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Chapter 5: Human Vs. Demon I shook under the branches of a small tree, my jacket covering my head and shoulders. Why did rain have to be so cold? I sighed. With big flash of lightning, the rain began to soften. I yawned. The sun was coming up. That was a long night.

I stood up and noticed all the animals were coming out of their holes. "What is this? Bambi?"I asked under my breath. I turned and began to walk the way I was walking before it started to rain.

I sneezed. "Oh great..." I could feel my face warming up. "Just what I need... a fever..." I sniffled softly.

I heard a twig snap and I stopped. I tensed and turned slowly. Infront of me was a huge... animal? Demon? I didn't know what it was, but it was WEIRD! It had the head of a wolf, the front legs of a bird, the back legs of a frog, the body of a lizard, and the tail of fish... It was freaky. ((I might draw this, so be ready for any drawing updates I might give you.))

I twitched. "Do you have pressure points?"I asked the demon. It snarled at me and swiped with its bird talons, obviously hungry. I gasped and backflipped, dropping my jacket. I stumbled, getting lightheaded, but I caught myself on a tree. The demon stepped on my jacket and its sharp talon ripped it to pieces.

"That was my favorite jacket, you jerk!"I shouted and I jumped for the demon. I stabbed it in the neck with my fingers. I shook in disgust, it was slimey. The demon wasn't harmed and I was slapped to the side by its tail. I hit a tree and collasped onto the ground.

I struggled to sit up, but my fever wasn't helping at all. I shook and collasped on the ground. The last thing I heard was a hideous cry of pain and a girl's voice.

I felt something cold and wet on my forehead. I shivered and grunted. Slowly, my mind came back to conscienceness and I opened my eyes. Hovering over me was a little girl's face. Her worried look glowed happily.

"Jaken-sama! She's awake!"

"Feh. I don't know why Sesshoumaru-sama even listened to you and saved her."

I groaned and I sat up groggily. The guy who just spoke was blurry, but one thing was for sure. "Your voice is annoying..."I mummbled, rubbing my eyes with my fist. The guy spoke again, but this time, all I heard was gibberish. I opened my eyes wide to see everything. The thing talking was little frog with a two-headed staff and big eyes, almost annoyingly so.

"Good morning, Miss!"the little girl sweetly said. "My name is Rin, and this is Jaken-sama!"

I hesitated and nodded. "I'm Nemuri..."I muttered. I looked around. I was near a fire and my backpack was next to me in a clearing. "How did I get here?"

Rin smiled. "Lord Sesshoumaru-sama saved you from that big demon and brought you here with us!" Rin hesitated. "Well... Lord Sesshoumaru-sama was not going to let you come with us, but once I showed him how sick you were and asked a lot, he finally agreed!"

I got an anime sweatdrop. 'So she begged?' "Where is this Sesshoumaru? I would like to thank him for saving me."

Rin frowned. "Sesshoumaru-sama is gone." She smiled soon though. "But he'll be back soon! Sesshoumaru-sama always comes back! No matter what!"

I smiled softly. That girl was cute. This Sesshoumaru must have been her father. I struggled to stand up, but I twitched in pain and grasped my stomach, falling back to the ground.

Rin gasped. "Oh no! You aren't fully healed! You shouldn't move!"she exclaimed.

I smiled and leaned myself on a tree, wincing every now and then. Rin seemed to realize something and ran over to the edge of a clearing. She grabbed a big bouquet of flowers and brought them over to me. "Here! I picked you some flowers to make you feel better!" She handed them to me.

"Stupid girl!"Jaken shouted. "Stupid things like flowers can't heal someone!"

I blushed softly as I stared at the flowers. No one had ever picked flowers for me. I was always the one to pick flowers, even in the garden at my house. Though I didn't like flowers much, I loved picking them. It calmed me down.

I sniffed the flowers softly. "Thank you Rin." I smiled widely.

Bushes rustled at the edge of a clearing and I tensed, moving, though it pained me, to sit on my knees so I was ready to pounce, if needed. I softly placed the flowers down and balled my fists. I saw a small glimspe of white, then bright orange.

"SESSHOUMARU-SAMA!"Rin exclaimed, hugging a man around his legs. I gasped and tensed. This... This... He wasn't a man. Did Rin need to have her eyes checked? This guy was a demon. A cold, emotionless one at that, it seemed.

