Come What May--A Sailor Moon/Rurouni Kenshin teaser

Set one year after Sailor Moon Sailor Stars. Usagi and the Inner Senshi are 17 year olds and Mamoru is 23 years old.

By: Hime

"Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever."


"Ne, Rei-chan, what do you remember of your past life?" The question rang out into the quiet afternoon air. Surprised at this sudden question, the Shinto priestess turned with wide eyes toward her friend. Usagi placed the manga she been reading onto her lap and once more asked her question to the dark-haired girl.

Rei looked into Usagi's blue eyes, surprised to find them looking so serene. "Why do you want to know?"

"I'm just curious, I guess." Usagi shrugged but her eyes never left Rei's.

"Well I don't remember too much. When I try to remember, it comes out a bit hazy. I…I remember the time that Beryl attacked the Moon Kingdom and how we Inner Senshi fought against her. I remember-"

"Not memories about that lifetime! Memories about the one after that and before this one!"

"What are you talking about, Baka-Usagi! We've only lived twice!"

Usagi stared at Rei blankly before looking down at her lap.

Silence. Curious now, Rei asked, "Why did you ask if I remembered any previous lifetime?"

Usagi looked up with a small smile on her face that didn't quite reach her eyes. "Oh, just some strange dreams I've having. Probably been reading too much manga, ne?"

"Dreams are serious things. They connect us to our past and our future. If you have anymore strange dreams, let me know." Rei commanded gently. "At the very least, talking about them might help."

"Un. I will. Arigatou."

"Baka Usagi! You don't have to thank me, we're friends!"

Usagi smiled, a true smile this time. "Hai Rei-chan." She glanced at the watch on her tiny wrist. "Oh, I'm supposed to be home now! Mama wanted me to do some errands for her." Usagi rushed up and tossed Rei's manga onto the table. "Ja ne, Rei-chan!" Usagi cried out behind her as she ran out the door and out into the shrine's courtyard. Rei stood up also, but made her way to the door much slower then her friend. She waved to the running blonde and absently smirked when Usagi seemed to trip down the stairs.

"Baka Usagi." She said once more under breath before going into her room once more.

As soon as Usagi was out of sight from the Hikawa Shrine, she slowed her mad rush to a more sedate pace.

'Rei-chan doesn't remember another life then that of the Moon Kingdom,' Usagi began to think to herself, 'but I'm starting to remember another life before this one.'

Usagi wasn't a thinker; she relied more on her heart to lead her through life. But this time her mind was the one telling her what to do. 'Don't act suspicious. Don't let anyone else know about your dreams. If Rei-chan asks about them, lie to her.'

No one should know that Usagi had been dreaming that she had lived before in Japan, in a time of revolution and change. How in her past life she was a kenjutsu master of the 'Sword that Protects Life'. That she had many weird and wonderful friends. That she had so many adventure and so many happy memories.

But most of all, she didn't want anyone to know that in this past life she had loved another man.

Author's Notes: So what the hell is this? This is a teaser just like what it says above. I was thinking about my two favorite anime's, Sailor Moon and Rurouni Kenshin when this idea for a story popped into my head. I just had to get it out before I forgot about it. The thing is that while I have a sketchy idea about where this story is going, I'm not planning on writing it anytime soon. I still have to finish up my other fanfic, Children of the Night, before I even start thinking about writing another one. Once I'm done with CotN, I might start on this one once more, if there are enough people who want me to continue and whether or not I have the rest of the plot set out. I do have other ideas floating inside my head, so if people don't speak up, I might start writing something else entirely. If someone right now wants to use this idea, feel free to do so but could you please email me when you post your story, as I would love to read it. Hope you readers enjoyed what little I did write…