Hello! My peepahs! Wazzup my homies?! Uh…Yah…Fluff…Fluffy stuff…Oh! I found a synonym for fluff. It was spelled like a backwards Kopaka….Kapok a synonym for 'stuffing' weird…huh? Uh…Fluff…and…I don't own Bionicle…Yah…So yah.

Gathered Friends, listen here today about the legend of Metru-Nui. In the time before time, six mighty heroes solved the riddle the valiant Toa Lhikan bestowed upon them, 'Save the Heart of Metru-Nui'. The powerful Guardians: Vakama, Spirit of the Blaze, Matau, Soul of the Wind, Nokama, Song of the Sea, Onewa, Voice of the Stone, Whenua, Heart of the Earth, and Nuju, Phantom of the Glacier, labored to save the Matoran, although never forgetting Lhikan. They faced the Master of Shadows, with help from the heroic Toa Nuva and defeated him. They returned to Metru-Nui, where a heroes' welcome awaited them.

"Orkham! Another quick-round of drinksh!" shouted a drunken Lewa. "And make shure to add the shyrup too! Matau! Do you want shome Le-Metru Ale?" he asked, swaying on the spot with a Ta-Matoran beer bottle clutched in his hand.

Matau frowned, and shook his head. "No, thanks, Toa-Brother."

"Are you shure?"


"Okey doakaly."

Lewa started to make his way over where the 'Water-Maidens' were huddled in a group. He licked his hand and slicked down his mask. Lewa stumbled and Matau had to move quickly in order to catch him.

"Easy there, Toa-Brother." he said in a gentle voice. "I think you've had too much to drink."

"No I haven't!"

Matau rolled his eyes and helped his Air-Brother stand, but kept a protective arm around him incase he fell again.

"We've been here all dark-night long…We should go ever-quick."

"But I want to shtay!"

"No buts. Time to quick-go."

"Alrighty…But I don't wanna leave my butt-rear behind!" Lewa complained loudly, oblivious to the hysterical giggling of the Ga-Matoran.

"Come on, Air-Brother!" Matau urged, putting Lewa's arm around his broad shoulders.

Together, the Air Toa slowly walked through the door and entered the night.

In Po-Metru

"Kopaka! Don't be such a stick-in-the-stone! Come try this!" Pohatu urged the white Toa.

Kopaka glared his infamous glare, but sulked over to his Stone Brother. "Try what?" he sighed, adjusting his shield.

"This drink. It's really good, but I want to know what you think about it."

"Fine. I'll try it…But only because you asked, alright?"

Pohatu nodded his brown head and handed his icy brother a stone tankard filled with a pale red liquid.

Kopaka hesitantly reached for the mug and paused. He then took the tankard and sniffed it cautiously. "What's in it?" he asked, raising his eyes to look at Pohatu.

He shrugged like it was no big deal saying "Nothin' but berry juice."

The Toa of Ice put the stone mug to his mouth and sipped the liquid. He licked his lips, nodding his head.

"This is good." He said, drinking some more of the drink.

The Toa of Stone gave slightly evil grin, leaving Kopaka with his 'berry juice'.

Kopaka gulped the liquid down thirstily, only pausing to lick the remaining drops from his lips.

He soon drained the tankard. Disappointed, he looked for more. When he finally found some, his heart skipped a beat.

Looking around, he dipped his mug into the concoction and filled it to the brim with the pale red stuff.

He gulped down that quicker than he did the first.

Before long, he was swaying to the music, and singing poorly to the words. When the song ended, he shook his head, and tried to snap out of the trance he was in.

"POHATU!" Kopaka yelled, throwing his tankard to the floor. He marched up to Pohatu who was conversing with Nuju and grabbed his armor, hoisting him up.

"What did I do, Brother?" he asked innocently with Nuju unlimbering his Crystal Spikes, just in case.

"You…You gave me something! That drink! It was rum, wasn't it? Dyed rum!"

Pohatu shrugged as best he could. "No. It was berry juice. I'm sure of it."

"No! You little liar! I should freeze you solid right now!" Kopaka screeched, his spear already glowing white.

"Kopaka. Think. Have I ever lied to you?" Pohatu asked, light brown eyes pleading.

The Ice Toa thought for a moment. "No. No you haven't." he said, lowering the Stone Toa a little.

"Then why do you think I would lie to you?"

"I…I don't know..." he sighed, putting his brother on the floor.

He turned around and started to walk off when he heard 'I did lie to him! I can't believe he would fall for that! Berry juice indeed! That WAS rum!'

Narrowing his eyes, he spun around and clobbered Pohatu over the side of his head with his fist.

Pohatu stumbled, and then roared, lunging at Kopaka with fists outstretched.

Nuju dove to intercept them with his Crystal Spikes.

Metal hands rang against weapons upon the collision.

Kopaka flinched, rubbing his fists where the Toa Tools had met. His blade flashed white again and this time he aimed for Nuju.

The Toa Metru side-stepped out of the way, and the Nuva crashed into Onewa, causing him to spill his drink all over himself.

He whirled around and punched Kopaka in the stomach, getting off his stool.

"Do you really want to pick a fight with me?" he asked, glaring at the white Toa on the floor. At that moment, Pohatu flew through the air and tackled his Stone brother.

"Pohatu! Get your butt off me!" Onewa yelled, going into a rage.

The Nuva of Stone smiled and got up with one foot on his Metru counterpart. He was instantly knocked over by Nuju.

Onewa struggled to get off the floor, barely having enough time to dodge Kopaka's berserker swing.

The Toa Nuva of Ice's fist connected with Matoro who was watching the fight with fright.

