Author: Mara-the-Cat

Title: To Where Do I Escape?

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters created by George Lucas (Star Wars God) and Timothy Zahn (Star Wars demigod). I am also making no money by writing this story.

Author's Note: ((runs for cover)) It has been SOOOOO LONG! I am now in college and started doing summer classes to get extra credits. Needless to say I have been a very busy girl. I changed my major from Nursing to Psychology and my minor is Creative Writing. With that being said you're gonna see me writing a whole lot more. So without further adieu…..ON WITH THE SHOW!

Chapter 5: Not a Pleasure to Meet You

Tuesday evening

Stifling a yawn, Mara got on the train leaned against the door. Other than the Matt incident at lunch (he was rushing to get to her in the corner, sitting by herself, and accidentally tripped, throwing his tray of food in the air and onto other students causing a food fight), the day went by uneventful and boring. As she started to put her shuttle pass into her skirt pocket, she got a funny feeling that she was being watched. Startled she snapped her head up to see if someone was looking at her from the other end of the shuttle.

Nothing out of the usual. A mother was reading a magazine as her child slept in his stroller. A man opposite her had his nose close to the page of a newspaper, his eyes darting side to side. And a business woman talking in Huttesse on her comlink. Various other peoples were either sleeping or gazing outside the window. Shaking her head, she too gazed out the window to calm her mind. Ever since yesterday, she was on the alert for things out of the norm.


It was Monday morning and again Mara awoke to completely quiet in the apartment apart from her alarm/radio. Stretching her arms over her head, she pressed the button beside her door and waited. Again she was greeted by her grumpy brother and was let out of her room. After using the bathroom and getting dressed, Mara walked into the kitchen to make coffee. Looking through the window, she grimaced at the sight of rain. She had no umbrella to protect her from the chilly water and showing up for class soaked through wasn't the best way to start the day. Sighing, she could only conclude that she couldn't go to school today. Waiting for the coffee to brew, she pulled the garbage out from under the sink and proceeded to drag it towards the front door. Coming into the hallway, she dropped the garbage into the shaft and turned to go back in. Then she stopped in a startle as she saw by the door, a black umbrella with a brown paper bag beside it.

Mara looked left and right down the hall to see if someone had left it but to no avail. So deep in her pondering, she almost didn't hear the coffee machine beep in completion. Walking back into the house, she glanced at the items again before cautiously picking them up and closing the door. Walking back into the kitchen she turned off the machine and placed the items on the table. The bag then tipped over and out came a card.

Picking it up, Mara read harsh, scripted words, Hope this keeps you dry.

Puzzled by the card, she tipped over the bag and gasped. There on the table was a black pea jacket with black silk lining inside. Gently she touched it in amazement. Who could have given her such a gift? She had seen the jacket in a shop window coming home from school a few days go and knew that it was quite expensive.

Checking down the hall to see if her brothers or father were awake yet, she slipped the jacket on over her uniform. It was the perfect size! Running into the bathroom to look in the mirror, she saw that the jacket stopped just a few inches above her skirt. Checking the clock, she knew she could still make it in time for school. Without thinking anymore on the matter, she fastened the buttons, picked up her satchel and new umbrella and ran out the door…


Running a hand down her sleeve, she mentally shook her head. Maybe she was over thinking this whole situation. So she got a new coat and umbrella…that didn't mean life would change immediately. If anything, this was all a fluke and it would never happen again. Nodding her head, she saw her stop fast approaching and let her mind drift to the plans for the remainder of the evening.


Lord Skywalker grinned in pleasure as he watched the recording of his princess leave her home with the gifts he left for her over and over again. She looked perfect in it and could tell by the expression on her face that she was please with it. Glancing at her one last time, Luke turned off the vid and picked up the file on his desk.

Name: Mara Evangeline Jade

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6"

Hair Color: Red-gold

Eye Color: Green

Occupation: Bartender

Additional Info: Attending Maverick Academy. Youngest child of Marcus Crane Jade.

The doors swiped open and walked in his father. Sitting down before his son's desk, he picked one of Mara's pictures and looked over it.

"So this is the girl?" he asked, still looking at the picture. She was definitely Hapan and had very lovely green eyes.

Luke nodded, sitting down as well and picking up a picture taken of Mara sitting by a window at her school. "She's perfect, isn't she?"

Vader also nodded and looked over his son. Luke was radiating with pleasure at finding his love. Even now, though he was not in her presence, he could sense her faint Force signature from the pictures.

"When will she join us?" asked Vader, putting the picture down to address his son.

Sighing, Luke looked over her file before answering, "She is slightly under aged so we'll have to speak with her father and get full custody."

Vader nodded. "Did she get your gift?"

Luke grinned and nodded at the memory. "She loved them."

Vader chuckled before looking at another picture. Yes, he thought. My son has chosen very well.


