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A First For Everything

Part 1 – The Assignment

"Alright, alright everyone! I've given you enough social time to last until the end of the year. Lets settle down now and get to work. And yes Chad, that would include you too," said Miss Paterna, the students English teacher.

It was only midway through the month of September here at East High School, and the days couldn't get any slower. It being only first period on that Friday morning, and everyone was ready for the day to be over and for the weekend to get started. Plans had already been made, parties were being anticipated, and date nights were causing butterflies for some people.

Gabriella Montez found herself sitting in her very uncomfortable desk towards the back of the classroom with Troy Bolton behind her, Taylor McKessie to her left, and Chad Danforth behind Taylor. She had chosen a cute outfit to end off the week in; consisting of a black and white floral printed skirt that went to her knees and a black tank top that had a deep-v neck. Her hair was curled and hung down her neck in a low side ponytail and she had minimal make up on her naturally beautiful face. Just some strawberry lip-glass she had bought with her best friend Taylor that past weekend at the mall, black mascara that made her eyes pop, and some black eye liner. It wasn't much, but it definitely worked for her.

These were her favorite days: days when she decided against the regular sweats and instead put on something girly and cute. And the best part was that she didn't do it for a boy; she wasn't hoping to "catch" someone's eyes. She did it purely for herself because she felt that she deserved to look good. Her mother had always told her, "Never put your best things off for tomorrow, you may never have a tomorrow. Then how are you going to be remembered? In your sweats? Yuck."

She smiled as she remembered the day her mother told her that. It was one of those things that only your mother can teach you and it'll live with her for the rest of her life.

Behind Gabriella, Troy was still chatting with his best friend Chad, trying his best not to get caught by Miss Paterna. But sure enough he did, and after some yelling he decided to shut his mouth and actually listen to what the young English teacher was saying.

Today was just like every other day for Troy. He woke up, went for an extremely early morning run to get his energy up for the day, showered, changed into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt from Abercrombie and Fitch, ate some breakfast before heading over to Gabriella's house to pick her up on his way to school, and then they both made their way to East High. Now here he was being bored to death at the sound of the blond and tall lady lecturing at the front of the overly decorated classroom.

"What about you Troy, are you ready?"

His eyes popped open and he felt his body shoot up at the sudden attention on himself. Laughter was heard to the left of him, but he forced himself to pull himself together and recover. "Oh I'm always ready Miss Paterna," said Troy cockily.

She just laughed sarcastically before acting as if their little discussion had never happened. "Anyways, as I was saying class, today I'll be giving you all a new assignment. But first I'd like you all to quickly, and I mean quickly, pair up and with one other person in this class. Ready? Go!"

Immediately Gabriella felt a pair of strong arms that she had memorized a long time ago wrap around her chest and pull her all the way back in her desk.

"You're stuck with me darlin'," whispered Troy in Gabriella's ear. A shiver ran down her back as she felt his breath on her skin, but her face still managed to break out in a smile.

"What else is new," she muttered back.

"Oh you love it," teased Troy.


Meanwhile the rest of the class easily paired up, Chad taking Taylor, Sharpay grabbing onto Zeke, Jason shyly asking Kelsey, and so on and so on.

"Alright, times up!" announced Miss Paterna to the class. "Everyone good?"

After getting a nod of heads and murmured yeses, she continued on. "Alright everyone, what I'm passing out now is your assignment and I'll explain it all for you thoroughly." Her feet moved to the first row and passed the student at the front the appropriate amount of papers for their whole row, before moving on to the next row.

"Your First. That would be the topic of discussion this time around students. I have up here on my desk a list, and on that list are all topics that you young people either have, or haven't, experienced for the first time in your life at some point. You and your partner will both receive the same topic, but you will not be working on this project together. And I will stress this now, this is an individual assignment, meaning everyone does their own work. All you'll be doing together is sharing the same topic, discussing it if you'd like, and presenting your finished paper to the class at the same time."

