They surrounded him on all sides, katanas pointed. They numbered eight in all, two were wearing hoods the others had masks that concealed their faces. As he looked behind him Shikamaru knew there was no escape.

"I surrender." he said, dropping his kunai. Immediately he felt a hit to the back of the neck. They grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him on the ground. One of the hooded men grabbed him by the hair and blind folded him. Shikamaru stood up only to receive a punch in the face and then everything went black.

When he finally came to, he found his hands bound and his face badly bruised. As his vision cleared he realized he was in a cell with one door and no windows.

'Damn those bastards. What is this all about?' he asked himself.

"Prisoner Nara, Shikamaru. Age 20, status jonin." said a voice.

Suddenly the door to his cell opened and he was pulled out by two men. A third stood waiting outside.

"So this is the one, eh?" the third man said. "Well I think this traitor deserves some special treatment."

Although he couldn't see his face, Shikamaru knew the man was smiling.

"To the interrogation room." he said, "Make sure he talks."

Shikamaru was thrown into a damp room where he was met by four more masked men. Two of them grabbed his arms and pinned them to his back while the other two stretched their arms and cracked their knuckles.

"This isn't going to be a joy ride for you." one of them said, "So start talking."

After four hours Shikamaru could barely breathe. They had done everything imaginable to him. His body no longer felt the pain.

'What do they want from me? I'm not a traitor.'

Shikamaru heard the door open and someone enter.

"Oh my god, Shikamaru! Release him now!" he yelled. It was Ibiki.

"But sir, he's a traitor!"

"Shut up you son of a bitch! I didn't approve this interrogation!" Ibiki screamed as he grabbed the man by the collar. "Get out of here before I rip your lungs out."

"I-ibki about fucking timeā€¦" Shikamaru's vision went dark as he collapsed helplessly on the ground. Ibiki picked him up, trying his best not to hurt him.

"Damn it. What is going on?"

When next he regained consciousness, Shikamaru was sitting in the council room with all of Konoha's ninjas present.

"As I said before Shikaku, the evidence is irrefutable."

"But he's my son god damn it! So help me if I get my hands around your wrinkled neck!" Shikamaru opened his eyes to see his dad being held back by Inoichi and Choza.

"Ah, the traitor's finally awake." one of the councilmen said.

"He's not a traitor." Naruto yelled. "I've known Shikamaru for years!"

"Quiet!" the councilman yelled. "Your opinion doesn't matter. The fact is we have evidence that Shikamaru is a traitor. He's been leaking information about our defenses to the other villages. Therefore he must be executed!" A roar of approval went up from the council.

"My ass!" Naruto screamed.

"Yeah that's bull!" Kiba said.

"Your old brain's rotten!" Ino yelled.

"Enough!" Tsunade said. "I've known Shikamaru to be an exceptional ninja who has saved this village countless times."

"But Hokage-sama!"

"As Hokage my powers are limited. However I will not allow Shikamaru to be killed."

"You can't do that!" the councilman said.

"In return for all of his past services, I decree that Shikamaru will be banished from Konoha. At least I may still grant him his life."

"All in favor of his banishment?" Immediately all of the ninja raised their hands. The councilman scowled. "Very well then. Shikamaru Nara, stand and receive your sentence."

Shikamaru slowly got up, trying his best not to collapse. He stared with cold eyes at the council.

"In return for your great services to Konoha you are granted your life. But never again can you enter the Village Hidden in the Leaves. You are banished Shikamaru Nara. You will never see your friends or family again. This meeting is adjourned!"

"Just one second, councilman." Shikamaru said with a smile, "I stand here accused for something I did not do. You will all suffer for your actions and I will be the one to make you pay!"

And with that he collapsed on the ground.

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