It was an extremely momentary thought—being caught in the force of an explosion wasn't all that different from transforming

Come What May--A Sailor Moon/Rurouni Kenshin Crossover Fanfiction

DISCLAIMER: Characters do not belong to me; they belong to Takeuchi Naoko-sama and Nobuhiro Watsuki-sama (Aren't those two just wonderful).

I'm setting this story in the Sailor Moon anime continuity, one year after the Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Season. Usagi and the Inner Senshi are 17 year olds and Mamoru is 23 years old. There are references to events that happen in the Sailor Moon anime and I give notes on them at the end of the chapter if you are confused. For the Rurouni Kenshin part of the story, I am using the anime up till the "Kyoto arc" and then I switch to the manga for the "Revenge arc". Explanations of the RK events are also explained at the bottom. If you don't know much about Sailor Moon or Rurouni Kenshin, be prepared for some spoilage.

Chapter 14

By: Hime

"Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever."


Note: Sentences bracketed by these symbols, / / , are to be read as if spoken in Cantonese.

It was an extremely momentary thought: being caught in the force of an explosion wasn't all that different from transforming. When Usagi transformed into Sailormoon, it all happened in a flash of lights and ribbons, or feathers. One moment she was just another teenage girl and the next, she was a sailor-suited warrior of justice.

Being caught in an explosion was sort of like that. One moment, she's racing toward a parked car, the next, she's flying backward through the air, pushed by waves of heat and force, and landing on the ground, desperately gasping for air as pieces of miscellaneous debris rained down around her.

Sucking up air through her open mouth, Usagi shut her eyes as she tried to reason out what just happened to her. 'Okay, I was running towards Ryu's car with Yuuki-'

"Yuuki!" She scrambled up onto her hands and knees, coughing as her throat and lungs seized up, still affected by the damage the explosion had caused them. A weak moan coming from behind her had her skinning her knees as she turned sharply around.

"Yuuki!" Usagi screamed again at the sight she saw. A huge piece of metal was standing straight up into the air, piercing his right forearm. Blood was pooling around him as he lay there. As Usagi dropped to her already abused knees, her hands hovered over the jagged piece of metal. Her first instinct was to rip it out, but wasn't that against the rules of first aid? Would pulling it the metal cause more damage and bleeding? And without thought, her hand clutched at her chest where for the past few years a metal locket would hang there. 'The crystal.'

"Hang on Yuuki, I'll fix you right up." Usagi whispered to his still form. He didn't seem awake and she prayed he would stay that way for the moment. Closing her eyes, she clasped both hands together, over he heart and concentrated on the power that slept within her. She was surprised to find a warmth already pulsing with a gentle heat. With a dawning realization, she thought, 'The crystal protected me from the blast!' That was why though she was dirty and bruised; she didn't have a single serious injury on her. She also realized that because she had been in front of Yuuki at the time of the explosion, she had protected him from the brunt of the damage as well.

'Thank you Silver Crystal, but please one more thing.' Usagi couldn't help but send her thoughts to the glowing warmth inside of her. As if responding, it pulsed brighter and grew warmer inside. 'Please, please,' she chanted and willed for that glowing warmth to come out. Upon opening her eyes, she saw that she and the area around her were bathed in a soft, warm glow. Her eyes watered in relief but she also noted with some alarm that the crystal was not glowing as bright as it had before. Perhaps it still hadn't fully recovered from the fight with Galaxia that had only occurred a year ago. Plus, it had just saved her life a few minutes ago, did it have enough power to save Yuuki's arm? Well, if it did or didn't, she would find out now. Whatever she needed to do needed to be done now and fast, before a crowd came and an ambulance was called.

With a slightly shaking hand, Usagi reached out toward the obscene piece of metal and pulled it out of the ground, out of Yuuki's arm and threw it away from the both of them. Already, a fresh stream of blood oozed out and joined the already formed pool under his arm.

Usagi held her cupped hands above his arm, letting the mystical light bathe over his seeping wound.

"Please," she whispered, her throat aching with soot and unshed tears, "please heal him." The crystal gave a weak flash of light and the heat it gave off warmed the air around them. The crystal began to fully glow, brighter and brighter, and the heat started to build and –

Usagi fell face first upon Yuuki's prone body, just as the first people came out of hiding back onto the streets.

A pair of binoculars clattered to the ground as nerveless fingers shook in surprise and fear.

