First I would like to say that I had some major help with this story. This was originally a role playing game for Pokeplushies, which we decided that it would be a great story. As I promised, I will give credit where credit is due.

Players and Characters

PhoenixWing (myself): I played the role as Klara. I plan on changing her origins to fit more in with the others. I was the creator of this RP.

Koneko: She played the role as Koneko. She will have pretty much the same job as she did in the RP. She was one of the finishing people.

Wosit111: He played the role as Ichigo. He never finished the RP so I have to come up with what happened to him.

Candracar272: She was Daisy, a Meowth with funky colors. I plan on altering her coloring to make her a shiny Meowth instead. She did not finish either (although she did give us an ending after we all finished).

Cursede: She played Spirit and was one of the players that finished. I do not plan on doing anything to her character.

Taylink: She played Taylor Ketchum, the daughter of Ash. I also plan on keeping Taylor the same as in the RP.


I'll give you the actual link so you can read the RP if you want. All you have to do is just PM me.

I want you all to know that not everyone that signed up finished. Nor am I using all of them. I've listed all the people that I plan on having in the saga.


I have asked permission to use the characters. So far, no one has said anything about me not using them, as long as I give them credit (which I have done). Koneko plans to writing a story based off of this on Pokeplushies. It was a brilliant idea.


This is a very violent story and a rather insane RP. That's why I'm rating it the way I did. There is blood and death and so on.


Once again, I would like to thank my friends for giving me permission for doing this. Thank you all! I hope I don't disappoint you!