Summery: The Rovers save a dog on the streets, and becomes the new member of the Rovers

Chapter 1: new recruit

The rovers had just completed their latest mission in Texas. Apparently Parvo and Groomer were trying to rob a train containing millions of dollars to fund their plans for world domination. The rovers were sent out and stopped them, but unfortunately Parvo and Groomer escaped. They saved the train and now they were on their way home. Blitz, Exile, and Shag were in the sky Rover; and Hunter and Colleen were in the street rover. They all decided to pull over and take a break. They stopped in a small clearing in a small part of town. They all got out and sat on nearby logs. Colleen spoke first, "still can't believe that Parvo and Groomer escaped."

"Well at least they left empty handed," Hunter said, "besides you can't win them all."

"I agree with comrade Hunter, even though were Road Rovers we may never win everything," Exile said.

"But still it would be better if we would have caught them," Colleen said.

"Well there's always next time," Hunter said. He looks at Shag, "hey Shag got anything to drink?"

"Rah (Yah)." Shag said. As he reached into his fur and pulled out a cooler full of soda. Everyone grabbed one and drank in silent, until Blitz broke it. "You know they wouldn't have gotten away if I was leading instead of mutt boy,"

"Don't be weird boy," Exile said.

Colleen spoke, "what are we going to tell Master that.."

"Comrades look!" Exile interrupted. They all looked over at the street and saw a dog, an Akita, walking on the road. By the looks of it he looked a bit weak. He collapses on the road. Colleen looked up the road, "Hunter look." Hunter turned his attention up the road and saw a car speeding fast on the same road as the dog, he would be hit if nobody did anything. Hunter used his speed and snatched the dog in the nick of time; he brought him over to the others and laid him down. The dog came to and saw everyone and got scared. "it's all right were not going to hurt you," Colleen said kneeling down. He still remained silent. "are you hungry?" his ear perked when he hear the word and his tail started to wag. Shag pulled out a box of milk bones and handed them to Colleen.

"Hey that's are last box," Blitz said trying to grab the box only to have Exile stop him.

"Comrade needs it more then we do." Colleen took a few out and gave them to him, he ate them real fast she continued to give him more. "There now you were just hungry weren't you," Colleen said petting him. Then she noticed he had no collar, she looks at Hunter. "Hunter he has no collar he a stray." Hunter noticed it as well

"well we can't leave him that's for sure," Hunter said. The dog finished eating and started to lick Colleen's hand.

Colleen couldn't help but smile, "well he sure is friendly, what's your name?" he stopped licking and didn't say anything. "come on were friends." He stayed silent for a bit and barked. "what he say," Colleen said to Hunter.

"Said his name's Axel."

"that's a nice name," Colleen said. "my names Colleen."

Exile kneeled and petted him too, "greetings comrade Axel my name's Exile." Exile looked over to Blitz, "come on comrade introduce yourself."

"Blitz," he responded just standing where he is.

Hunter also petted Axel, "my name's Hunter," Hunter said. He pointed to Shag, "and that's Shag."

"Rello (Hello)," Shag said.

"We should take him back to HQ and see if Master can help him," Hunter said.

"Good idea Hunter," Colleen said. She looks at Axel, "hey Axel were going to take you back to our home, what do you say." He was happy to hear it and wagged his tail.

Hunter smiled, "that sounds like a yes to; come on you can ride with Colleen and me." They all headed for their vehicles, got in and went back home.

Few hours later at Road Rover Headquarters.

They all arrived at the hanger of HQ, got out for their vehicles and all headed to the briefing room. They entered the briefing room and the Master faced them then noticed Axel among them. "Well now who is this you all brought back."

Hunter spoke up, "this is Axel we found him on the street, and almost was hit by a car. We just couldn't leave so we brought him."

"Well that's good and judging by it he a stray isn't he." Master said.

"Yes, and we were hoping you could help him," Colleen said. The master come down towards Axel, kneeled down and petted him, "well I could find him a home or…" they were all surprised with the "or", then Hunter spoke. "Or what Master?"

He stood up and looked at the Rovers. "Well I was going to look for a new member for the team, and he might fit the spot. But I want all of your agreement on this." They all looked surprised at this and stayed silent. Colleen broke it, "Axel being part of the team is fine with me."

Hunter spoke next, "I agree with it too."

Next was Exile, "me three will be nice to have comrade on team."

Now Shag, "rah ri ragree (yah I agree)."

"Well that's four of five," Master said. Looks at Blitz, "well Blitz." Everyone looked at Blitz who was quiet. "well I not sure about it…sigh alright I agree," Blitz said.

Master then spoke, "well it's agreed then, now it's up to him now. Take him to the Transdogmafier, explain the team, then see if he approves with joining."

"on it Master," Hunter said. They all proceeded to the Transdogmafier but Axel stopped at seeing the small chamber. "Don't worry comrade it wont hurt," Exile said. Axel still didn't move.

"don't worry, here I'll show you," Hunter said. He went in and some filled the tube and he came out a reguler dog. Seeing it made Axel fear It less. Hunter went back in and turn back to himself, "see now you try." Axel was Hesitent for a bit but steppred in. the tube filled with smoke and he came out on two legs. He looked at himself in surprise, "whoa this is… I can talk wow," Axel said. "what is that machine?"

Hunter spoke, "that's the Transdogmafier it's what makes us what we are."

"that's cool, so what are you guy?" Axel asked.

"Were the Road Rover a elite canine crime fighting team thats purpurse to protect the world from evil," Hunter explainded.

"Wow that it must be serious work, oh what was that about me joining," Axel said.

Colleen spoke, "well Master and all of us want you to be the new member of the team."

"I don't know… what do you guys exacually do," Axel said.

"We stop any one who threatens the world," Hunter said.

"wow so… Hunter, how do you guys do that?" Axel asked

"We have surper powers, I have super speed," Hunter said.

"I have agility and a skilled martial artist," Colleen said.

"I have super strenght and vision," Exile said.

"Ri rve rength rnd rn rtore rings rin ry rur (I have strenght and store things in my fur)," Shag said.

"I have super claws and super teeth," Blitz said.

"Wow that's amazing, wonder what I have?" Axel said.

Hunter put his hand on his shoulder, "don't worry your find out, so what do you say about joining."

"well it sounds good but the danger it'll have…what the heck I'll do it." Axel said.

Hunter simled extending his his hand, "then welcome aboard Axel." Axel shook hands with hunter, "thanks."

Colleen put her hand on his shoulder, "nice to have you with us guv."

Exile did the same, "welcome comrade."

"welcome," Blitz said.

Everyon was happy that Axel decided to join. Axel had recive new friends, a spot on a team, and a new home.

Authors note: this is my first road rover story, I'm still trying to get some things down. Chapter 2 will be up soon, read and review.