/What is she? What did she do?/

At the other man's fearful question, Akira calmly pulled out his gun and smoothly screwed on a silencer. Without a word, he brought it up to the other man's temple and shot him with a single jerk of the trigger. When the man's body fell over, limp and bleeding, Akira wrapped the dead man's hand around the handle of the gun and with his help, had him fire a shot into the ground before unscrewing the silencer and slipping it into his coat's pocket. Faking a suicide wouldn't hold up with more intensive police work, but it would slow down an investigation enough to cover his own tracks completely.

Quickly, he made his way from the rooftop and took the staircase down all the way to the ground floor. Nonchalantly, he mixed with the people in the lobby and exited the building. On the street, he called for his car and waited with a slight impatience for it to arrive. Once it parked in front of him and he had settled back into a seat of buttery black leather, he took out a sweet, white handkerchief with pink lace. He had wondered why he had kept it even after he had replaced the one he had given away and now he knew why. Looking down at the lower right-hand corner of the white cotton square, he quickly punched in a sequence of numbers. When a quiet voice answered the phone, tracing the pink embroidery, Akira said without greeting, "Get me all the information you can get on a Tsukino Usagi of Tokyo, Japan."

Ryu was still on the phone when Chigarashi-san entered his office without knocking. At her expression, he calmly spoke into the receiver, "Please excuse me Matsumoto-san for a quick moment." Putting his call on hold, he raised an inquisitive eyebrow at his secretary.

"Security just called to say that a car just blew up in our parking lot."

The telephone receiver dropped onto his desk. Without saying anything to the person on the other side, he replaced the receiver back onto its holder, and got up from his chair and around his desk to stand in front of his secretary.

"Security has already called for an ambulance and the police." Chigarashi stated calmly.

"I have to find Yuuki and Usagi. Close up the office and you can leave as well." Ryu said over his shoulder as he rushed through the office.

"Everyone please calm down. Per policy, we are not letting anyone enter or exit the building until we get cleared by the police." One of three security guards said to the crowd in front of him. The other two tried to look intimidating as they stood in front of the locked glass doors. As those around them began to shout questions and statements at the guards, Ryu backed away and went around the corner to an open office. Luckily, it was empty. The occupant was probably somewhere in the crowd out there. Making his way to the window, he opened and took off the screen. Levering himself up to the sill, he carefully let himself down and out before pulling the window shut after him. Sneaking around the corner, he made sure to stick to the side of the building before joining a group of milling people. The police and ambulance were nowhere in sight though you could hear the sirens from far off. The air was still slightly smoky and there was an odd taste in the back of his mouth.

"Yuuki!" he called out into the crowd. "Usagi!" He paused and waited for a reply. People around him looked at him funny, but he ignored them as he kept calling out. As he made his way closer to the burning remains of cars, he could feel his mouth go dry as he realized that that had been where he had parked his own car that morning. With growing panic, he pushed his way thorough the crowd until he made his way to a circle of onlookers, there in the center were Yuuki and Usagi.

"Yuuki! Usagi!" He pushed his way to them, and went down on one knee beside them. He knew enough not to touch them, but it was so hard not to grab those prone figures and shake them awake. His hands hovered anxiously above them. "Does anyone know what happened to them?"

It was at this point that Yuuki began to stir.

"Ohhhh," he moaned. His eyelids fluttered open and when Ryu peered into them, they were glassy and unfocused.

"Yuuki." Ryu said calmly, trying to get his son to focus on him. Yuuki blinked a few times and then wet his lips. "Dad? What happened? Why do I feel so heavy?"

"There was an explosion and it looks like Usagi-san was trying to shield you."

Shocked, Yuuki sat upright and in the process, dislodged Usagi's slack body off of his chest. She would have fallen to the ground if Ryu had not caught her in time.

"Usagi!" Yuuki shouted anxiously. "Is she alright?" He peered down at the girl in his father's arm.

"Yuuki…" at his father's horrified whisper, he followed his father's gaze down to this bloody arm. Immediately he grasped it, trying to stem the flow of blood only to find out there was no wound. Confused, he rubbed his arm up and down, spreading the sticky blood but finding no cute or laceration. "Where's this blood coming from?" he asked in bewilderment. "Is Usagi-san injured?" he asked his father, reaching out toward the girl in question when suddenly his eyelids fluttered and he slumped forward in a faint. Ryu hurriedly reached out with his free hand, but Yuuki didn't fall anymore forward, just stayed slumped in a sitting position.

