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Nokama opened her eye as sunbeams hit her face. She yawned and stretched, wrapping her arms around her still-sleeping husband. They were both worn out after that steamy week. She softly kissed Matau's cheek, making him sigh and smile. She buried her face in the crook of his neck. The sapphire Toa was about to fall back asleep when her stomach lurched.

The Toa of Water hastily untangled herself from the emerald Toa and raced into the bathroom, hand on her mouth. Matau awoke at the sound of retching. He leapt out of bed and ran to his wife's side, putting an arm around her.

"Are you okay?" he asked with concerned eyes. Nokama coughed, grabbed a towel and cleaned her face.

"Yes." She answered smiling. Her eyes grew wide again and she leaned into the toilet again. The azure Toa lurched as if she were throwing up, but nothing came out. Her eyes started leaking tears as if it hurt her. Nokama wrapped her arms around her stomach and heaved, but still nothing. She started choking as her throat refused to let in oxygen. Matau snatched the towel and pulled his beloved into his arms, quickly wiping her bile away.

Nokama started silently crying in Matau's muscular arms, burying her head into his chest. Tears ran down his armor, making it soggy and uncomfortable. He held her tighter, softly stroking her mask and whispering encouragement to her.

"I-I-It h-hurts…" she whimpered, feeling her stomach twist to try to drain every last drop out. She moaned.

"Shhh….shh…I heart-know it does…I heart-know it does…It's okay…It's okay…Shhh…" The emerald Toa whispered, rocking a little. Nokama slowly stopped crying and lay still in his arms, breathing lightly in sleep. Matau gathered his wife up and carried her to the bed, carefully laying her down. He bent to kiss her gently on the cheek before we went to investigate the smell of Gukko eggs and bacon.

"Lewa?" he asked, staring hard at his Air brother cooking breakfast. "What are you doing here?"

The Nuva grinned. "You said I could come-arrive after a week. It's been a week. Here I am. Where is your life-bride?" he asked, turning his attention back to the eggs.

"In bed. She didn't feel well this day-morning." Matau replied, taking the plates of eggs and bacon to the table. "I really appreciate this, Air-brother. Take a seat. You hard-earned it."

Lewa grinned, flashing white teeth and took a seat to the left of Matau. He took a fork to the plate in front of him with animalistic gusto. The Toa Metru gazed at him with admiration, and the slightest touch of fear.

"Remind me to quick-turn Makuta into bacon, then you could just eat him." He joked, causing Lewa to choke on his food. With great effort, he swallowed the mouthful and snatched a glass of water. In two large droughts, the glass was empty. The Nuva smiled at Matau.

"That was ever-funny. Make sure next time that I am not sneak-caught with food in my mouth." He said before turning on his meal again.

Matau chewed at his lip and picked up a strip of bacon. He bit into it, savoring all the fat and grease from the slice of meat. The bacon was perfectly done, salty, crispy, and chewy. It was a man's heaven. The Toa of Air swallowed his bite then crammed the rest of the bacon strips in to his mouth. He let the sweet juices run down his throat and sucked on the almost dry strips. He chewed those for a little longer and swallowed.

"Ugh…Matau?" a soft voice mumbled from the hall, and the Toa Metru instinctively rose from his seat. Nokama appeared moments later rubbing her head.

"Are you fine-alright? How did you sleep, heart-love?" Matau asked, gliding towards her and putting his arms around her.

"Ugh…Fine, but now I have a pounding headache…What smells so good?"

Lewa lifted a plate, piled high with eggs and bacon. "Gukko eggs and bacon. This one's yours."

Nokama blinked her eyes sleepily and took the plate from Lewa. She sat down to the right of her husband. "Mm…Thanks Lewa… How'd you get in?"

The Toa Nuva beamed. "I picked the lock." The Toa of Water eyed him for a second before she shrugged.

"Whatever. I don't care as long as you cook." She picked up her fork and carefully picked away at her breakfast. After a few more bites, she made a face. The eggs tasted funny. She figured salt would help. It didn't. It just made her sick.


