What I think should have happened in Adrift...

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"Coming back in? Work to do."

"Yep," said Ianto, following Jack to the door before pausing and turning to face Gwen. "There's a package on your desk," he said, smiling softly before re-entering the room to an already topless Jack.

"Now, where were we?" said Jack, kissing Ianto on the neck before leaving a trail of kisses up to his mouth. "Oh, I think I can remember," grinned Jack, his hands finding Ianto's hastily fastened belt. Ianto lowered his hands to Jack to do the same to him but, on reaching his destination, discovered that Jack hadn't re-done-up his belt after Gwen had found them frantically kissing when she'd come back to find Jack.

Ianto's thoughts of Gwen drifted from his mind as he heard the alarm of the cog door and focused his mind on the man now fiddling with his waist band.

Minutes and shouting of the other's name later, they collapsed into each other on Gwen's desk (Jack's idea. She had interrupted their session upstairs so they were going to repay her by having sex on her desk, making sure they deleted the CCTV of course).

Ianto's phone started to ring, vibrating in his pocket.

"Well, I didn't expect that," said Jack, Ianto's phone vibrating on his now throbbing cock, ready for round two of their endeavours around the hub.

Ianto dug into his pocket, raising his eyebrows at his lover before answering his phone prior to Jack getting any more ideas from his, as Ianto knew, vivid imagination.

"Hello," he said, annoyed that, for the second time that evening, his time with Jack had been ruined and not, for once, by aliens.

"You left me that package didn't you?" he heard Gwen's voice on the other end of the phone.

"I don't know what you mean," Ianto replied. More like he hadn't actually heard what she'd said, distracted by the hot kisses being given by his lover to his neck and lower jaw.

"Ianto, what's going on?" she questioned. Yet again he wasn't paying attention to her but focusing his interest on Jack, gazing into the older man's crystal blue eyes, his hands moving closer to Ianto's bare chest.

"Bye Gwen," he managed to stammer before dropping the phone and capturing Jack's lips in a passionate kiss.

"Who next?" asked Jack, questioningly.

"Owen," replied Ianto without hesitation.

"Lead the way then Mr Jones," said Jack, his hand's sliding down, from their former position tangled in Ianto's hair, across Ianto's bare shoulders.

"Follow me, Sir." Ianto practically purred the last word and, grasping the older man's hands in his, lead him towards the autopsy room. Owen had really been pissing him ff recently.

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