Positive Thinking.
If Eric was the kind of person that blamed others, he'd say that this was Sora's fault ("Seriously, man, I can tell you that 'princesses'? Aren't that big on the whole getting rescued thingy. And most of them aren't really defenseless.") but then again, it had been his idea to train Ariel, and he had agreed with Sora's general comment.

He knew his princess, stubborn and proud and eager, always trying her best. He knew that Ariel wasn't like the other princesses he had met, and he knew she'd love to learn how to use a sword.

Of course, he would have liked the heads up about Ariel, maybe perhaps, having magic. Poor Percy was going to have a stroke after he saw the walls. But still. This meant that with some practice, in case that Ursula managed to find a way to come back – again, from what he'd been told – Ariel would be able to better protect herself.

So Eric sighed a little and then smiled at Ariel, who was half cringing, hands behind her back, not looking at him. So Eric went near her, tipped her head up and brushed her lips with his in a soft kiss before he winked.

"I don't think you're the wielding-sword kind of princess," but before she could start apologizing, he grinned. "So how about some target practice?"

Yeah, really. What's there to blame Sora about anyway, when it ends up with Ariel hugging him tightly, smiling brighter than the sun?