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She woke up slowly. Groaning she laid an arm over her eyes, to block out the sunrays that shone through the curtains. The room was bathed in a dull light, muffled by the curtains.

She had a terrible headache, but not because she had had too much to drink.

With her other hand, she felt a big lump on the back of her head, it was very sore and hurt by the touch. Someone had put a band aid around the lump though; she just didn't know who could have done that.

She remembered something about a birthday party and a little argument between her and the birthday girl. Rosette had been a little suspicious towards that girl; she had invited her even though they could not stand each other.

"Satella, that witch" Rosette grumbled Satella had become 20 years old, but she and Rosette didn't mix well. There would always come a bigger or smaller argument between them, no matter what reason. The others around them thought that those quarrels were plain stupid. Some would mean it was just jealousy, and others would think they were quarrelling about a boy or something like that. Satella was from a rich family that owned a big mansion. She had held her birthday party there and invited almost the entire school.

While the blonde cursed the rich snob, the she tried to sit up, but that wasn't such a good idea. Her head just ached even more and she immediately let herself plop back into the soft pillow again.

She looked around; the room was unfamiliar to her "Where am I?" She had been knocked out in Satella's mansion, but this room didn't really look that fancy.

In front of her on a table stood a TV, beside that was a wardrobe. Beside the wardrobe was a door, probably leading either into the bathroom or the living room or something like that. The room was painted a nice blue colour. It was very tidy and clean, cleaner than her own bed room.

Rosette turned her face away from the window and looked to her left. On the small nightstand were a few photos of people the blonde had never seen before. A big man with a beard was smiling at her; his arm was draped over a little woman's shoulders. They looked happy. Beside the pair was another photo, showing a young girl with long silvery hair and a pair of bright red eyes. The girl looked about twelve years old.

Rosette's eyes travelled from one photo to another, then up towards the ceiling. She decided it was about time to get up.

She still wore the clothes from yesterday, a miniskirt with a T-shirt.

She got up from the bed and headed towards the door; she opened it quietly and peaked out. It was a living room. It was big and in the middle were a couch and a big TV. The living room was as cleaned up as the bed room. From the windows, you could look out over the roofs of the other buildings "Who might live here? It definitely must be someone rich" All things in the room looked very expensive, the same did the things in the bed room.

"Whoever lives here, is a rich cleaning devil" Rosette muttered as she looked around "Or maybe he or she has a maid or something like that, but strange is, there is no one here"

Suddenly she heard a slight ruffling from another door that was half open "So there is someone here" the girl thought and stepped closer, she snuck up to the door and with one eye peaked inside. It was a small office like room, with a big desk and another couch in black leather. On the desk stood a computer and beside that laid a lot of paper.

Rosette heard the ruffling again, just to her left; she turned her head in the direction of the sound. At the window was a big bird cage with a happy little canary, hopping from one end of the cage to the other.

"Why hello there little fella" Rosette greeted the little bird "Aren't you the sweetest thing in the world" she cooed, what caused the bird to start singing loudly "Aww, you have such a pretty little voice"

(Only male canary birds sing, it's not often that the females do that, but why did I even tell you that? -.-)

Rosette smiled at the little yellow bird "Well now, who might your owner be?"

"The owner is me; I see you have met Gregor"

Rosette gasped and immediately turned towards the voice, in the door opening; stood a young man with long purple hair (I guess you already know who it is right? -.-" Gosh) and a pair of fascinating crimson red eyes. She hadn't even heard him coming.

Rosette immediately knew who he was "Y-you're… you're Chrono Sinner" she stuttered "Your one of the most popular people at school"

Chrono walked into the room as she asked "How did I get here? I know I was knocked out in Satella's mansion, but how did I get here?"

"I brought you here" he answered "If I hadn't taken you with me, Miss Harvenheit would have let you sleep outside in the sidewalk" he added

"Satella that damn witch" Rosette grumbled "Next time I see her I will-" she didn't finish her sentence, she felt a hand pulling gently at the band aid around her head, until it was off.

"Does it hurt much?" Chrono asked as he examined the lump, poking softly at it awaiting a reaction from her.

She shook her head slightly "No" wincing as he poked the lump again

"Don't lie to me, you need some aspirin and some rest, maybe a shower would help you too" he said and added "I find some towels and a pajama you can borrow" he said and then walked out of the room.

The little bird chirped and the blonde turned around to face it "You're a lucky little bird you know?" she whispered, Gregor just chirped happily.

"You coming? I found you towels and something new to wear" Chrono called

"Uhm… yes" she replied and walked out of the office. Chrono gave her a pajama and some towels and then left her on her own "Uhm… thanks"

She walked into the very fancy bathroom "Am I even worthy to take a shower here?" she asked herself. The whole place seemed to belong to a prince and not a plain high school student

"Gosh, what will happen next? But it seems my bad luck has turned into good luck if it brings me into the apartment of the most handsome boy of the school" she asked herself and stripped off her clothes, to step into the big shower "Wauw even a bathtub where you can place glass of Wine" It was really far too fancy for her being, but she couldn't decline his offer.

"I need him to tell me what happened after I was knocked out, I only remember an argument between me and that witch Satella and then her shoving me, so that I hit my head on a table or so, it definitely was hard enough to knock me K.O"

She turned on the hot water and relaxed as it hit her body "But now I just wanna relax" she sighed and closed her eyes, hearing Gregor singing in the other room.

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