The next day, Mara walked down the hall after her classes to go to the library. She had no money to pay for lunch and even if she did, she was still not allowed to eat for another week. Small amounts of rations that she sneaked from the kitchen cabinet were her only nutrition at the moment. Sighing, she stepped into the library with a small smile. The shelves were plentiful in various books and datapads and each desk had a Holonet station with the latest information. The library was the only place where Mara could quietly think and get her school work done, plus the librarian was pleasant and sometimes had free cookies for the students.

Sitting down in a deserted corner holo station, Mara set down her bag and started up a word document program. She had an essay due for Friday and wanted to finish it off now while she had the time. Twenty minutes into her typing, an IM box popped open on the screen.

Hi, it said in blue from the username, DarkGod

Mara rolled her eyes and closed the box, believing that one of the students on the other stations just sent the IM by accident.

Again, the IM box appeared this time saying, Why did you exit out, Mara?

Now she was confused and responded.

Student51089 ((A/N: this is her student ID number)): Who is this?

DarkGod: Someone who loves you…

Mara took a breath, realizing whom it was and was trying to creep her out.

Leave me alone Matt! She typed before exiting out and returning to her work.

Again the IM box appeared but this time the sender sounded scarier.

DarkGod: Who's Matt? Is he your boyfriend? I don't like sharing Mara…I want you all to myself…if I can't have you, no one else can!

Mara started shaking and looked around to see if someone was watching her.

DarkGod: Please don't be scared, my love. I would never hurt you.

Student51089: What do you want?

DarkGod: Don't worry, my love. Everything will be explained in good time.

The sender then left, leaving Mara shaking in her seat. Saving her uncompleted essay, she ran out of the library in fright. Who was that person and what did he want?


The next two weeks went on the same way, with the mysterious DarkGod sending her IM messages during her computer classes or during her time in the library. She also started to find small little notes, professing words of love and adoration. Scared she started to tear the notes up before throwing them away. It was bad enough that Matt tormented her outside her home. She didn't need more torture and there was no one she could talk to to ease her troubled mind.

But like all her prayers and wishes, the Gods were not merciful…


It was Friday afternoon at Maverick Academy and Mara was again in the library. Taking deep breaths, she took a seat at one of the holo stations. She was scared because she knew he would try to talk to her again but she had to finish this assignment if she wanted to get her grade. Steeling herself, she logged into the holo and waited for the word document program to start up. Almost immediately, the IM box opened up.

DarkGod: How are you today my sweet Mara?

Shivering, Mara glanced around, hopping against all hope that someone was just messing with her and reveal themselves.

DarkGod: You don't have to be so jumpy love. No one is going to hurt you.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she lifted trembling fingers to respond.

Student51089: Why won't you leave me alone?

Mara shivered as a weird feeling came over her. It was as if she felt someone's sharp surge of happiness and wondered if it was from him.

DarkGod: Why would I leave you alone? I care about you Mara. I could give you everything you'd ever need. All I ask is that you love me back…

Student51089: …..How can I love someone whom I've never met and is stalking me?

DarkGod: All in due time my love…soon we'll be together. Now why don't you get back to your essay? I want you to be the best…

With that last comment, DarkGod logged off, leaving the young woman in near tears. Trying to hold back tears, Mara finally burst and ran out of the library and towards the bathroom. Locking herself in one of the stalls, she sank to the floor and started to cry, her knees drawn up to her chest and her face buried into her bag in her lap. She couldn't help but pray that this life would end. That this person would leave her alone….that her family didn't beat her and started to treat her like a person….and to finally be normal….


Luke frowned as he watched his angel crying from the eyes of a probing droid. He didn't want her to cry. He wanted her to be happy. To make her smile. Taking a deep breath, he looked at her figure slumped on the floor and decided to end these little games. He wanted his princess to be with him now...waiting for her life day to come wasn't an option anymore…


Saturday Night: Crazy Dice

The club was half full with a good majority of it consisting of a large group of males cheering at a podrace being broadcasted to the holo and the few couple on the dance floor. Mara stood behind the bar, cleaning beer glass and waiting to serve another customer. For most of the night, she had stayed quiet and avoiding the eyes of others. She wasn't feeling any better than she had all week and this place wasn't helping. Her outfit consisted of a lace up front halter top, a pair of gray low rise skinny jeans, and a pair of black high heeled boots. That was as good as it was gonna get for her because weather was too a sharp turn from a warm climate to chilly breeze. With that in consideration, Mara was allowed to wear more than a pair of boy shorts.

Snapping out of her daydreaming, Candy appeared in front of her, sweat drops rolling down her body. Glancing at the time, Mara saw that it was almost closing time.

"Gimme a drink, will ya? I'm dying here!" Candy gasped, fanning herself.

Nodding, Mara set to work on fixing her a drink. Halfway through, however, a loud bang sounded around the room. Everyone stopped to look around the room for the source of the noise. The bang rang into the air again and their gazes were directed to two unconscious males crashing into the club entrance. Behind them, a man in a crispy Imperial uniform strolled in, flanked by five stormtroopers. Sneering at the men on the floor, the man stepped over them to come to the center of the room to speak to the crowd.

What came out of his mouth next drained the color out of her face and quite possible had stopped her heart.

"I'm looking for Mara Jade…"