Title: To Where do I Escape?

Author: Mara-the-Cat

Rated: M

Author's Note: *ducks from all the flying thrown objects* yes yes I know. I bet you're thinking: 'Why the hell is she writing a new story when she hasn't even finished the first one?' I'll tell you why. Because I'm a lazy bum and I can't think of a good second chapter for Changing Background. *shrugs*go figure. But I promise it will be updated during the summer. If it isn't you can start sending hate mail. Peace and love and enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The beginning

Glass shatters against the wall and blood oozes from her leg. Again she was knocked across the living room by the man's firm and merciless slap across her creamy skin. She cowered on the floor of the living room, pleading silently in Hapan for mercy. Ignoring her pleas, the man dragged her out of the corner into the open space of the room. She cried out in pain as he kicked her harder and harder in the stomach repeatedly. The two men behind the abusive man snickered as they watched. As they watched a helpless girl be beaten to a pulp because of something that was beyond her own control. The young woman's name was Mara Jade. Merely 17 years old, she could not describe her life as enjoyable or even bearable. She lived here in this rundown apartment in the ghetto part of Coruscant with the man above her, her own flesh and blood, her father, and the two men behind him, her 20 year old twin brothers, Zen and Michael. Her mother had left the 'happy' family when Mara was 8 to marry some business tycoon from Correllia. And why does Mara get beaten by her father? Because she was born with a gift. Or can it be considered a curse? At age 10, she started making small things move with her mind. But when her father saw, he was furious and believed that maybe she was the reason why her mother had left them to defend for themselves. His only solution: beating the crap out of her so she would lose the power.

Finally too tired to continue, he gave her one last kick in the gut before turning away. Sobbing quietly, she curled up into a little ball. Hoping. Praying, that it was finally over.

She was mistaken.

"Pick her up!" her father mumbled.

Quickly the brothers grabbed their frail sister each by under her armpits and yanked her head back by the hair so she was forced to look at the disgusting thing that was her father.

Her father's name was Marcus Jade and he was truly a force to be reckoned with. He was a bald, large man in his mid-50s. He had three gold teeth and wore rugged clothes of gray and you could easily see a blaster and whip secured tightly to his hip.

He dug into his coat pocket and produced a new cigar. Pulling also out his red lighter, he puffed the cigar a few times before turning to meet the gazes of his offspring. Mara trembled in fear and submission as she watched him come closer and closer with a straight look, looking like a lion getting ready to pounce.

He took a long swig of his cigar before emptying the contents into her face, causing her to cough and wheeze.

"I don't know what I'm gonna do wit' ya Jadie", he breathed from the gray cloud with his raspy voice.

"I give you shelter from the pouring rain and the freezing snow. I let you read your little books. Hell I even let you go to that fancy private school of yours. But you know what I get?"

He suddenly picked up a glass vase from the table next to him and threw it against the wall. Mara jumped and shrunk from the presence of her father.


"S'il te plait...s'il te plait (A/N: I looked everywhere on the Internet and majority of people are telling me the Hapan language is pretty much the French of Star Wars. SO go figure. You'll be seeing a lot of French word because *grins* I know French)," she whispered in short breaths.

"Please? Please she says. Well since you think saying please will get you out of your situation, answer me this little question: Am I a bad daddy?"

Mara shuddered. How much she wanted to yell yes at the top of her lungs but she held it in. She knew the consequences of disobedience of her father's rules.

Not liking her hesitation to respond, he grabbed her chin in a bruising grip and looked into her fear-filled eyes before yelling:

"I said AM I A BAD DADDY?"

She whimpered in fright before immediately responding.

"N...no daddy...Y...yyou're the...the best da...daddy ev-ever," she stuttered, pleading with every god imaginable to show mercy.

He stared a straight at her for a few moments before bursting out in a maniac laughter.

"Darn tootin'! I'm the best daddy ever!" he laughed, before stroking her swollen cheek. "And all daddies are merciful, right?"

Mara nodded her head vigorously, to show her submission and obedience.