I tensed even more at the sight of the demon. His flawless silver hair, which definitely wasn't human. His golden eyes, and his markings. If those didn't show he was a demon, then his ears certainly did. They were pointed, like an elf's.

The demon looked at Rin. "Rin..." Rin nodded and stepped back.

Rin smiled widely up at the demon. How could she be so happy if a demon was standing there? "She's awake!"Rin exclaimed, turning towards me.

The demon looked my way. I tensed even more and glared into his eyes. Eyes that showed no emotion. He probably thought he was better than everyone else.

"She said her name was Nemuri-san!"

The demon didn't respond, just kept staring at me. I clenched my teeth in annoyance. I snapped. If you couldn't tell yet, I had a short fuse. "You know, it's not polite to stare!"

He glared. Crap... Glares aren't normally the most wanted thing in the world shot at you from a demon. The little imp, what was his name? Joken? Well... Something like that, started to speak.

"How dare you talk to Lord Sesshoumaru-sama like that! And you will address him as Lord Sesshoumaru-sama!" He continued to shout when the demon shot a glare at the imp. He automatically shut up.

The demon faced me again. I was still tense. "Ease yourself, human. This Sesshoumaru will not harm you,"he said. His voice was quiet, yet it carried in the wind and pierced me like a knife.

I hesitated, but eased quite reluctantly. I stared at him in amaze. Wait... This demon was Rin's... "YOU'RE HER FATHER?"I shouted, quite surprised.

Sesshoumaru twitched at my shout as it echoed off of the trees back to his ears. Rin looked quite confused. She never said anyone was her father. She looked at Sesshoumaru, who had a look in his eyes that clearly stated 'This human is an idiot. How charming...'


I sighed softly and sank back to my old sitting position. "Oh..." I leaned back on a tree, wincing softly. My stomach hurt like... I don't know what, but it hurt really bad!

"Stupid human, thinking that Sesshoumaru-sama was the father of a mere human!" the imp spoke again. I glared at him, as did Sesshoumaru. I could tell he was getting annoyed.

I sighed and struggled to stand up. I leaned myself on a tree as Sesshoumaru watched me, interested. "Hey, little imp... come here..."I motioned for him to come near me.

The imp hesitated. He looked at me skeptically. "My name is Jaken! And I won't go near an ignorant human as you-"

I snapped again. "JUST GET YOUR SMALL BUTT OVER HERE!"I shouted, wincing slightly afterwards. Rin stared at me, as did Sesshoumaru, amazed that a human could yell so loud, though he didn't show it.

Jaken shook in his shoes. He regained his composure and strutted over to my side. I stared at his staff. "What does this do?"I asked.

Jaken scoffed. "It might be too complicated for your little human brain to han-"

I shrugged. "Okay,"I took a small step away from the tree. "Well whatever it does,"I grabbed the staff and yanked it from his hands,"it can't compare to this..."

I began to beat him in the head with it.

It was fun.


Sesshoumaru twitched. "Enough!"

The simple command was quiet again, but it still cut into me like a knife. I would never admit it aloud, hell, probably not even in my own mind, but this guy was... scary.

Scary as my grandmother in the morning with her short night gown on. And that, my dear friends, is SCARY.

I stopped hitting him immediately. I dropped the staff on Jaken's head carelessly.

I looked over at Sesshoumaru. he was staring at something in my torso. I blushed darkly and looked down. I soon realized that my stomach was bleeding. I sure hoped that's what he was staring at.

My movements must have reopened the wound. Rin gasped and ran near me. "Nemuri-sama! You're bleeding again!"

I resisted the urge to say 'Yes, I see that, thank you.' She was just an eight year old, after all.

I took an experimental step forward. Pain shot up from my stomach, all over my body. I winced and fell to my knees. I cursed loudly. Where's Kagome and her First Aid Kit when you need it? Oh how I wouldn't mind some Hydrogen Peroxide right now.

Sesshoumaru, who seemed unfazed by my pain, spoke softly. "Rin. Take her to the hot springs near by and clean her wounds. This time, wrap it properly." I noticed the bandages looked like the were about to fall off since they were sloppily put on.

Sesshoumaru looked at the green heap near me. "Jaken, come with me. I have a task."

Jaken stood up and followed Sesshoumaru into the woods. Sesshoumaru stopped and turned back to look at me.

We stared at each other.

I glared, as did he.

He turned on his heel and stalked after the imp.

Why do I have a feeling this will be another human vs. demon story?

Oh, how much fun will this be?

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