The Matoran was down for the count.


"Hey! Kopaka just nailed Matoro! Get him!" yelled Ehrye, trying to tackle the much larger Toa.

"Get him!" Ahkmou yelled, tackling the Toa Nuva's legs.

"Get off me you little cretins!" Kopaka screamed, falling over.

More Matoran piled on top of him, kicking him with their short legs and slugging him with their frail arms.

The Ice Spear glowed white and all the Matoran were frozen solid.

Kopaka shrugged his shoulders and they all fell off, trapped in frost.

"I always hated those little creeps. Especially Ahkmou."

Onewa tackled the Ice Toa, pinning him to the ground. "You don't diss my Matoran!" he yelled, growling.

There was the sound of a shattering bottle, and the Toa Metru of Stone's eyes slacked, and he slumped onto the ground. Kopaka started to stand, but a bottle knocked him out.

The next to fall were Nuju and Pohatu by the same mysterious bottle-breaker.

"I just wanted the pleasure of doing that myself!" cried an obviously drunken voice belonging to Gali. She pointed a blue finger at the nearest Matoran, frozen in fear.

"You want a piece of me?" she asked.

The Matoran screamed and fell off his chair in a faint.

Gali held her head up. "Guess he didn't want a piece of me." She took another swig of the Po-Matoran Rum.

The Toa of Water stumbled to the door, but collapsed in a hangover in the middle of the doorway.

In Ta- Metru

"For the last time! I don't want any whiskey!" yelled an angry Tahu. "I won't trade you my beer! Not for anything in the world!"

Onua ducked as a chair hurtled his way. "Come on! Try it! Vakama did!" he jutted his thumb over his shoulder to the drunken Toa of Fire staggering around singing poorly to 'Fare Jacques A'

"DOOR MEY VOO!!" he yelled, and fell down in an orange-and-red heap. "Ding, dang, dong." He muttered.

Tahu's eyes widened in fright. "No way! I can drink ten beers and not get drunk, but no way am I getting near that dang whiskey!"

"Then I'm gonna shove it down your craw!" Whenua boomed behind him.

"What! No! I..I'll burn you!" he yelled hysterically to the advancing Onua in front of him.

"Gee, Tahu. How ya gonna burn dirt?" Onua asked.

"No…No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Tahu screamed.

In Ga-Metru

"I wonder where Gali is? She said she would walk me home. Where is she?" Nokama asked herself in the dark alleys of Ga-Metru.

"I have no idea. But I am here." A low voice rumbled.

The Toa of Water's heart skipped a beat.

"M-M-Makuta!" she spat out like a poison.

"I'd rather prefer you called me 'Master of Shadows'" he rumbled coolly.

"I don't care if you were the 'Master of the World'!"

"That's too bad, Nokama. I was going to ask you a question."

"No!" she yelled, squirting a jet of water into his eyes and ran.

Makuta blinked and spread his wings, gliding silently over the Toa of Water.

Nokama skidded to a halt in front of a dark alley, and then dove into the abyss. The Master of Shadows flew silently after her.

Her blue eyes widened and she gasped when she saw the dead end.

"You knew you couldn't hide from me, Toa." Makuta chuckled, then landed without any noise. Taking slow steps, he lumbered over to the fear-stricken Toa of Water.

Nokama's heart and mind raced with each step Teridax took. With her team, and the Toa Nuva, she could have taken Makuta, but just alone, she would fail.

"I surrender, Makuta, you win." Nokama hesitantly. "What do you want of me?"

"Only a single question, Nokama." Makuta boomed, starting to lower himself to one knee.

"Oh, God, no! No…This can't be happening!"

"Oh, it is." His thundering voice purred. Makuta dug his taloned-hand into his pack and drew out a carved aquamarine ring with a sapphire imbedded in the center.


The Toa of Water flinched, lifting her armored foot just the slightest.

"Will you marry me?"

"I would rather die!" she spat and kicked him in the place, sending him sprawling.

The Master of Shadows writhed on the stone floor of the alley, curling and straitening his body.

Nokama, with her agile body, somersaulted over Teridax, and sprinted to the mouth of the alley.

"That really deep-hurt…" he squeaked, trying to get over the pain.

Nokama skidded to a halt, and turned, eyes widening.

"M…Matau?" she breathed, confused and terrified. Her body screamed for her to run, but her mind wanted for her to stay.

'Makuta' stopped squirming and looked at her with blood-red eyes. A slight smile passed over his features. The Mask of Shadows glowed green and his hulking form slowly shrank, revealing the lean Toa Metru of Air.

"No. I'm Lewa." He said in high-pitched sarcasm. "I am late-knowing of your kicks."

Nokama sighed in relief, but then twitched when she registered that she had hurt Matau.

She raced toward him as fast as she could, and tried to stop. The Toa of Water didn't notice the puddle until she had stepped in it. She slipped and fell backwards, so startled by the random turn of events, that she didn't even think that she was falling.

Behind his mask, Matau's eyes widened with fear and concern. He crouched and dove under the azure Toa just before she hit the ground, causing them both to slide a couple of feet.

Matau sighed and gazed adoringly at the beautiful Toa Metru of Water. Nokama returned the look with her cerulean eyes.

The Toa of Air extended his armored hand and opened it. The aquamarine ring was still in his fist.

"Is it still a 'not-never'?" he asked innocently, smiling with his mischievous grin.

Nokama smiled from her perch on his chest. She leaned closer and whispered, "Not-never."

With that, her lips locked onto his and they kissed. She felt his strong arms wrap around her waist, as her slender ones slid around his neck.