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Chapter three

I sighed, watching Edward leave; it wasn't something that I enjoyed doing – and something he should ever do. He should be at my side at all times. It was my necessity.

Turning, I saw the others watching me, each one holding a different expression. I wasn't bothered to scan their features to understand what they were thinking – they were probably all thinking that I was too much of a baby. If they could handle this, then so could I.

"Shot gun team captain!" Embry yelled enthusiastically, raising his hand in the air – as if anyone else could have said it.

Rosalie snorted "Yeah right, pup." She rolled her eyes as she turned away from Embry in disgust.

I sighed, stepping over to join him. Nobody should feel excluded; he was part of our team now.

"If anyone, I think that Jasper should be 'Captain'." Alice added in, her voice teasing "What do you think Captain Whitlock?" she teased with a playful wink.

Jasper went to put his hand lovingly on top of Alice's knee, thought the better of it, and reluctantly placed it down on the log between them. Poor Alice and Jasper.

He would have remained silent, but such things were hard to resist "I think you should leave the strategies to the real men." He teased Embry. Wow. Did not see that one coming.

I shot Embry a sympathetic smile "Maybe next time…" I offered, hoping against this 'next time'. I looked at the other three – their faces wrinkled up in disgust. I shrugged "Then again, we're all hoping this never happens again." I added, allowing the other three to go back to their tactics.

My attention was drawn away from my surroundings and more towards the fire. With a sigh I watched the flames as they began to crackle and pop. Great team we were. Alice, Jasper and Rosalie were animatedly chirping about ideas whilst Embry and I sat staring blankly at the fire and our surroundings.

"So…" Embry's husky voice broke the silence "what brings you all out here?" his voice was beyond awkward.

I grinned attentively, turning to face him "Camping. The Cullen's are big campers didn't you know." My tone was teasing as I repeated what I had heard the first time the Cullen's hadn't come to school.

He chuckled, nodding his head "Yes, but you and I both know what 'camping' entails…and this isn't it. Unless…" he stopped himself and I allowed my eyes to meet his gaze.

"Unless…?" I urged, and then it clicked, I clenched my jaw together and stood up "They didn't bring me here to feed from me!" I exclaimed, my voice disbelieving "so if that's why you're all up here, you can all just turn around and g-" he cut me off.

"No, Bells, not at all." He raised his hands innocently "We're here taking care of Charlie and Billy. We already told you that."

My eyes narrowed at him as I slapped his raised hands out of my face "Right." I replied sarcastically "That's the story you fed us."

He rolled his eyes and turned to face the other three "What's the plan?" he asked, his voice nonchalant.

Jasper stared at him for a long time, they all did, but Jasper was the one to answer. His voice distant from any show of emotion "You don't have a part to play in the first half." His voice was matter of fact, enclosing the subject.

With a growl Embry stood "Fine." He snapped, turning towards the forest "Just don't blame me if all of your pranks go amiss. You brought this on yourselves." He shuddered violently, running into the trees. He was gone in the matter of seconds. I frowned, turning back to the other three.

"About time." Rosalie muttered coolly

"Task one accomplished," Jasper agreed with the nod of his head "things were beginning to stink around here."

"You planned this?" I asked disbelieving "We were supposed to be a team."

"Bells, he was being rude, we didn't want him to be a part of the team if he was here to spy on us." Alice told me, her voice calm.

Rosalie nodded her head "exactly."

Still frowning, I folded my arms over my chest "Alright then, what's the plan?"

A howl erupted from amid the trees, the games were about to begin.

Alice grinned, looking over to Rosalie and Jasper – a menacing glint in her eyes. I sat there nervously, watching her with a wary expression.

"Oh! Can I tell her?" Alice bounced up and down in her seat, Jasper reached out to steady her.

Rosalie cleared her throat "Abstain!" she warned him, enjoying this far too much.

With a sigh, Jasper pulled his arms back around himself, watching his wife with puppy dog eyes. Alice tried her best to ignore her wants, putting most of her unused energy in the task at hand.

"Okay. I'm telling her." She squealed, her voice full of excitement "We're using you as live bait."