The Doctor's Secret Army Chapter Three: The Not so Secret Love by Lumendea

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, if I did this is what would have happened.

Donna put her hand on the Doctor's arm as Davros spoke. All of the Doctor's muscles had become tight and the happy expression that had been on his face only a moment before had fallen away to despair. She tried to focus on what that horrible looking thing was saying to the Doctor, but all she could focus on was the lost look on the Doctor's face. Donna felt a new and unfamiliar level of fear rising in her at the sight of the Daleks. She didn't have to know much about them or that Davros person to know that this was bad. This was the darkness and it was here now.

"Doctor, it's alright. We're in the TARDIS," she reminded him softly.

The Doctor didn't respond to her at first and kept his gaze focused on Davros. Donna glanced back and forth between the screen and the Doctor's face.

"I have my children, Doctor. What do you have now?"

"Rose," Donna whispered to the Doctor, "Rose."

The Doctor didn't seem to react to that reminder, but he spoke again to Davros, "After all this time, everything we saw, everything we lost, I have only one thing to say to you. Bye!"

Rose sighed softly as the subwave network shut down. She stood slowly and stretched her legs. Wilf moved over to the window carefully and looked up at the sky. Rose smiled in spite of herself, "I doubt he'll land outside like you're expecting. The TARDIS can materialize pretty much anywhere."

"When will they be here?" Sylvia asked, "I need to see Donna. Imagine my daughter traveling with an alien."

"The Doctor will be here soon," Rose promised, "He's coming."

"Martha I need the fourth number on the Indigo panel!" Jack shouted into his phone over the explosions and sparks around him.

"It's a four and nine," Martha told him as she leaned over the pack on one of Sarah Jane's tables, "We could never work out what it was."

"That's a teleport base code," Jack told her with a chuckle as he pulled on his coat, "And that's all I need to get this thing working again." Jack plugged the numbers back into his wristband vortex manipulator, "Martha please warn Sarah Jane that she's about to have some company from Torchwood."

Sarah Jane looked over as Martha told her the news. Glancing at her son, Sarah Jane nodded, "Just tell him to the keep the guns to a minium."

Jack grinned and shut his phone and picked up his large gun, the one he knew could kill a Dalek, "Gwen, Ianto," he said motioning them over, "We've got to go. I'll take you to Sarah Jane and then we'll track down the Doctor."

Gwen smiled and nodded to Jack just as the roof began to shake. Jack looked up, a spark of panic in his eyes. Holding out his arm, he shouted, "Grab hold and don't let go."

Ianto and Gwen both grabbed onto Jack's arms, making sure that he could still reach the teleport system on his wrist. They vanished in a blue light.

Rose couldn't breath as a wind began to blow through the Noble's house. A huge smile appeared on her face as she eyes searched for the source. The grating sound grew louder and louder around her. Rose's smile slipped a bit when she saw Wilf and Sylvia step back from her with stunned looks on their faces. Rose looked around her and laughed, the TARDIS was materializing around her.

Donna watched the intense look of concentration and barely contained glee on the Doctor's face. She was starting to get used to his rapidly shifting expressions, but the last few minutes had proved extra interesting. Looking up, Donna blinked as a person began to shift into view only a few feet from the Doctor. She grinned as she recognized the blue leather coat and the blond hair. A moment later the TARDIS stilled and the woman turned to face them with a huge smile.

The Doctor didn't wait, didn't pause to say anything before he took the one step in took to reach Rose in the TARDIS and pulled her into a tight hug. He ignored the fact that his hands were shaking slightly and that his face was beginning to hurt from the smile on it. Instead, he tightened his grip and relished in the feel of Rose hugging him back.

Donna smiled and felt a tear escape her eye. The world was ending and the universes were all in danger, creation itself was about to fall apart, but she was a sucker for happy endings. She wiped away the tear and turned away from the Doctor and Rose. Sniffing, she opened the door and stepped out into her living room to hug her mother and grandfather.

"Oh Donna, you're safe," her mother gasped into her hair, "I can't believe this, but at least you're home."

"Good to see you sweetheart," Wilf added with a tear or two in his eyes.

The Doctor tangled his fingers in Rose's hair, a more natural looking blonde he noted in the back of his mind. He knew that he should step back and ask her what else she knew about the Dalek's pan. He really really should start working on a plan to stop them and find out what was going on with Bad Wolf. The Doctor knew that Sarah Jane, Jack and Martha were all waiting for him, but he really couldn't find the strength to pull away. It scared him a bit, the fact that nothing else mattered but holding onto Rose, but he couldn't ignore that the nagging loneliness that had been living in him since Canary Wharf had vanished.

"You're here," he sighed, "You came back."

"Made a promise," Rose muttered back as she brushed her fingers through his hair, "Promised you that I'd stay."

"Rose," he said her name happily, "Rose you came back. Should have known you'd find a way back, you always find a way back to me. You brilliant girl. You fantastic girl."

Rose didn't know what to say. She'd played this out in her mind and in her dreams so many times once they'd discovered the weakening walls of the universe. She'd imagined that he'd kiss her or finish what he'd started to say at Bad Wold Bay. She'd had nightmares that he'd regenerated or that she's imagined that he'd loved her. But this was so much better, it was better than any pretty words he could've said. He'd come for her, she'd been the most important thing and he was hugging her again. Sighing happily, Rose tilted her head and look up at him.

The Doctor looked down at Rose's smiling face and impossibly, his grin widened further. They were still for a long moment before the Doctor kissed her forehead and then the tip of her nose, making her giggle.

▒We really should go save the universe."

"Universes," Rose corrected, "I've been to about ten different ones lately and it's all bad. Whatever they're doing is generating enough energy to rip down all the walls." Rose sighed as they floated back to reality, "If that happens..."

"Everything will collapse", the Doctor finished for her, "Reality will simply cease to be."

He let go of Rose and stepped back a bit. His smile faded, but didn't completely vanish as he held out his hand for her to take. Rose smiled and slid her hand into his.

"Well then Rose Tyler, what do you say we get Donna back in here, team up with the others at Sarah Jane's and go save the universes."

"Sounds like the doctor ordered."