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Emily woke up just as the sun was beginning to creep through the curtains. She glanced down at the woman sleeping next to her and smiled. Still wrapped tightly in her arms was her wife of 23 years and Emily was sure that she even more in love with her today than she was all those years ago. Knowing that it was about to go off, Emily leaned over and turned off the alarm and then she leaned over and gently kissed JJ's bare shoulder. It wasn't until the third kiss that JJ began to stir.

"Good morning." Emily smiled as JJ rolled over; still wrapped tightly in Emily's arms.

"Good morning." JJ smiled back. Then she raised her head for a quick kiss. "So today is the day."


"Today is the day that our little girl is getting married." JJ said with a slight frown. "Do you realize that in just 11 hours she will be Amanda Jareau Smith?"
"Oh I am very aware of that little fact." Emily replied.

"Don't get me wrong I like Brad and I think he and AJ will be very happy together but…"

"She's still out little girl." Emily finished for her and JJ just nodded.

"Who would have thought that 26 years ago when you walked into my office, we would have ended up here?" JJ smiled. "Married with, for all basic purposes, three children and two grandchildren."

"Honey, to be honest with you, I was just happy to have you. I was just happy to be living with you." Emily smiled. "And then, just when I didn't think our lives would get any better, we were blessed with a daughter. Then Kelly came along and then we were blessed with Tom. I truly thought at that point our lives were pretty well fulfilled. Then an amazing thing happened?"
"Oh really, what was that?" JJ asked.

"We had grandkids." Emily smiled.

"You know, for someone who completely freaked out at the idea of becoming a grandma several months back, you sure are enjoying it an awful lot." JJ teased.

"Yeah, what's not to enjoy? We get to spoil them all day and then when they start acting bad you just call their parents." Emily laughed.

"Spoken like a true grandma." JJ smiled back. The two laid there in silence for several more minutes, just enjoying the closeness of each other. However, their peaceful serenity was interrupted by the sound of their bedroom down being flung open.

"Oh my god why are you two still in bed?" AJ practically yelled. "You were supposed to be up thirty minutes ago."

"Pumpkin would you calm down. It's only 7:30am. It's not like we overslept by four hours." Emily replied.

"We have a schedule to keep and…." AJ said quickly, looking as though she might have a heart attack any minute now.

"Honey if you don't calm down I'm going to call your Uncle Andy and have him bring you over a Prozac." JJ said watching as her daughter was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. "The wedding is not for another 10 and half hours. We have plenty of time." JJ said as she started to get up, but quickly stopped when she realized she didn't have any clothes on.

"OH MY GOD!" AJ yelled, as she could clearly tell that JJ was naked under the sheet. "You two had sex last night, didn't you?"

"I hate to break this to you honey, but it's not the first time your mother and I had sex with you in the house." Emily laughed.

"Oh my god I think I'm going to be sick." AJ threw her hands up in the air and stormed out of the room.

"Oh it's going to be a long day." JJ teased as she started to get up; the sheet still wrapped around her.

Twenty minutes later, Emily and JJ emerged from the bedroom dressed and ready for the day's events. They found Kelly, Christy and Jenny at the kitchen table.

"Hey, when do you guys get here?" JJ asked, picking Jenny up from her car seat.

"A few minutes ago." Kelly replied. "We walked in on AJ ranting on about parents and sex and I'm really not sure what else." Kelly laughed.

"Yeah well apparently we're not allowed to have sex in our own home." JJ teased back.

"Okay, first of all, I'm trying to eat here." Kelly teased. "And secondly… well really I don't have a second point; that's just gross." Kelly laughed.

"I'll remember that next time you want us to watch Jenny because you and Christy need some 'alone' time." Emily said, using air quotation marks and everything. "Because trust me, having a screaming baby in the background kind of kills the mood." Emily laughed.

"Point taken." Kelly replied with laugh of her own.

The rest of the morning and afternoon went by rather uneventful and by four o'clock AJ was fully dressed just standing in front of the mirror.

"You look beautiful, AJ." Kelly said as she looked at her best friend standing before her in her wedding gown.

"Thank you." AJ smiled as she turned around to face her friend. "What do you think mom will say when she sees that I'm wearing her dress?"

"I don't think she'll be able to say much of anything; she'll be too busy crying." Kelly replied with a smile. "So what do you think?" Kelly asked as turned around letting AJ get the full view of her outfit.

"You look very nice. Although you I still think you would have looked better in a dress."

"You're so funny." Kelly said with a mock laugh. AJ had been teasing Kelly since she got engaged that she was going to make her wear a dress; to which Kelly almost passed out at just the thought. It had been no easy task, but after a weekend in New York, JJ and AJ found a really beautiful pale yellow pantsuit. JJ had become somewhat of an expert in buying pantsuits, seeing how that was all that Emily ever wore.

