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Preface - Twisted Tale.

As I stood on the precipice of the building, I felt the wind rustle through my hair. It was long and brown, the way it had been the day I had died. It was a strange feeling knowing you're dead, your heart no longer beats, bacteria cannot penetrate your defenses and your skin is cold, pale and hard.

This was who I was now, Isabella Marie Swan, the undead, the vampire. To all of my human connections I was dead, carried away by one of the various beasts living in the forests surrounding Forks, Washington. The people who had taken me left a staged scene, one that looked like I had been mauled and eaten.

I knew my father, Charlie, must have been devastated, I had been in his custody for less than 3 months and as far as he knew, I was dead. It seemed so unfair that I barely got to know him, he was my father and I loved him, but the time we had spent together was few and far between until I had moved to Forks.

It was early January when I had made the decision to move to Forks, Washington. I lived with my mother Renee in Phoenix, Arizona. She had just gotten remarried to a guy called Phil, an amateur baseball player who moved around constantly looking for a team that could take him to where he wanted to go. My mom would pine for him on his long trips away from us and I continued to feel more guilty at keeping her away from him, guilt was something that came easily to me and I could never have pushed it aside, so I made the sacrifice and decided to move in with my dad, Charlie, in Forks. Forks was in the Olympic range and was perhaps the rainiest part of the country. A fair contrast to the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona. I arrived on a wet day, it was inescapable here so it didn't bother me so much. I had been surprised by the welcoming gift my father had given me, a red 1956 Chevy truck. It was perfect. I didn't have a lot of time to play with it because I was starting school the next day.

My first day at Forks high was eventful to say the least. There was a large curiosity about me, Forks was a small town and someone new seemed to be a big deal. Everyone was watching me and it made me uncomfortable, for me, being in the spotlight was always difficult, I was the clumsiest person alive, tripping over my own two feet at every opportunity.

I was lucky though, the people had seemed very friendly, eager to get to know someone new. I made friends fast that first week and they were with me until my human life was over. They had been so warm and accepting that I easily fell into a routine with them.

There was one exception to this. A mysterious boy named Edward Cullen. I had asked Jessica about him that first day at lunch, he and his family kept to themselves, they stayed away from the general populace of the school. Jessica was quick to tell me about their scandalous behavior. There were five Cullen children, but there were a set of twins that went by the name Hale. They were adopted by Doctor Cullen and his wife, and they were coupled up, all except Edward.

Edward was the most beautiful person I had ever seen, his tousled bronze hair fell into his gorgeous pale face, he had the most defined features and he captivated me. I couldn't look away. His eyes were dark, almost black, but they were beautiful. The moment I saw him I wanted to know everything about him.

Jessica caught on quickly when I began asking questions, and she informed me that he didn't date. The thought had never really crossed my mind, in my seventeen years of life I had never dated, no guys really looked at me like that, in fact, no guys had looked at me at all. Still, all I could think about during lunch that day was how I wanted to talk to him, to touch his beautifully pale skin.

Things didn't quite work out that way though, my next class had been biology, and sat next to me was none other than Edward Cullen himself. When I saw the only open seat in the class was next to him, I became a little excited, my heart was pumping and my stomach was somersaulting in anticipation, this would be my chance to talk to him. As I arrived at the table, my emotions rotated to fear and curiosity. Edward Cullen was glaring at me. His black eyes were boring holes into me, they were practically murderous. I was scared and intrigued, was he always like this?

The entire class had been spent with him throwing his glacial stares at me, he leaned away from me gripping onto the desk for dear life, he occasionally glared at me from the corner of his eyes.

I hid my face with my hair and never looked at him once, but I could feel his eyes, I could feel his presence, he was like a force of nature drawing me to him, I remember feeling so confused. How could I be so drawn to someone who clearly hated me, I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me, I felt lost.

As soon as the bell rang he was gone, he exited the class as though the black plague had been sat next to him. It was an odd feeling having offended someone and not know how. Mike had commented on his behavior after class, so I knew it had been me, and no one else.

I ran into Edward once again in the administrative offices after school that day, but his behavior had been just as odd. He bolted from the room, never looking back.

That was the last time I ever saw Edward Cullen, but it certainly wasn't the last time I thought about him.

Something about Edward Cullen had captivated me, his face haunted my dreams. For two weeks after that first day I looked to his family's table, hoping that he would return, but he never did.

Soon, life fell into a normal pattern, I spent time with Jessica and Angela outside of school and Mike continued to insist that I let him take me out. Everything was very normal. We saw a little snow fall at the end of January, but I made sure to keep away from it at all costs, I would park closer to the school so I didn't have to walk too far on the ice, as clumsy as I was, I didn't need any help falling over. The snow lasted two days before disappearing entirely. The student body complained, but I saw it as the first piece of luck that had shined on me since my arrival.

As spring approached, the weather would sporadically grace us with sun, the Cullens used this as an opportunity to go backpacking and would miss school, Jessica had told me this was perfectly normal, it had been that way for the two years they had attended Forks High. They had been here for two years and in one day I had successfully chased away their brother, he was still a constant thought of mine, but I kept that to myself.

Mike, being the socialite he was had organized a weekend at the beach for us all, he had waited for the weather to brighten, the fist weekend in March was the first to oblige.

We had met up at Mike's parents store and headed to First Beach in his suburban, it wasn't warm but the sun gave me extra spring in my step, and it was evident to my companions at the time. They would talk animatedly to me, and I would happily respond, the sun brought out a happiness in me.

First Beach was where I met Jacob, I had been forced onto him and his sisters during my summers in Forks when I would visit Charlie, he and Jacob's father, Billy, were good friends, so he would take me there while he would fish with Billy.

Jacob and I hit it off immediately. He was younger than me in years alone, I spent a majority of my time with him that day, the conversation flowed easily and I felt comfortable with him. No one else really seemed to matter, it was as though we were the only two there.

Before I left, I had promised to visit him again. I enjoyed his company and he seemed as comfortable as I was. His jovial nature was infectious to me, for the first time I found myself thinking about something other that Edward Cullen, I felt liberated.

After that first meeting at the beach, I was only able to spend a week in Jacob's company, because the next Saturday, was the day I lost my life.

A/N: Okay, so this is a what if story, I'm sure you've guessed that much lol. I have rated it M just in case, I don't know where this will go, I'm winging it. I have the basis for the story and I'm letting it go where it needs to. I will continue with this when I have finished with Dark side of light, I just thought I would get some feedback for what I have so far. I just wanted to post a preface so you can get what happened to her, the rest will be revealed in Chapter one.