Chapter 37. Happy Year 2010 though a little late -.-'

This is my last chapter of Knocked Out.

Chrono tried again and again. The engine roared, but nothing else happened. He let out a frustrated sigh and let himself lean back in his seat. Outside the snow fell like never before. He turned his eyes on the blonde girl watching him with questioning eyes. He shook his head "I'm sorry sweets... I'm afraid we're stuck here..."

"WHAT? Stuck? Can't you do anything? Anything at all?" she asked almost desperately "It's New Years Eve Chrono, Azzy, Joshua, Shader and Neko are waiting for us" they had planned to celebrate New Year at Azmaria's place this time.

Chrono sighed "I know, but I really can't do anything... the wheels are spinning around, but the car doesn't budge, and if you don't want to jump out and push, I'm afraid we're caught here"

"Then what do you expect us to do? Sit here and do nothing?" she growled rubbing her arms slightly.

"Well, you could use your cell phone and call someone to dig us free" he suggested with a growl of his own "Instead of complaining"

"I told you we should have gone there earlier, but you had to wait for the snow to really start falling, didn't you?" she snapped, pulling out her phone and dialling the number for someone to get them free. She waited impatiently until finally someone picked up.

She explained everything to the man in the other end, but the only thing he said was "I'm very sorry, but all our employees are out helping people and some are celebrating New Year's Eve, I'm afraid you'll have to wait for a while"

The man told her an hour would probably pass before someone was free to help them. She smacked her cell shut and glared at the young man next to her "Oh this is just perfect, we're stuck here for one and a half hour before we can get help... Thank you very much for this wonderful holiday evening"

"I can't see how this is my fault, I'm not the one who makes it snow" Chrono replied, crossing his arms "It wasn't me neither who spent almost an hour in the bathroom to get ready"

"It's your fault you don't have winter tires on that car of yours, and I didn't spend an hour in the bathroom" she shot back. Chrono glared "Would you just stop talking, I'm tired of your complaining about every single thing... and I know I'm not the only one that is"

"Oh yea? Not everyone can be a Mr. Cool like you you know?"

"I am not a Mr. Cool, stop insulting me"

"Whatever, you're stupid anyway, I won't talk to you anymore" she snapped, crossed her arms and turned her head so she was looking out the window instead. The snow seemed to be getting worse. It hadn't stopped for very long from Christmas Eve and until now.

"Oh do you promise me that? That would be wonderful" he snapped back and did the same.

A couple of minutes passed by without another word said. After a while though, Rosette started to regret what she had done and said to him.

She knew she shouldn't accuse Chrono for them being stuck, but she was frustrated and annoyed, and he just had been the one closest by to take out her frustrations on. She decided it was better to call Azmaria and tell them what had happened.

Azzy sounded worried when she picked up her phone. Rosette explained all to her and was met by understanding and more worry "What are you gonna do in the meantime?" she asked. Rosette sighed "I don't know, I'll see you soon ok? Bye Azzy" she hadn't told the young girl about their little argument. That was something between them.

Chrono glanced at her, but didn't say anything. She let out another sigh and looked at him. He had his face turned away from her. She shook her head "Chrono?" she asked quietly, feeling bad for getting angry at him.

"Hmm?" he replied coldly, still keeping his eyes on the snow outside.

"I... I'm sorry for getting mad at you ok? I know it's not your fault that we're stuck in the middle of nowhere on New Year's Eve in an almost blizzard..."

Now Chrono looked at her, he was silent for a few seconds, but then also heaved a sigh "I'm sorry for getting angry at you too" he said with a little smile "Still love me?"

She smiled back and leaned in to hug him "I would never stop loving you... and... I didn't mean anything of what I said, forgive me"

He hugged her back and pecked her forehead "None of us did... All we have to do is to be patient... we still have around another forty minutes left to wait in"

She inched a little closer to him and rest her head on his shoulder "How about some music? That would make it a little nicer in the car"

"Ok" he smiled and turned on the radio. They sat listening to some different songs for a while, until it was interrupted by a loud grumbling sound. Chrono lift his head, which rest on Rosette's and stared at her "What was that?" he asked.

Rosette blushed "I'm hungry..." she pouted "Don't you have anything to eat in the car?"

"No I don't Rosette" he told her, making her give him a pout in return "Then what do you have here?"

Chrono shrugged "Us?"

"Yea great" she grumbled "Let's eat each other then... I start"

Chrono laughed "I am hungry too sweets, but we can't do anything until we're freed" he took a look at the watch. It was around seven now. Rosette followed his gaze and sighed "I hope they save us some food"

He smiled "I'm sure they do"

"They better" Rosette mumbled and swore to kick them into the next millennia if they didn't.

Suddenly her cell phone rang and she took it. She was greeted by Joshua's voice. Rosette blinked "Hello Joshua, what's up?"

"The sky?" He replied sarcastically "Seriously, I'm worried about you"

Rosette looked blank "Admit it" she grumbled "You just wanted to check up on me"

Joshua let out an obviously fake gasp "No really? Why ever would I do something like that?"

"Because that's the way you are... Geez Josh, for the last time... You. Are. Not. My. Father"

"No but your brother, and I have to look for you and make sure you're safe" he said, a pout audible in his voice. Rosette rolled her eyes "You're overdoing it"

"Anyway, he's behaving isn't he? And you too?" Joshua pried, sounding stern "I swear if he tries anything I'll-"

"Would you please stop? Chrono would never do something like that and I wouldn't either, so stop saying something like that"

"Fine, just wanted to be sure you're not doing anything improper out there alone in the car"

Rosette now blushed "JOSHUA SHUT UP!!!"

