Darkness filled Spirit's vision. I'm blind! She cried in her mind. She knew that Koneko, Klara, and Taylor couldn't hear her screams.

Blindness….this is happening a bit faster than I originally expected. Spyrit muttered.

I'm blind! Spyrit, help me!!

There is nothing that I can do. Spyrit sounded bitter at his inability to do anything.

Outside of Spirit's mind, Klara, Koneko, and Taylor were panicking. "She's dying!" Taylor wailed.

Klara grabbed Spirit with a massive claw and cried, "You can't die! You must live!"

Koneko sensed that Spirit was dying. And there is nothing that we can do about it. She growled.

Spirit's tongue came out of her mouth. Spyrit… Spirit's mind began to fade.

I have an idea…..Spirit….Would you mind waiting within me?


Spyrit explained, I can be your eyes….at least until we die.


The Mightyena began to glow. The black fur flashed and became white. The dark eyes transformed to blue. "It is good to be out in the world again. Excuse me, but could you release me?" Spyrit asked Klara.

Klara yelped, "Who are you?"

"Spyrit. I was in Spirit's mind. However, now that she is too weak, she has given me permission to be her eyes. Just until we die, of course."

"Maybe I can try to repeat some of the things my dad did. Maybe those could help you?" Taylor offered.

"No point. In about an hour, I will revert to Spirit. Then there will be nothing that can help us." Spyrit sounded like he was crying.

Klara growled, "Don't say things like that!"

Spyrit looked up. It was still snowing. "I am sorry. It looks as though Articuno is flying overhead though." He led the way deeper in the cave, avoiding Groudon at all costs.

Koneko sighed, "I am so tired. Can we take a breather, Spyrit?"

"As you wish." He replied.

Taylor groaned and laid down. "I'm going to sleep."

"No! If we sleep, then Spyrit's time will be even shorter!" Klara yelled.

"No worries. Sleep." Spyrit replied, laying his head down.

After about an hour, they woke up. Spyrit had reverted to black and Spirit had regained control. No! This can't be happening! The cold had reached her soul. Darkness fell all around her.

"Spyrit? Spirit?" The voice of Taylor could be heard.

I can't move! Spirit cried.

Goodbye…Spirit. Spyrit whispered.

Goodbye…Spyrit. Spirit whispered. With that, she drew her final breath. The winds from Articuno's snowstorm raged outside.

Klara noticed that the Mightyena was no long moving. "Spyrit? Wake up. It's time to go." Klara shook the body. There was no movement.

Far beyond the land, Spirit felt herself floating. Well, this is better than being cold. I'm with Arceus now. She looked down. Why? Why? Curse you, Darkrai. I could have lived. She saw her friends.

Taylor sighed, "She's dead. Not in her original form, though, but as a Pokemon."

Right then, Latias appeared. Mew wants to see you.

"What? Let's get out of here!" Taylor yelled.

Koneko looked at the body. "What about Spirit? We can't just leave her here!"

"We have to." Klara said. Although she tried to sound tough, she was failing.

Spirit saw this. They left me…no...not me, but my body. Spyrit? Are you with me?

Yes. I am here. I will always be here. Spyrit answered. His white body shimmered with sadness. I am sorry that I could not save you. He saw the group continue on.

Klara's feet pounded against the rocks. "Curse you, Darkrai…" She growled. Then she noticed that the cave had been blocked off. "Oh wonderful."

Taylor, angry and sad, stepped forward. "I am so sick of this! THE POWER OF AURA WILL PREVAIL!! Come on, Klara and Koneko!"

Klara blinked, "Uh…the power of aura will prevail?"

"The power of aura will prevail!" Koneko cried.

"THE POWER OF AURA WILL PREVAIL!!" Taylor screamed, then a white light surrounded her. She grew taller and heavier. She had evolved into a Lucario. "THE POWER OF AURA WILL PREVAIL!!" She roared, slamming a fist into the rocks, shattering them.

Klara, amused, roared, "THE POWER OF AURA WILL PREVAIL!" She slammed a claw into the rocks.

The way was cleared. "Okay, let's go!" Taylor led the way.

Koneko followed, "Wow. That was so cool!"

Klara yelled, "To Mew!" She slammed her claw into a rock, crumbling them. "Uh…Me don't know my own strength." She grinned.

"At least the cave didn't fall in…" Koneko added.

Out of nowhere, the ground split open. Regirock, Regice, and Registeel emerged. "Oh…wonderful…" Klara muttered.

"We must be close!" Taylor yelled.