"The reason why you've been paired up is for your fellow classmates and myself to see two different sides to a person's first. I know this may seem confusing right now, but trust me it is simple. Each of you must write a poem about your topic, and you'll present them to the class like I said. The two of you will stand up here together and one will go first while the other person follows suit. Now here's the catch. There may be some topics on my list that you'll get that you never have experienced in your life, so therefore you are allowed to lie and make up a story and write a poem on this lie. You can write instead about what you would like to happen for your first time, what you dream of happening, or what did happen if it has. But the most important part of this is that at the very end of reading your poem out loud to the class is that you must tell myself and the class whether your poem was a lie, or if it was the truth."

"You all seem to have a very distressed look on your face right now, so let me give you an example. Jason and Kelsey, say for example I gave you the topic First Broken Bone. The two of you would separately work on your own poem discussing your first broken bone and what that experience was like. Now say Kelsey over here has never broken a bone before, but she still has to write the poem, so instead she has to create a story to base her poem off of. It can be the most absurd story ever told, or it could be simple, it doesn't matter to me. But at the very end she must confess whether her story was true or if it was false. And may I warn you, do not lie. A large part of your grade will be based off of your ability to tell the truth or not. So, does this make any sense to anyone? Do you have any questions?" asked Miss Paterna.

Taylor's hand went straight up in the air.

"Yes Taylor," spoke Miss Paterna.

"So basically we're going to get a topic and we have to write a poem about it, either telling the truth or not and at the end of reading our poem in front of the class we have to state whether it was a lie or if it was the truth?"

A smile formed on Miss Paterna's face at the teenager's ability to speak in simpler terms. "Exactly Taylor, thank you for getting it."

Taylor smiled back at the teacher before Miss Paterna's eyes scanned her classroom again. "Yes Chad."

"I'm confused Miss P, what is the purpose of having a partner again? I mean, I'll be the one actually writing this poem, so why am I partnered up?" Everyone laughed at Chad's words.

"That's a very good question Chad, thank you. To explain it better, the purpose of having a partner is so that your classmates can see two sides to one topic. Using my previous example, Kelsey here has never broken her arm, but Jason on the other hand may have. Therefore we'll be able to hear two different sides and two different takes on one topic. Some of you though may both be in the same boat, and that's where your creativity comes in. As a pair, one of you can decide to lie while the other one tells the truth in your poem, or you can discuss together your own individual sides of the topic and see how you can spruce up your stories to make it more fun. It's up to you what you and your partner decide to do, and it doesn't matter to me either. What does matter is that you confess at the end the truth: have you or have you not experienced your topic before?"

"Umm, excuse me Miss Paterna," spoke Troy. "Can you tell me what the purpose of this assignment it?"

Miss Paterna scoffed at the teenager's attitude. "The purpose, Mr. Bolton, is for you to get to know your classmates a little more, and to see a different side of them. Are they going to lie, or are they someone who'd rather tell the truth? Now granted, if you've never experienced your topic before you obviously have to lie about it, but if you have experienced it you're welcome to lie too. It's just an assignment that I thought would be fun for you all to do, well except for you clearly Mr. Bolton."

Troy turned his eyes to the other side of the classroom to avoid her glare. "If the complaints and questions are covered, I'll sort out the topics."

Miss Paterna got her list and started to give off topics to each pair of students. There were many topics, some interesting and some that had happened when they were infants, but nonetheless they were all interesting.

"Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie: Your First Bad Habit." Chad's eyes immediately narrowed and his eyebrows scrunched together. Clearly confused, he turned to Taylor to complain.

"Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton: Your First Kiss."

A blush immediately rose to Gabriella's cheeks and she dropped her head down to look at her hands in her lap. Behind her Troy sat not knowing how to feel. Obviously he had had his first kiss long ago, but it wasn't really something he was personally proud of; none of his kisses were. Yes, they were enjoyable at the time, but they weren't special to him and they certainly never meant anything to him. He couldn't help but wonder though what Gabriella would write. Being her best friend and all, he was well aware that she hadn't had her first kiss yet, and it was something that often made her sad.

Every time that the gang hung out together, everyone always paired off in his or her own way. Whether it be Sharpay and Zeke yelling at each other before making up in an intimate way, to Chad and Taylor discussing how much they annoyed one another before attaching their lips, to Troy and Gabriella looking the opposite way pretending that they didn't see the close interactions between their dating friends.

