The Doctor's Secret Army Chapter One: Wilf's Secret Webcam by Lumendea

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, if I did this is what would have happened.

Rose turned to Wilf and Sylvia as the voice of Harriet Jones spoke to Jack Harkness through the computer, "Have you got a web cam?"

"No," Sylvia replied with a note of regret, "Never got one, they're naughty after all."

Rose sighed and turned back to the screen as the image began to clear up little by little. Wilf looked at his daughter with a cautious look before standing up from the sofa.

"Just a moment sweetheart, I've got one upstairs."

"What?" Sylvia demanded sharply of her father.

Wilf gestured to Rose and the screen, "Well it's a good thing isn't it. I've got to dig it out of my drawers first. I had to hide it afterall."

Sylvia sighed and shook her head until she saw the relieved smile on Rose's face. She cracked a thin smile, "I suppose I'll let it go under the circumstances." Wilf grinned and winked at Rose before turning and walking out of the room.

"Sarah Jane Smith," Harriet Jones called out, "13 Badanon Road. Are you there?"

Rose grinned as she heard Sarah Jane respond to Harriet Jones. She had been devastated when Sarah Jane Smith died in the alternate universe along with the Doctor. That was the day she had eased off on her quest to save everyone, she had realized that she would never be able to, and focused instead on saving Donna. She remembered reading all of the UNIT files on the Doctor's companions and discovering one by one that they were dead: Sarah Jane Smith, Tegan Jovanka, Jo Grant and all the others over his long life. Rose hoped that some of them had found safety from the Daleks.

The screen suddenly split into four parts in front of Rose, showing Jack, Sarah Jane and Harriet. There was a fourth fuzzy screen and Rose called out, "Have you got the camera yet."

"Give me a moment longer love. I hid it from Sylvia."

"I'll go help him look," Sylvia offered quickly as she stood, "He can never find anything when it is actually needed."

"Fourth contact seems to be having trouble getting through," Harriet said as she turned to another computer.

"That's me!" Rose shouted, "Harriet that's me."

"I'll just boost the signal."

The face of Martha Jones appeared in the fourth screen and greeted everyone. Jack grinned and laughed happily.

"Martha Jones!" Jack greeted her.

Rose frowned, "Who's she? I want to get through."

"Martha," Jack asked, "Where are you?"

"I guess project Indigo was more clever than we thought. One second I was in Manhattan, next second maybe Indigo tapped into my mind cause I ended up in the one place that I wanted to be."

"At the end of the world you came back to me," Martha's mother said from beside her.

Rose bit her lip slightly at the thought of her own mother, but shook it off quickly to call over her shoulder, "Found it yet? I need to get through!"

She turned her attention back to the laptop as Harriet Jones began to speak to everyone about the system they were using. Rose titled her head in interest at the idea of it. The network must have found her, but failed to connect fully without a web cam.

"Martha Jones, former companion to the Doctor."

"Oi, so was I!" Rose snapped at the computer, "I really need that web cam!"

Rose rested her hand on her fist in front of the laptop as they argued over the key from UNIT. Rose frowned at the name, it sounded vaguely familiar. Maybe there had been something about it in her home world's files. Her Torchwood and UNIT were on much better terms since the Doctor had never been an issue for either one. Rose looked back up as Harriet Jones began speaking about the day the Doctor caused her downfall and sighed.

"Here it is sweetheart," Wilf said suddenly from behind her. Rose grabbed the webcam from his open hand and began to attach it to the laptop with a practiced ease.

"What is that?" Jack asked as a new fifth spot appeared in the center of the screen, "Have they found us."

"No," Harriet said suddenly, "The system connected with someone else."

"Who else is there?" Sarah Jane asked, "Is it the Doctor?"

"Sorry Sarah Jane, but no," Rose said as her image appeared on the screen with the others, "Rose Tyler, it's good to see you again Sarah Jane, Jack Harkness and you too Harriet."

"Rose Tyler," Harriet Jones breathed, "But you died."

"No," Jack said with a face splitting grin, "No, but she saved the world and was sent to another universe. I was under the impression it was a permanent relocation."

Rose grinned back at Jack and nodded, "Yeah except the walls between universes are falling, Jack. I've been pulled across different realities because of what is happening. A darkness is coming and it threatens every world. We need the Doctor and Donna Noble."

"Hold on," Martha interrupted quickly, "You're really Rose."

"Yes Martha Jones, that is the lovely Miss Tyler. I think that other universe has done you good Rose. You're more gorgeous than I remember. He is going to be so jealous that you found a way back to him before he found a way to you."

"Not now Captain," Harriet Jones said sharply, "Now Rose what is this about Donna Noble?"

"There isn't time to explain it fully, but I just finished a mission to save her and the Doctor. Donna Noble is vital to stopping this. We need to find the Doctor."

"Is your super phone working?" Jack asked her quickly.

"No, I'm afraid not. We have been isolated here. When they moved the Earth, the Daleks put us into a different dimension. I think we might even be out of sync in time and the I took before arriving readings show that we're in the center of a rift."

"No wonder he can't hear us," Jack sighed.

"That's why we need to the subwave," Harriet said, "To bring us all together, the Doctor's secret army."

"Wait a minute," Jack said, "Rose you say that we're out of sync in time and in a rift."

"That's what the evidence suggests, yes."

"But we can still get signals from the rift," the brunette next to Jack said.

"You're right Gwen," Jack looked back at the screen, "If we boost the signal, it should still escape back into the rest of the universe. We transmit that telephone number through Torchwood itself using the power of the rift."

"And we've got Mister Smith," the teenager with Sarah Jane said, "He can link up with every telephone exchange on the Earth. He can get the whole world to call the same number all at the same time. Billions of phones calling out all at the same time."

"Brilliant!" Rose laughed.

"Oh yeah!," Jack shouted, "Who's the kid?"

"That's my son," Sarah Jane told him with a firm look.

"Sorry," Ianto said stepping forward, "Ianto Jones, but if we start transmitting then this subwave network is going to become visible to the Daleks."

"Yes, and they will trace it back to me, but my life doesn't matter."

"Harriet," Rose said sharply, "Are you sure there isn't another option."

"No Rose," Harriet said softly, "This is necessary. Finding the Doctor is necessary, you know that. If you've come back to this universe to help us, then you understand the reality of the danger." Rose nodded slowly and Harriet smiled, "I'm glad you lived. I was so angry at the Doctor when I saw your name on the list of the dead. Now my dear we must do whatever we can to save the Earth."

Jack saluted Harriet Jones, "Ma'am."

"Thank you captain, but there are people out there dying on the streets."

"Marvelous woman," Wilf said from the sofa, "I voted for her."

"You did not," Sylvia corrected him sharply.

"Now enough of words," Harriet Jones said with determination, "Let's begin."