"AJ honey, can we come in?" JJ asked though the door.

"Sure." AJ smiled; while Kelly went to find the tissues because she knew that they were going to be needed. JJ had no more made it into the room when she immediately stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh my god, is that my dress?" JJ asked as the tears began to fall immediately. AJ simply nodded, afraid that if she spoke she would start to cry. "Oh honey you look beautiful." JJ smiled as she took the tissue from Kelly. Emily just stood back in awe of her daughter's beauty.

"You look just like your mother." Emily finally said as she hugged her daughter, who now had her own tears falling. "So are you ready?"

"I think so." AJ replied quietly.

"Well before you go, we have something we want to give you." Emily said turning to face JJ. AJ watched in shock as JJ undid her sapphire and diamond bracelet. It, along with her wedding ring, was the only jewelry she never took off. AJ was sure she had never seen her without it.

"Your Grandma Prentiss gave this to me after your mother proposed to me. It has been in the Prentiss family for hundreds of years passed down from mother to daughter upon their engagement." JJ explained as she put the bracelet around AJ's wrist. "Your grandma knew that your mother would never wear it so she gave it to me and now I'm giving it to you. You will be the sixth Prentiss woman to wear it."

"Oh mom, I don't know what to say." AJ replied with fresh tears.

"You don't have to say anything, it's yours."

"I love you both so much. I don't think I could have asked for better parents."

"And we couldn't have asked for a better daughter." Emily smiled as she and JJ pulled AJ into a hug.

"Hey what am I… chopped liver?" Kelly teased from behind them.

"Oh come here." Emily smiled as she pulled Kelly into the group hug.

A few hours later it was time for the ceremony to begin. The music began to play and Brad's parents walked down the aisle first followed by JJ and Emily; then both sets of parents took their seats on their respective sides of the church. Emily looked around and could not help but let out a slight laugh. She had never seen so many retired FBI agents in one place in her life. The next one down the aisle was Kelly, followed by Tom who was pulling a now nine-month old Spencer behind him in a wagon. Tom dropped Spencer off with JJ and then took his place next to Brad's best man. The music changed and Brad was sure his heart stopped as he saw AJ turn the corner and begin the walk towards him.

Once they reached the end of the aisle, Morgan stopped and awaited the preacher's instructions.

"Who gives this woman away?" The preacher asked.

"Her mothers and I do." Morgan stated proudly, as if she was his own daughter. Morgan leaned over and gave AJ a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you Uncle Derek." AJ smiled back.

"Anything for you, sweetheart." Morgan smiled before turning to face Brad. "You take care of her, you hear me?"

"You have my promise." Brad smiled shaking Morgan's hand.

"Good because remember there are a lot of former FBI Agents over there," Morgan said pointing to AJ's side of the church, "and any one of them would give their life for this young lady."

"Oh trust me I know." Brad laughed along with the rest of the church. Morgan nodded and turned to grab his seat. Once he was seated Emily leaned over and kissed Morgan on the cheek.

"Thank you." Emily whispered and gave him a pat on his thigh.

Brad and AJ exchanged their own vows and finally the preacher said the words that Brad had been dying to hear since he saw AJ walk down the aisle.

"I know pronounce you man and wife; you may kiss the bride." Brad smiled before pulling AJ into a very passionate kiss, one full of all of the emotion of the day.

"I love you so much." Brad said as he pulled away.

"I love you too." AJ smiled back before they turned to face the congregation.

"I present to you for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Smith." The preacher announced and the crowd clapped loudly. Brad and AJ stopped and took Spencer from JJ's arms and then walked out of the church for the first time as a true family.

Later that evening, Emily and JJ stood just on the edge of the dance floor watching Brad and AJ dance their first dance a husband and wife. Emily had her arms wrapped around JJ's waist and her chin resting on JJ's shoulder.

"It was a beautiful ceremony." JJ said as they gently swayed with the music.

"It was."

"They look so happy together."

"They remind me of another couple I once knew." Emily teased.

"Oh really, who would that be?" JJ smiled as she turned around in Emily's arms.

"Oh, I don't know, a certain blonde media liaison and a certain dark-haired field agent maybe?" Emily laughed as they continued to sway gently to the music, JJ's forehead resting against her own.

"I love you so much, Emily. With all that we have been through and all we have overcome, I think I love you more today than I did that day you walked into my office."

"It goes both ways, Jennifer. It goes both ways." Emily smiled as they continued to sway to the music. JJ rested her head on Emily's shoulder as both women thought about the past 26 years and how they were both truly blessed.

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