It was awkward for them, seeing as how they were both single, but Gabriella knew his past and his reputation, and the last thing that she would ever expect would be for him to want to become serious all of a sudden, especially with her. Troy knew that Gabriella wasn't the type of girl to ever be involved with someone just for sex; she had a heart too big for that. So she just kept to her dreams of being involved with Troy to herself and tried her best to be his best friend.

Troy meanwhile always thought about how his reputation was something he wasn't proud of any more. He was at a point in his life where he saw things differently, he felt differently, and he wanted different things. Being with a different girl every Friday night wasn't enticing to him any more. Instead he enjoyed movie nights with the gang, and prayed that someone would suggest a horror movie so that he could hold Gabriella's hand.

Their feelings for each other were complicated, but they were there and they were hidden. At this point in their friendship, they didn't have the courage to confess their feelings, but seeing as how they've known each other for most of their lives, you would think that that fateful day was coming soon.

"So everyone has a topic now, and I wish you the best of luck. These will be due next Friday, so come to class prepared to read your poem and to speak the truth. The bell is going to ring soon, so take the rest of the class period to yourselves. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me," said Miss Paterna before collecting the extra papers and putting everything away.

"Well this is going to be interesting," said Taylor once she had turned in her seat to face Troy, Gabriella and Chad. "My first bad habit? How the hell am I suppose to know that?"

"I'm with you there Tay, this is going to destroy my brain trying to think so hard."

Taylor shot Chad a glare filled with annoyance. "Actually, I'm beginning to realize what my first bad habit was... you."

Chad looked at her with his mouth opened and Troy just laughed at their discussion before patting Chad on the back. Chad in turn turned to face Troy. "But you man, you got it easy. First kiss? Pshh, piece of cake!"

Troy's eyes darted to Gabriella and saw her looking down at her hands again and a sense of guilt washed over him. The fact that she hadn't had a first kiss yet was hard enough, but to have to think even more about it, and make up a story? That was pretty harsh. "Yeah," he whispered before hearing the bell finally ring and everyone exited the classroom.

"Here, let me help you," said Troy to Gabriella as he gathered her books in his arms and received a warm smile from her. There's that smile, he thought to himself.

She linked her arm through his and together they left the classroom and made their way to their adjoining lockers. "Where do you want to go for study today" asked Gabriella to Troy. Every day they shared a study together, but with Gabriella's National Honor Society status, and Troy's being Troy Bolton status, they seemed to be able to get away with going anywhere during their free time.

"I think it's time I showed you the real way to shoot hoops. You up for the challenge?"

Although getting all sweaty and out of breath wasn't really something she enjoyed doing at school, for Troy she would obviously agree. It was his turn to choose where they went today too, seeing as how yesterday they spent their study actually studying and went to the library.

"You know I'd never back down to a challenge Troy."

A smile erupted on Troy's face, "Now that's what I like to hear!" They threw their books into their lockers before bidding their friends a goodbye and heading over to the empty gym. His father just so happened to have a free period the same time that Troy and Gabriella had a study, so everything worked out great.

When Troy opened the heavy red door to the huge gym and let Gabriella go in before him, something came to Gabriella's mind. "Umm, Troy?"

He looked down into her brilliant brown eyes. "Yeah?" he said softly.

"I'm wearing a skirt, I can't play basketball and actually be good in a skirt."

"Nothing can stop you from playing a good game of basketball Gabs, you're a natural."

Her cheeks turned pink at his choice of words. "That's sweet Troy, but I was being serious."

Troy looked around the gym deep in thought as if a new outfit would just pop into thin air. "I'll be back, don't move!" He had already backed away from her and ran towards the boy's locker room. Minutes later he returned with a pair of basketball shorts in his hands. "Here you go, all set. Now you have no excuse for when you lose."

