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When it comes to women, most men just don't have a clue.

- shows a guy getting slapped by his angry girlfriend

-"What'd I do? All I asked was if you wanted a regular or diet soda!"

"That's where I come in"

-new character enters and speaks to confused guy

-"Actually man, by asking if she wanted a diet, you implied that you thought she needed to lose weight. Go buy her a regular coke, a rose, a box of chocolate and tell her that she's the greatest thing you never knew you needed. Here's my card, call me if have anymore problems." (walks away leaving confused guy staring at the card)

"My name is Troy Bolton but everyone calls me..."

-...the date doctor. Have you ever heard of him?" (a girl asks her friend)

-"Totally a myth," she replies.

"And I help people see what's right in front of them"

- "I can't believe she said yes! The most beautiful girl is marrying me!" dorky guy says.

- "I told you, I never fail," Troy says.

But his next match may change that

-"So what's this girl like?"

-"She's beautiful, smart, nice... I have a picture!" ( eagerly pulls out picture from wallet)

-Troy looks at pic

-"Her name is Gabriella Montez."

- "Oh, I know," he mutters


-"Excuse me I have to go... I have a." ( runs from office)

-Shows Troy talking to friend at bar

-"I don't know what the problem is man."

-"Chad, I can't set him up with the girl I was pining for in high school!"

-"Why not? It was seven years ago."

In fact, it might change everything

-"So your the infamous date doctor, Bolting Bolton?" Gabriella laughs.

-"I just bolted because no one would give me a chance," he replies. "Especially not the only girl I really wanted to be with," he said staring at her.

Zac Efron

-shows him angrily throwing a basketball at the fence

Corbin Bleu

-"You just have to decide which is more important. Cuz you can't have them both."

Lucas Grabeel

-"How could you do this to me?"

Vanessa Hudgens

-"I feel sick. Who do you go to if you feel like you heart in ripping in half?"

and Monique Coleman

-"Ben and Jerry."

"Date Doctor"

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