"Alright alright"

Chrono chuckled "Tell him I'm a gentleman, I would never take advantage of a situation like this"

Rosette was about to say it, when the car suddenly gave a hard jolt. Rosette gasped and dropped the phone "What was that?" she asked, turning to look out the window. It had snowed so much though, that it was impossible to see through the glass.

Chrono looked around too. The car gave another jolt and was suddenly pulled backwards. He turned to look at her "I think our saviours are here..." he said as they felt another jolt.

A gloved hand brushed the snow off Rosette's window, making her jump. The man outside waved and told them they were soon out of the trouble.

Rosette couldn't help but grin "Did you hear that? We're free" she laughed and hugged Chrono again. Chrono smiled back and kissed her "We'll soon be at Azmaria's place" he told her "We have to drive carefully though"

Rosette understood and told him it didn't matter "At least we don't have to wait anymore"

Chrono got out of the car as soon as the jolting and pulling had stopped. He thanked the workers who had saved them and soon the couple was back on their way to Azzy and the others. Azmaria was happy to see them and hurried them inside into the warmth of her home.

The little girl lived in the house with her mother. Her mother was on a trip to visit Azmaria's grandmother though. Azmaria didn't want to go. She and her grandmother weren't the best of friends.

Her mother had told her it was okay as long as she promised to call around midnight.

"How about we move into an apartment Azzy?" Joshua smiled "There we could do whatever we want"

Azmaria giggled "Oh Joshua, that would be wonderful"

Rosette stomped over to pull at the younger sibling's ear "Oh yea, over my dead body, you're not gonna move together with any girl before you're done with learning"

Joshua pouted "Is this payback?"

"You betcha"

Shader couldn't help but laugh loudly when Neko whispered something into her ear. Rosette stared bored at her "Have they even noticed we've arrived?"

"Nope" replied Joshua and inched away from his sister, to sit next to his love. Chrono had just finished his dinner. Rosette of course had eaten hers fast and had almost choked.

She leaned back and glanced at the watch. It was nine now. Time was running far too slow. She sighed and looked at Chrono "I'm bored" she pouted "Do something"

Chrono looked thoughtful "Hmm... how about guess a song? One of us say the lyrics like a rhyme and the others have to guess which song it is and sing the few lyrics which were said"

Rosette shrugged "Better than nothing at least." She turned to the others "Hey, any of you up for a game?"

All agreed on it, just to kill time and soon it all began. Chrono was first.

He thought about which song he should take, then found one and smirked "Ok, you'll never guess this one" he grinned.

(Let's see how good you are :P can you guess right?)

"Can't believe my eyes, how can you be so blind?

Is the Heart of stone no empathy inside?

Time keeps on slipping away and we haven't learned,

So in the end now what have we gained?"

Rosette and the others were looking at him. He was smiling back "Well? What song do these lyrics belong to?"

Shader, Neko and Joshua were completely wrong, Rosette was not far away and Azmaria was completely blank "I should listen to more music..." she grumbled "Then I would know..."

Chrono chuckled "Do you give up?"

Rosette glared at him "I bet you took a hard one" she grumbled.

"Nope, giving up?"

"Yea yea, whatever" she grumbled and awaited the answer.

Chrono smiled "The song is called "Our solemn hour" and is from the group "Within Temptation" he revealed.

"Grrrr I should have known... Sanctus espiritus... Holy spirit right?"

He smiled "Yea, you're right"

Next was Rosette. She thought about a song for quite a while. The others got quite impatient.

"I got one!" she finally announced and started saying the lyrics "Ok, I bet you're not able to guess this one either"

"what's the time?
Seems it's already morning.
I see the sky;
it's so beautiful and blue.
The TV's on but the only thing showing
is a picture of you.

Oh I get up and make myself some coffee.
I try to read a bit
but the story's too thin.
I thank the lord above that you're not here to see me
in this shape I'm in.

spending my time,
watching the days go by.
feeling so small,
I stare at the wall,
hoping that you
think of me too.
i'm spending my time

"So? Guess" she grinned, watching the searching looks on the others' faces.

Chrono, Joshua, Neko and Azmaria were completely lost. All of a sudden Shader piped up and grinned "I HAD TO SING THAT AT SCHOOL ONCE! I KNOW IT"

"My friends keep telling me:
hey, life will go on,
time will make sure I will get over you.
This silly game of love -
you play, you win only to lose.

I am spending my time,
watching the days go by.
Feeling so small,
I stare at the wall,
hoping that you
will think of me too.

I'm spending my time,
watching the sun go down.
I fall asleep to the sound
of "tears of a clown,"
a prayer gone blind

I'm spending my time." she sang. She grinned "It's spending my time by Roxette"

Rosette pouted "Aww... I thought I chose a hard one there..."

The game continued, all had fun and soon, it was time to get ready for the New Year's arrival. Shader was allowed to do the countdown. All stood in a circle, watching the countdown in the TV. The each had a glass in their hands and looked cheerful.

"Oh it's starting!!!" squealed Shader and began











"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!" they clanked their glass together and cheered. Outside they could hear the fireworks and went outside to watch them. The couples' stood in each others' arms and were smiling. Neko had prevented Shader in getting any fireworks herself and all were quite relieved about that.

Rosette turned to look at Chrono and he looked back at her.

"Happy New Year Chrono" she whispered.

"Happy New Year Rosette" he smiled back and closed the distance between them. This year had both been filled by horrible and sad moments, but most of all had it been filled by happy moments, and those moments would now forever remain unforgettable memories.

They were all very excited what the New Year would bring. Hopefully it would be full of happiness and luck for all of them. At least, that is what they all wished for.

One thing was sure though. They would remain together, no matter what.

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