A/N- This will be a series of one shots about JJ, Emily and a growing AJ. Mostly family related stories with occasional work stuff thrown in.

A/N 2- This takes place before the last 11 chapters of 'Secret'. AJ is only two and Emily and JJ have been to together for about 4 years. This is something I should have put in the original story but it got left out. I had typed it at work (surprise, surprise!) and thought that I saved it to the flash drive but when I got home it wasn't there. So rather than type it again, I just left it out. However, the other day I found it on the hard drive at work, oops!! Hope you enjoy it!

JJ stood in front a mirror in the bedroom and could not help but smile. She was wearing a white dress with thin straps that criss-crossed in the back. The material was thin and clung to her body, highlighting all the right spots. It was low cut in the front; something that she knew would drive Emily crazy. JJ heard the door open behind her and then heard three small gasps. She turned around to see her mother, Garcia and Amy all standing there with tears in their eyes.

"JJ you look beautiful." Garcia smiled as she stared at her friend. "Emily is going to be speechless."

"Thanks Garcia." JJ smiled as Garcia hugged her. JJ turned to face her mom who had tears pouring down her face. "You'd better stop because if you make me cry I will kill you." JJ laughed even as she felt tears beginning to form.

"I'm sorry sweetie; you just look like an angel standing there." Angie said as she wiped her tears away. "Wait till your father sees you." There was a slight knock at the door and they heard Tom ask if it was okay to enter. Angie walked over to JJ and grabbed her hand as Garcia opened the door. Tom made it about two steps into the bedroom before he stopped and stared at his daughter.

"Honey, you look…" Tom was speechless.

"Gorgeous. The word you're looking for is gorgeous." Amy said.

"Thanks you Amy." Tom smiled as he walked over to JJ. "You look gorgeous." Tom pulled JJ into a hug. "Emily is very lucky."

"We're both very lucky." JJ smiled as she looked down at the diamond wedding band that she had on.


JJ walked into the house and the scene in front of her took her breath away. Every inch of the foyer and the living room were completely covered in rose petals and candles. It was beautiful.

"Emily?" She called out as she put her stuff down on the entry table.

"In here." Emily answered back from the bed room. JJ turned the corner and much to her surprise the rose petals continued on into the bedroom where Emily was standing, wearing the sexiest black teddy JJ had ever seen.

"Honey, you look…wow." JJ found herself, for the first time in her life, speechless.

"So you like?" Emily teased.

"Oh you have no idea how much I like." JJ smiled as she closed the gap between her and Emily. "But it's not our anniversary so to what do I owe this honor?" She asked she wrapped her hands around Emily's waist, pulling her close.

"What, I need an excuse to spoil my girlfriend?"

"Honey, in all the years we've been together the only time you wear something like this," she pulled at the teddy, "is on our anniversary, so spill."

"I thought we could make a new anniversary." Emily smiled.

"Excuse me?" JJ asked confused.

"Jennifer, you know I love you right?" Emily asked suddenly very serious and slightly nervous.

"Of course." JJ replied, slightly taken aback by the use of given name.

"We've been together for over 4 years now and we have a beautiful daughter, who's at your parents' house by the way," JJ nodded before Emily continued. "Our life is prefect, but I can't help but feel that there is something missing."

"Like what?"

"While I know that we can't get married, I think that we need something to shows everyone how committed we are. Something that validates our love for one another."

"Honey, that is sweet, but I don't need anything to validate my love for you and I certainly don't need a piece of paper or a ring to know you love me." JJ smiled.

"So you don't want this very expensive, very sparkly diamond encrusted wedding band that I picked out for you?" Emily teased as she picked up a box from the dresser. As soon as she opened it JJ's eyes filled up with tears.

"There beautiful." JJ gasped as she stared down at two matching diamond encrusted wedding bands. They were platinum and were completely encircled with at least 2 karats worth of diamonds. JJ had never seen anything like them before.

"I had them custom made. There are two, one for you and one for me." Emily smiled as the tears streamed down JJ's face. "JJ you are my heart and soul. I love you will all that I am. Jennifer Ann Jereau will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

"Yes!" JJ squealed as Emily slipped the ring on her finger. "I love you so much." JJ said as she stared down at the ring and a single tear rolled down her cheek. Emily pulled her ring out of the box and was just about to put it on when JJ took it from her hand.

"Allow me. Emily you never cease to amaze me. Just when I think out life together cannot get any better, you go do this. I love you will you with all that I am. Emily Elizabeth Prentiss, will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?"

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Emily smiled as JJ slipped the ring on. "Now let's see what we can do about the fact that you are way overdressed." Emily snickered as she pulled JJ into a very passionate kiss.

"Would it be okay it I have a few minutes alone with JJ?" Tom asked. Angie, Amy and Garcia nodded and left the room.

"Everything okay dad?" JJ asked giving her father a puzzle look.

"My baby girl is getting 'married.'" JJ laughed at her dad's use of air quotes for the word married. "And although it sad to think that you are all grown up with a family of your own, I just want to make sure you know how much your mother and I love you."

"Of course I do." JJ could feel the tears threatening to fall again.

"I know that a lot of parents would've run for the hills when their only daughter told them that she was gay but that day you told us I couldn't have been prouder." That was it the tears began to fall. "You were being true to yourself and you didn't have to hide anymore. Nobody should have to live a lie. All I ever wanted for you was to be happy and that day I could see in your eyes you were. What more could a parent want for their child. Then you found someone that I am honored to call my daughter in law." Tom smiled as he wiped the tears from JJ's face, even though more continued to fall. Tom loved Emily like she was one of his own. He was truly happy that they had found each other. "I know that you two have been through a lot in the last four years but your love for one another has never faltered and although that the circumstances surrounding AJ's birth were less than ideal," JJ gave a slight chuckle and Tom cringed as he thought back to that day, "both of you are wonderful mothers. I've had a lot of great memories in my lifetime, but there are five that stand out among the rest. The day I married your mother, the day you were born, when you graduated from the Academy, the day AJ was born and today. I am so happy for you. Love is a gift, don't ever forget that." Tom wiped the rest of the tears from JJ's cheek and smiled.

"I love you so much dad." JJ said as she hugged him.

"I do too." Tom said. "Now let's get this show on the road.

Emily was standing in the back yard in front of all of their family and friends waiting for JJ to appear. Emily was wearing a white pant suit, not that any one was shocked and Morgan was standing next to her, holding AJ in his arms. Emily heard the music change and her breath caught in her throat when she looked up and saw JJ walking down the aisle with her father. For a minute Emily thought she was going to pass out. JJ looked amazing. Her eyes immediately drifted to the extremely low cut front and she could not help but smirk. She knew that was all for her. JJ knew that it would drive her crazy. Emily shook Tom's hand and he pulled her into a hug.

"Promise me you'll take care of my little girl?" Tom whispered in Emily's ear as his own tears threatened to fall.

"For as long as I live." Emily replied as he let go. Emily turned her focus to JJ and they proceeded with the ceremony. JJ and Emily committed their love to one another and sealed it with a kiss. Emily took, a now sleeping, AJ in her arms and the three of them walked down the aisle together. All in all it was perfect.

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