She stuck out her tongue at him in disgust, but followed his advice and ran to the girl's locker room where she slipped off her skirt and pulled up his huge basketball shorts. "Gosh, could these be any bigger?" she muttered to herself and she rolled the top of the shorts down a record seven times. Once satisfied, she returned to Troy who now had a basketball in his hands and she motioned for him to pass her the ball. With a smirk on his face, he easily obliged and prepared himself for yet another great game of one on one with his favorite girl; the winner being the first to 40.

Playing with Gabriella was always a challenge and Troy loved every minute of it. He learned early on never to underestimate her and her size, because she often used that to her advantage.

After thirty minutes, it was 38-31, Gabriella clearly winning. Sweat was coming off of Troy's face and all that he could hear was his heavy breathing as well as Gabriella's. She had the ball in her possession once again and he went straight to her to try to block her from the basket. Her back was pinned right up against his chest and she attempted to fake right and break left, but he was finally catching on to her game tactics and easily blocked her and grabbed the ball out of her hands yelling victoriously against her neck, causing her body to shiver at the sensation of his breath on her neck; something that she had been feeling for the past thirty-five minutes straight.

A pout formed on her glowing face and her reflexes picked up as her bare foot connected with his bare foot and she stomped down on it.

"OW!" Troy's hands immediately dropped the basketball and clamped on to his foot as he hopped around. Immediately Gabriella darted towards the rolling basketball and completed an easy two-pointer before throwing her hands up in the air victoriously.

Troy looked up from his sure to bruise foot and caught her celebrating her win, and a sly smile formed on his face. Her back was to him for the time being so she wasn't aware of his approaching body, and before she knew it, her body was being lifted up in the air and was thrown over Troy's muscular shoulder.

"Troy! Put me down!" Her feet were kicking and her fists were pounding, but Tory just laughed and ran their bodies over to the gymnastics mat in one of the corners of the gym. When he arrived at the mats, he carefully threw her body down and straddled her waist while his fingers found her stomach and began to tickle the life out of her.

Her screams and giggles echoed throughout the entire gym and Troy couldn't stop the satisfied smile when he heard her giggle.

"Troy! Stop, please!"

"Tell me I'm the best basketball player ever," whispered Troy into her ear as his fingers kept tickling her body.

"I'm not a liar!" she shot back.

"Then I'll keep tickling you!"

She could barely find her voice, but somehow she managed to spit the words out and soon enough Troy's hands came to a disappointing halt. "Much better," she whispered while staring up into his crystal blue eyes.

Their eyes were locked for what felt like forever and sensations were going through their body that they had never felt before. But before anything more could happen, Gabriella came back to her senses. "I need to change before the bell rings," she whispered towards Troy's face.

He nodded and shook his head clean of his current thoughts. "Yeah, you do," he whispered back.

"I uh... I think you need to get off of me," whispered Gabriella again.

Troy looked down at his current position and immediately got up off of her and offered his hands to her to help her up. "Thanks."

Seconds later Troy watched her retreating figure run back towards the girl's locker room and he headed to the boys one himself to freshen up.

When they both came out after they were done, it was awkward at first but Troy pushed past those feelings and went to wrap his arm around her waist. "Ready for Psychology?" he asked referring to their next class together.

"Oh yeah, my brain needs some more expanding," she said sarcastically with a smile on her face as she buried her head into Troy's chest.

They laughed together as they headed back to their lockers to gather their books before returning to their regular classes. By the end of th day they were both spent and couldn't have been happier when their tired bodies sank down into Troy's comfortable leather seats to his car. Troy was taking her home just like every other day, where he would drop her off only to see her a few hours later back at her house with the rest of the gang for a cookout that Gabi was having for them.

When she saw Troy's car had completely exited her driveway after he dropped her off, she shut the front door and made her way up to her bedroom. Thankfully her mother had had the air conditioner running all day, so her bedroom was nice and cool. She threw her books down on her bed along with her purse, before making her way over to her desk that was sitting in the corner of her room that over looked her balcony and back yard. Her laptop sitting on her desk was still running, and after waking it up she opened up a word document. When she was finally comfortable, her fingers easily ran over the keyboard and she let her mind do the talking.

Gabriella Montez

September 14, 2008

Miss Paterna/Honors English

My First Kiss

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