Meanwhile, unknown to her friends, Spirit had become a Phantom Mightyena. She was invisible to the others. She could hear them, but couldn't speak to them. It was hard being dead.

"This is so messed up!" Klara roared, dodging Registeel.

Koneko and Regice were facing off. "Okay, you big pile of ice, let's go." She growled.

Taylor and Regirock exchanged blows. "Parish!"

Klara noticed that Regice had Koneko backed into the corner. "I'll save you! Metal Claw!" A massive claw rammed into the back of Regice, breaking off a few chunks.

Koneko leaped away. Kuro! The Regis are attacking!

Good. We're close to the meet.


A meeting to discuss you.

Taylor punched Regirock. "I never wanted to be like this! I never wanted to be a Pokemon! I just want to go home!!" She roared, shattering the left arm of Regirock.

Spirit noticed this. Alright! She cheered.

Spirit… Spyrit's voice. You are a legendary Pokemon now. You are to take Cresselia's place in the world.

Klara grinned at Registeel. "One. Two. Three. Four. I will knock you to the floor." She rhymed, knocking both legs out from under Registeel. "Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Now I will knock your head in!" The rhyming stopped and the massive claws dented the body of Registeel. Then she noticed that Koneko was having problems with Regice. "Hang on! I'm coming!" Using Extremespeed, Klara slammed into Regice. However, a jagged piece of ice had run completely through her body, impaling her.

"Mew is up ahead!!" Koneko yelled, breaking out into a run.

Go to Mew. NOW! Latias yelled.

A flash of light appeared. "Stop this! Stop fighting!" Mew's voice rang out. Her long tail wrapped around her body.

Klara moaned. She was seriously injured. "Mew?" She was dazed.

"STOP FIGHTING!!" Mew cried.

Spirit saw Mew. Mew….help me….help them….

Arceus appeared before her. They have made it.

Can they see me?

Yes. You are to remain in this form. Arceus shook his mane.

Spirit noticed that Mew was getting ready to send back her friends. Uh…guys? Mew? Wait! Don't leave me!

Mew hovered before the humans. "Taylor, daughter of Ash Ketchum. Klara, such a strong being. Koneko, a true friend. And Spirit, a legend in herself. You have all worked so hard to get here. I will grant you your human bodies. You will return to the place you were before you transformed. You will have the memory of this adventure though." White light surrounded them.

Suddenly….Koneko felt grass underneath her body. She was half asleep. Yawning, she opened an eye. "What the?" She gasped, staring at herself. She was human. "Mew did it! I'm human!!" She got up and ran to the pond. The image showed her as human. "YES!!" She turned to face the city. "Let's go." Once she walked in the city, she saw a boy. A boy with red eyes and shaggy black hair. Kuro.

Meanwhile, a few miles away, Klara was lying down. She opened her eyes and raised her hands up. "Fingers. Not scythes or claws. I'm a human." She ran a hand down her long red hair. "Human." She looked up. But what happened to my friends? She stood up and cleaned herself off. Then she looked at the city. "That does it. I'm playing it straight here on in!" With that, she decided to start her life fresh.

Several more miles away, Taylor found herself next to a road. "MOMMY! DADDY!!" She cried once she realized that she was human. She ran toward her home. Her dad noticed Taylor. "DAD!" She wrapped her arms around him and cried, "I had the wildest adventure!!"

That is the end of the story of Koneko, Klara, and Taylor. They never forgot the adventure of being a Pokemon. However, they never attempted to find each other after Mew transformed them back. Koneko and Kuro married and had two children. Klara married a rebel Rocket agent and had three children. Taylor and the son of Brock married and they had three children. Each of them died. However, one lived on….

Seventy-five years later...

A boy had his Bulbasaur with him. He was a beginner trainer and couldn't wait to strike out on his quest to be the best. "Are you ready, Bulbasaur?" The boy asked.

"Bulba!" Bulbasaru agreed.

Then, out of nowhere, a swarm of Beedrill hurled out of the heavens. It had happened so fast. The boy and the Bulbasaur had no time to act.

Suddenly, a flash of white appeared. A Mightyena! But it was unlike any Mightyena that ever lived. The boy stared as the Mightyena roared, chasing off the Beedrill. Then the beast turned and smiled. Smiled?

After that, it ran off into the forest. The boy managed to get a reading of it using his Pokedex. It said:

This Pokemon has no name - and is a legendary. She is said to stalk the night, protecting travelers.
Legends tell of several beings who became Pokemon - this is one of them, but was forced to stay as a Pokemon.
And they say...her name was Spirit.