistols and opens fire!

TSS jams his crow bar into the back of a fangirl as a Rhino class tank comes rolling around a street corner.

Full of fear, Ever clear,

Ranger and a girl in a red cloak can be seen in a bar when a squad of the black armored soldiers enter.

I'll be here, Fighting forever.

Ranger flipped over at table and kicked it at the soldier's!

Curious, Venomus, you'll find me,

Climbing to Heaven

Ranger drew out his sword and tossed a sheathed Gashgar to the girl who caught it in her right hand, unsheathed it with her left, and tossed the sheath aside.

Nevermind, turn back time, You'll be fine

I will get left behind!

A girl wearing a blue cloak runs along a dock followed by armed thugs. The girl in the red cloak can be seen reaching out grab her. The girl in the blue cloak jumps!

Show me what it's like,

To dream in black and white,

So I can leave this world behind!

A girl in a dark blue cloak runs for a pair king Raven Helicopter being followed by Ranger TSS, Seras, Nukid, Delta squad, and the other two cloaked girls. Suites of armor with massive wing shaped shields and RPG's pursue them.

Holding on to tight,

Breathe the breath of life.

Ranger can be seen battling a young man wearing a black cloak and wielding a large triple bladed claw! Another young man wearing a brown cloak comes up wielding a pair of long knives!

So I can leave this world behind.

Two longswords dive down towards LA.

It only hurts just once.

Machine guns open fire on the two craft buffeting them and ripping into the armor.

There only broken bones.

One of the wings goes flying off of a longsword. The other looses an engine.

Hide the hate insideā€¦


Dark power suddenly bursts from the longswords holding them together! Ranger jumps out the back of one curse marks spearding up his neck before going to level two form and drawing out his pistols!

(So I can leave this world behind!)

Down in the city the girl in the red coat fires a rocket at a tank blowing it sky high. The one in the light blue cloak fires a crossbow at a black armored soldier catching him in the throat. The Girl in the dark blue cloak brings a sword with a large point down onto the control hatch of another tank and slices it off.

Show me what it's like,

To dream in black and white,

So I can leave this world Tonight.

Ranger clambers out of a ruined building staring up at a massive bronze statue, larger than most of the skyscrapers. He draws out the moon sword and goes to final twilight form!

Holding on to tight,

Breathe the breath of life,

Ranger charges the statue letting the sword scrap against the cement.

So I can leave this world behind!

Ranger jumps into the air sword raised.

Twilit Dawn.

Ranger can be seen with TSS and Seras in twilight town, Ranger raises his pistols as several fangirls retreat.

"Running won't do you any good! I'll just shoot you in your asses!

Coming this January.

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