He continued to grin as he delivered the final blow. He patted her cheek once more before turning away to look out the window at the dark and violent world below.

"You are not to eat for the next month for your defiance. Any more rule-breaking and I'll make it 2. Do I make myself clear?"

Mara's tears began to flow again as she heard these fatal words. This was one of her routine punishments. For months on end her father would deprive her of sustenance until she was close to keeling over and giving her scraps. She had just started eating again but nodded her head, addressing her father with utmost respect.

"Un...Under...stood fa...father. I...I won't d-do it again..."

Sighing, he raised his hand towards his sons. Nodding, the brothers dragged their young sister to her bedroom closet at the end of the hall.

"Merciful, isn't he, Mar," snickered her brother Zen.

"Very merciful Zen," cackled his brother, Michael.

Michael and Zen were identical twins. For 20 year olds, they had started out with the adult world pretty well. Both strong and very intimidating, the brothers were pod-racers. Like their sister, they had red-gold hair but cut short and mud brown eyes like their father. They did whatever what their father said and found pleasure in causing their baby sister pain.

Mara's room wasn't really what you'd think a room should be. It was really a storage closet at the end of the hall. Her "bed" was an old, deforming twin mattress with a couple of springs poking out. Next to that was a stack of textbooks and an old radio she used as an alarm. It was a tight fit but at the height of 5' 6", she fit in perfectly.

Unceremoniously, they threw her into the room. Zen, the older of the two, turned to go back to the other room before returning with a roll of bandage, mini swabs of alcohol and a small pile of clothes and tossed them into her lap.

"Get yourself cleaned up. You gotta go to school tomorrow and Dad don't wanna hear that fancy little principal you got calling the house again!"

Nodding, Mara grabbed the things and bowed repeatedly before they securely locked the door of her domain.

Finally alone in the cramped room, she allowed her tears to flow freely down her cheeks. Sorrow raked her body in great waves as she hugged her knees to her chest. Wincing from the pain in her leg, she crawled over the end of her bed to pull a small broken mad mirror to look at the ugliest thing on the planet and probably the universe. Herself. How can someone so quiet and greatly obedient other than her last two attempts of escape endure the pains of life like her?

Her red-gold hair reached the small of her lower back and unlike the males in her family, her eyes, like her mother's, were bright emerald green. People would say she looked exactly like her mother but they couldn't be more different. Whereas her mother was colorful and full of life, Mara kept to herself and trusted no man. Shaking the memory of her mother out of her mind, the teenager shredded her form of her tattered clothes to look at the damage of her body in the small mirror.

Her cheek was swollen and red where he slapped her across the face. Noting that it would be gone in a couple of days, she explored the rest of her body. Her ribs were black and blue, probably broken again and her stomach was aching. Her left leg was gushing blood slowly out and was equally exhausted as the right. Pulling her book bag from the corner of the room, she pulled out a half-empty bottle of water. Then she lifted the mattress to take out a small piece of soap and a dirty cloth. Trying to keep her face neutral, she cleansed her body of the sweat, blood, and dirt from her day. Wringing out the cloth, she poured alcohol on it and held it tight against her wound. She bit her bottom lip to suppress a cry of agony and peeled it away to wrap her leg.

Sighing, she sipped on the rest of the water to clear her aching throat before pulling on a large white shirt from beside her moldy blanket. Spreading out the rest of the clothes brought in on her 'bed', she identified her uniform (a grey skirt that stopped about mid-thigh, a navy blue sweater vest, and a white long-sleeve button-up shirt) for school tomorrow and a clean pair of underwear. Sighing and thinking about her run-down black shoes in the living room currently, she folded her clothes and curled into a ball on her mattress and looked around her room. Even in here, she felt scared. On the walls were peeling gray wallpaper and on the wooden floor, hints of blood and dirt. Would she ever escape this world and move on to her hopeful dream: to die finally. Sighing she hugged her legs to her chest and drifted to sleep praying for a miracle to come.

So what have we learned?

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