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Chapter one.

I didn't know what on earth had provoked me to agreeing to this. Due to my lack of balance and having my own omen of danger about me I had been resolute to never going camping. Yet somehow here I was sitting in the back Edward's Volvo being smothered with camping gear and our away bags. I had ended up in the back due to Jasper being in the front passenger seat. One lesson I'd learned from this experience-never argue with a vampire over the front seat, you always lose. Alice, Rosalie and Emmett were a few hours worth of driving ahead of us; they'd been able to leave earlier because it didn't matter if they missed a day of school. I on the other had had to wait until school let out for the long weekend until we could drive up to meet them. I wasn't complaining-at least it spared me and them from my clumsy efforts at trying to set up the camp.

"Relax love it's going to be fine." Edward said trying to calm me. I shoved the fishing rod out from under me; I didn't know how I ended up sitting on it-I just knew that it was painful.

"That's easy for you to say. You're an invincible vampire, with super strength, speed and everything else that is handy for camping. Look at me. I'm human, weak, clumsy…" I trailed off suggestively, he had to turn me into a vampire one day-I just didn't know when; any hints at it helps.

He pinched the bridge of his nose between his thumb and forefinger. "Don't start that yet Bella. I'd just like a weekend without any hints to becoming a vampire. Please." I nodded my head, my lips in a tight line. I knew it'd be hard for me not do that, but it'd be harder for him putting up with it. I'd only bring it up when the time was right.

"Bella's feeling pretty mischievous" Jasper chuckled; Edward chuckled along with him but carefully eyed me through the rear view mirror. Obviously checking to see if I was planning on cutting myself or something to tempt Jasper. Wow; why didn't I ever think of that before? Oh yeh, I wanted Edward's venom flowing through me. I wanted to fully belong to him, have a part of him contained in me.

We reached the camp site by dinner time. When we got there I was greeted by an enthusiastic Alice, a moody Rosalie and Emmett watching me carefully to see if I was going to trip up any time soon. Nothing out of the usual there then. Edward grabbed hold of my hand gently and led me over to an empty clearing along the side of the other tents.

"What's this for?" I asked curiously looking at the tiny space that wasn't filled.

"Our tent." Edward grinned "I told Alice not to worry about putting our one up because I wanted you to have the human experience of putting it up yourself."

I internally groaned "How could you do this to me." It was a rhetorical question but he felt the need to answer it anyway.

"Human experience."

I shook my head at him in mock disappointment; I knew that he only meant to do what was best for me. "But I could get this experience as a vampire too…" I argued.

"Yes…but it's not the full human experience."

"Well…are you going to help?" I raised my eyebrows at him waiting for a response.

"Yes, love. If you need help."

"I do." I grinned at him and he picked up the tent bag. Together we unwrapped the tent and started getting the poll things out to go through the tent-or something like that. I'm not a camper.

"That's it…you're doing pretty well so far." Edward encouraged. Behind him I saw the other's faces lit with amusement just watching us (well me) struggling to put up the tent.

I was putting up the last poll; I was actually impressed at how well I was doing. I'd just got the last half of it to slot in, but it turns out it was adjusted wrong and the next second the poll came crashing down and hit me in between the eyes. Emmett roared with laughter and when I looked up to glare at him he was rolling around the dirt in hysterics.

I silently cussed him under my breath, which I'm sure with his vampire hearing he heard, and I just got on with trying to set the tent up.

The final appearance of the tent was awful. I had hoped that we had done a better job at it, but by the looks of things we'd have to try again. It was all slanted everywhere; the polls were in the wrong places not to mention that the tent was facing the wrong way around. I heaved a sigh and dusted my self off preparing for the next layer of dust to cover me.

Edward came over and wrapped his arms around me, murmuring into my ear. "Don't worry love, I'll do it now-you've tried this experience." He chuckled and in 10 seconds the tent was up perfectly.

I felt like a fish gaping for air, I was stunned "Why didn't we just do this in the first place?!" I demanded. Edward chuckled at me.


After I had dinner and Alice, Jasper and Edward went hunting (Rosalie and Emmett went yesterday) we all sat calmly around the campfire. Alright, if I said calmly you'd all know that I was lying. I was in fact shivering-the heat of the fire was heating me up physically but I was mentally scared of what the Cullen's had in store for tonight. Vampires don't sleep.

"Let's play a game." Emmett muttered darkly across the fire. I guess he liked to take the intimidating effects of being out in the forest, with a camp fire in the dark.

I gulped, whilst everyone around me agreed enthusiastically. Emmett watched me dauntingly as I stared back wary of what this might mean. I nodded my head stubbornly as he continued.

"Right! We're playing truth or dare!" What did I just agree to?!

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