Princess Bella

Princess Bella

Full Summary: Your Majesty Princess Isabella Marie Catherina Watson Rodham Swan is the heir of the English Crown, so she is a Princess. Her parents have chosen for an arranged marriage when she turns 21, and she can do nothing about that. Bella doesn't know what kind of man that will be, and how he's like. And it seems she doesn't care.

She has to wait for her birthday, so she secretly attends college. Only her roommates know her true identity.

But when she falls in love with the mysterious Edward Masen, things get really complicated.

Is she following her heart, or will she hold onto her duty as Princess?

This is only the summary, I know. But I am going to write very soon, I already have the outlines up till chapter 8!

Please tell me what you think, and then I'll think about continuing this story ;)