Chapter 4: Understanding

Axel told the Master about his power. Master seemed surprised at it, then Axel told him about the experience he had when he was with Exile, Colleen, and Hunter. This surprised Master even more, "This is strange indeed," Master said. "I may have a idea how this happened."

"How?" Axel asked.

"Remember when you told me about having good awareness and being able to know when things were going to happen," Master said. Axel nodded. "Well the Transdogmafier must have increased the skill enough to manifest in to your vision seeing."

"That make sense," Axel said. "But what about my awareness?"

"Well that must have not developed yet," Master said.

"ok, but there's one problem with my visions," Axel said. "I can't seem to control them."

"What do you mean?" Master asked.

"they seem to come at random," Axel said.

"Strange…" Master said. "Judging by all this you may be psychic."

"Psychic?" Axel said. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Master said. "Have you told the rovers about this?"

"No not yet," Axel said.

Master put his hand on Axels' shoulder, "I'm going to have to think about all this, I suggest that you go and tell the rest of the rover about this best they know about this then think something else."

"Alright I will," Axel said. He turned around and walked out the door.

Meanwhile in the Rec room

The rovers were all gathered at a table discussing the events that happened with Axel. Exile, and Colleen finished with their story and Hunter finished with his. Hunter turned his head to Exile, "so he exactly knew when the jack was going to break."

"Dah comrade," Exile said

Hunter then turned to Colleen, "and he knew when the tree was going to fall on you?"

"Yes," Colleen said.

Hunter began to think again, "and he knew when the ball was going to hit me, there has to be a reason."

"Maybe he's hiding something," Blitz said

"I don't know, why would he do something like that," Hunter said.

"Maybe he thinks we might judge him on it," Blitz said.

"That can be reasonable," Hunter said. "What could be important enough for him to hide?"

"What ever he's hiding he'll tell us eventually," Colleen said.

"I agree with comrade Colleen," Exile said. "Best we wait till he's ready."

"Re Roo (Me Too)," Shag said.

"I'm going to have to agree too now," Hunter said. "Best wait…"

Hunter was interrupted when the door to the rec room opened showing Axel, "Ah you all are here, I need to talk to all of you," Axel said.

"Sure what is it?" Hunter said.

Axel walked to the table and sat down, "…look I know you all are wondering what's with me since the occurred events," Axel said. "I talked with Master and he said…I'm Psychic." Everyone was surprised at this

"What do you mean by Psychic?" Blitz asked.

"I have the ability to see images of events that haven't happened yet," Axel said.

"Cool that's some power," Hunter said.

"Well… there's more to it," Axel said. "I can't control them."

Everyone was surprised with this. "What do you mean?" Colleen asked.

"They come at random," Axel said.

"Wow, seems to be a problem," Hunter said.

"A little bit, but I can live with it," Axel said.

"If that's the case comrade then when didn't tell us earlier?" Exile said

"I really didn't understand it yet," Axel said. "I didn't want to say anything until I understood it myself, I was sort of afraid."

Colleen put here hand on his shoulder, "it's alright we understand."

"You don't have to hide anything from us comrade," Exile said.

"Ja we'll understand what ever happens," Blitz said.

"Rah Rit's Rok (Yah It's Ok)," Shag said.

"Everyone's right you have nothing to be afraid of," Hunter said.

Axel smiled, "thanks everyone."

Then Master entered the room and approached the rovers, "hello rovers."

"Hello Master!" Everyone said.

Master then turned to Axel, "Axel I talked to Professor Hubert about your power and if you don't mind he would like run a little test."

"Sure I don't mind," Axel said.

"Alright then," Master said. Master then turned to the other rovers, "you all best go to you all need to hear what the Professor's theory is." With that everyone got up and walked towards Hubert's lab.

(A/N: the things you read next are things i made up because i don't know anything about psychic properties)

Few Minutes later in Professor Hubert's Lab

Everyone was in Professor Hubert's lab watching him typing on his computer. Axel was sitting on a chair next to the computer with stick on wires around his head. Hunter was the first one to speak, "so professor what is this theory you have?"

Hubert kept on typing, "well from what Master told me beside his future seeing power he also has a awareness power. This became a key to the theory I have."

The other rovers were confused at it, "so what is the theory?" Hunter asked.

Hubert stopped typing and turned to them, "well if there is something else beside his future seeing, there is a possibility that Axel may have more psychic powers."

Axel was surprised, "wow you actually mean that."

Hubert began typing again, "Yes to be sure I need to find the brain wave that controls you paranormal vibrations."

Axel seemed to understand then looked over to everyone else who seemed a bit confused. Axel just sighed and explained, "He needs to the wave that controls my visions."

"Ohhhhhhh," Everyone said.

Hubert spent a few more minutes typing until he found it, "I found it." He moved to show it to the others. "This is the wave that controls his visions." He then typed and another wave showed. "This is one of Axels' regular waves see their difference." Both of the waves looked similar except the one that controlled his visions was smaller and was waving in a different pattern.

Axel was amazed at it, "wow but why is it smaller then the other?"

Hubert the began typing again, "that's what I'm trying to find out, if you indeed have more then one power then there should be a similar wave here." He kept on typing until, "Aha found it, it's weak bur noticeable." Everyone looked at it, it was the same size but it was weak and barely noticeable.

Axel asked, "Why is it like that?"

"Because the wave is still developing, that wave is your awareness power. When it's fully developed you should be able to sense things no one else can."

"Wow that's cool," Hunter said.

"And judging about it you have more power but they have not developed yet," Hubert said. He turned the computer off and took the wires on Axel off. "But don't worry they will develop in time.

"Alright then," Axel said. "Thank you professor."

"Anytime," Hubert said. "I have to report this finding to the Master I'll see you all later. With that the professor left the lab.

Axel turned to everyone else, "I can't believe I more then one." He sat down with a confused face

"Hey what's wrong?" Hunter said.

"I'm just worried that I won't be able to control them like my visions," Axel said.

"Don't worry comrade you'll be able to," Exile said.

"Thanks," Axel smiled. "I guess I'll have to wait to find out."

"Good, now come on lets relax a bit before dinners ready," Hunter said. Axel got up and everyone walked out of the lab.

Little while later

All the rovers were gathered at the diner table. Shag made a meal of Roast beef, noodles, carrots, and biscuits. Everyone was enjoying they meal till Hunter spoke up, "so Axel how was your first day as a Road Rover?"

"Except all that stuff with my power, everything was fine," Axel, said taking a bit of his roast.

"Well we're glad to hear it," Hunter said.

"You know I never thought we would have a psychic on the team," Colleen said. "Your vision seeing should come in handy when we're on missions."

"Yah it would," Axel said.

"We might have edge on field," Exile said.

"Ja that is good," Blitz said.

"I promise to do my best when the time comes," Axel said. Everyone was glad, with that everyone finished eating they had ice cream for desert. They spent a few hours in the rec room till it was time for bed. They all headed for their rooms. When Axel got in to his he walked over to the window enjoying the scene of the beach. Today was a good day, he discovered his power; saved his friends; found out he has more; and all the rovers were fine with it. He was glad everything turned out fine. He made his way over to his bed an got in. He was asleep moments later. His powers would develop in time and he will use it to protect everyone that he now calls family.


A/N: the ending may not be good but that's all i have. hope you liked it. Watch for my next one.