"Please move out of the way for the paramedics. We need people to clear the area."

Startled, Ryu looked around and saw the circle of people starting to disperse, allowing him to see a group of police officers in the area. He had been so concerned with Yuuki and Usagi he hadn't even heard the sirens of the police vehicles.

"Sir, please let go of the girl." A voice called out to him. He looked up to see a paramedic securing a stretcher beside him.

"Of course." He said shakily and gently laid Usagi down, paying close attention to her head. Immediately two paramedics, one at her head, the other at her feet, bent down and lifted her to the stretcher before securing her there. Ryu looked around to see his son getting the same attention. The paramedic who first spoke to him addressed him again.

"Who are you in relation to-"

"I'm the boy's father."

"And the girl?"

"She's…a friend of the family."

"I see. We'll be going to the Juuban Hospital. Are you riding with your son or will-"

"No! I'll ride with my son."

"Alright then. Please get in and fasten your seatbelt."

With haste, Ryu climbed into the ambulance and watched as one of the attending paramedics took reading of his son's vital stats before calling out to his partner in the front seat that they can go.

In silence, Ryu stared at his son with worried eyes, his hands clasped together on his lap. 'Please,' he prayed, 'please.' But to whom, he had no idea.

When they arrived at the hospital, the paramedics seemed a bit unsure of what to do. During the drive back, the paramedic taking Yuuki's vital signs also checked him over but could find nothing wrong. In fact, he had mentioned to Ryu that all that seemed wrong with Yuuki were an assortment of bruises and scrapes and the only reason that the boy laid unconscious was that he seemed to be extraordinarily tired. So should they admit him to the emergency room when there seemed to be nothing wrong with him or take him to a room and let him rest even though he may have been involved with a car explosion?

"Why don't we take him to a room and let one of the doctor's look him over, since he doesn't seem to be an emergency case." A voice called out behind them. All three turned to see a strikingly beautiful woman in a white doctor's coat looking at the boy lying on the gurney.

"Yes, Mizuno-sensei!" The two paramedics stood straight in attention and wheeled the gurney towards the admittance desk.

"Would you like me to look your son over, Ryu-san?"

"Yes, please." Ryu grabbed onto the doctor's hands in gratitude. "Oh, there should be another girl coming in as well-"

"If you are talking about Usagi-san, I have already set her up in a room and have already had someone look her over. I've also called her home to let her mother know that she's here."

"While you check out my son, may I go and see how Usagi-san is doing?"

"Hmm, alright. She's in room 630. Let me check and see what room they put your son in." Ryu watched in tense anticipation as Mizuno-sensei left to talk to the nurses at the desk. She soon came back and said, "He's in the room down the hall from Usagi-chan. Room 624."

Ryu thanked her, which Mizuno-sensei promptly waved off as they headed down the hall and onto the elevator. Getting off on the sixth floor, they walked together until they reached room 624. Mizuno-sensei tilted her head to the side and considered the man in front of her before she smiled and said, "Hayashi-san should be in Usagi-san's room right now. You can ask her for more information."

Once more Ryu bowed in thanks and then went down the hall a few doors to reach room 630. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the door open, sticking his head in the room to see Yanagi-san drawing the covers up to Usagi's chest, the girl still sleeping peacefully.

"Ryu-san, I'm just waiting for the x-rays to be developed before I can say anything conclusive."


Yanagi sighed, looking away from the man in front of her, staring with focused eyes on the girl in question. "As far as I can tell, she's fine, just exhausted. There are a few minor cuts and some bruising, but considering what happened today, she's strangely uninjured. That's why we did an emergency x-ray to check for internal bleeding." Yanagi paused here, taking a deep breath before finally looking Ryu in the eyes.

"Ryu-san, why are you here instead of with your son?"

Side Note:

"When Usagi transformed into Sailormoon": Nope, not a typo—In Japan, Usagi's hero name is pronounced and written as one word, rather then two separate ones.

"Looking down at the lower right-hand corner of the white cotton square": In the manga, it shows that on Usagi's handkerchief, her name is embroidered on it.

Author's Notes:

Yes, yes I suck, I know. It's been forever since I updated and truly this is really not everything I wanted to include within the chapter but I felt so guilty that I hadn't posted in over a year that I had to publish something for you guys. So now we are finally getting to the action part of the story. Okay, from here on, the story should be flowing a bit more faster, things will be happening and there will be some events that may surprise you…or not. I guess we'll just have to see…