Another moment and she was in the bathroom, and the sound of retching could be heard from down the hall. Matau shot a look at his own eggs. Perhaps Lewa used bad ones? At least the bacon was good…

Nokama appeared a second later, looking noticeably gaunter and sat down a second time. This time, she picked up a strip of bacon, but as soon as the smell of it hit her, she felt like throwing up again. Hand to her mouth, she tried to hold her bile down, forcing herself not to hurl.

A concerned emerald hand appeared on hers, and her husband's eyes were on her. "Are you fine-alright, heart-love?" She nodded.

"Mm-hm." A second wave of nausea passed over her and she shook her head.

"No!" And she was again in the bathroom. Matau threw Lewa a worried look and got up from the table to see what was wrong. The emerald Toa padded carefully down the hall and knocked on the door, wincing ever time he heard every groan his wife gave. When she didn't answer, he entered, crouching by her side and rubbing his wife's back soothingly.

"What's bad-wrong, Nokama?"

She shook her blue-masked head before wiping her mouth off for what seemed like the thousandth time. "Nothing. I'm fine. Just a little flu. I just need a rest," the Toa of Water whispered weakly, head going to rest on the cool floor. Nokama took a few deep breaths and with assistance from her husband, got to her feet. Thanking him and waving him off, she went back to the bedroom and softly shut the door while Matau returned to the dining room. Lewa offered him a questioning look and the Metru merely shrugged.

"She says it's the flu."

The Nuva opened his mouth to form an 'o' and gave several tiny nods. "Are you done, Air-brother?" He asked, gesturing at the plate that still had food on it. Matau merely stared out the dining room window, disinterested. Lewa took that as a 'yes', and cleared the table, also figuring that Nokama would not want any more breakfast.

When the Toa Nuva was out of sight, he stuffed his face with the leftover food, still hungry after finishing his own, and when the dishes were as clean as when he had taken them out, he began washing them. When he ventured back out again, Lewa took a seat at the table, leaning backwards on the chair with both hands folded contently on his full belly. Just out of curiosity, lemon-lime orbs shifted onto his Toa-brother, still in the same position he left Matau in.

"Why so deep-in-thought?"

It took a while for Matau to answer. But when he did, it was merely three syllables. "I dunno." The Toa Metru took a seat, still staring out the window at the deep forest yonder. "Just seems odd-strange. She's usually healthy as a Kikanalo."

Lewa just shrugged. "Be careful, or you'll-" He was interrupted by a loud thud, and both Toa of Air turned to look in the direction it was coming from; the bedroom. The Metru was up and running down the hallway before his brother even had a chance to finish his sentence. Matau flung open the door, in a panic and looked around wildly in search of his heart-love. She was nowhere to be seen, but there was the distinct sound of someone crying. The green-armored Toa dared a venture into the bathroom. Nobody there. That only left the closet. Carefully, he put his ear to the door and listened. Nokama was clearly sobbing, and it was the terrified-kind of sobbing. That scared him. Hesitantly, he knocked on the door, and the cries suddenly halted.


"Go away!"

The force of the order almost made him jump back as if he were stung. Go away? "N-nokama?"

"I said go away, you stupid Le-Matoran!"

Matau sat back on his haunches in a squatting position, chilled to his very core. Nokama would never have…Would she? He fell back onto his behind as the sobs continued. He hurt deeply, and his normally peppy attitude faded. A…stupid Le-Matoran? Not even a Toa. A Matoran. Head drooping, he got to his feet and made his way to the door. Matau flashed a hurt gaze to the closet door and continued on his way out. Eyes down, he made no motion that he even acknowledged the Toa Nuva standing in shock outside the door. Nor did he reply as Lewa protested.

Departing from the house, the Toa of Air's Aero Slicers appeared on his back, and with a gust of wind, he was off and flying. To where, he did not know.

And there you have it. Chapter 3 of How it Was Supposed to Be. Hey! That rhymed! I'm a poet, and I didn't even know it! Lol. But anyway…yeah.