Watching Jack die shouldn't hurt Ianto as much as it does. Watching the body of the man he looks up to in so many ways go colder, weaker, limper, until eventually his last breath is sucked from his body and he ceases to exist.

Until that bone chilling gasp fills the silence and Jack comes back to life. It sounds so strange, if he told anyone he watched his lover being resurrected on a regular basis, he'd surely be locked up, but is there really anything about his relationship with Jack that could be classed as 'normal'?

But every time Ianto sees Jack's eyes darting around the room, frantically trying to locate the young Welshman as he wakes, the pain is forgotten, and he realises that being normal isn't everything.

Especially when you wake up and see the face of your immortal, 51st century, ex-time agent, lover. Yeah, he better keep the 'finer' details regarding his Captain under wraps, or he really could end up in a padded cell.

AN: This was meant to be angst, but half way through the story decided it wanted to try and be a teeny tiny bit fluffy and humorous, so that is why it is probably quite rubbish. Lol. Anyway, sorry it was so ridiculously short, and as always reviews are craved like chocolate.