Chapter Forty-Five: The Night Before

Sasuke sighed deeply and fell back onto the surprisingly soft comforter. Naruto gave a tiny smile and petted the dark hair from his position sitting beside the raven.

"So…your grandma?" Naruto tried not to chuckle.

"Missed her flight because of a soap opera. Aunt is taking care of it." Sasuke replied with a sigh.

A blonde eyebrow cocked. "Aunt? Y'know, here in America, we say people's names too."

Sasuke shot Naruto a look. "Y'know, I am Japanese, yeah?" The raven's smirk slipped and he sighed. "Speaking of, they sure are giving a lot of crap because you don't look Japanese. I can't believe they asked for your birth certificate."

Naruto chuckled uneasily. "Good thing Alice's dad trained me so well, ne?"

"Hn." Dark eyes fluttered for a moment as Sasuke sighed. "I'm glad my family at least approves of her doing our service. They can't bitch about everything."

"But they sure do seem to like trying." Naruto chuckled. Blue eyes flickered over the tired pale face warily. "Hey, Sasu?"


"Don't take this the wrong way, but why does, like, everyone in your family look the same?"

The raven eyes fixed him with a very 'are you serious?' look. "Because we're a clan. We're all pretty much distant relatives. My parents are second cousins."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Dude." Sasuke eyed him in amusement. His fiancé's eloquence never ceased to amuse him. "Are you shittin' me? Shouldn't you be all weird and deformed from the incest?"

"You're calling me deformed?" Sasuke growled out, hiding his amusement. Naruto's reaction made sense—there weren't clans in America, so there was no intermarrying. The closest Naruto could probably relate it was the royal family in Britain, and indeed, some of those descendents had…questionably weird traits.

"No, no, I mean—I didn't mean it like that!" Tan hands came up open-palmed in a gesture of surrender.

Sasuke scoffed. "Anyway. If it weren't the case that my parents are pretty much the last Uchihas who are distantly enough related to reproduce without said complications, I probably wouldn't have had any hope to not marry back into the family. Now the whole clan has to look outside for continuing the line, and I can assure you that it pisses my father off to no end."

"Hm. So, then, I guess I'm really lucky that your parents are kissin' cousins, huh?" Naruto grinned.

Sasuke's brow furrowed. "What do you mean 'kissin' cousins'?" The raven was fairly certain he was insulted.

Naruto waved it off with a grin. "Never mind, I was just teasing." Sasuke watched unabashedly as Naruto started unbuttoning the dress shirt he'd worn to rehearsal. "So, how was your time before the rehearsal? We didn't get to talk much and you looked a little worse for wear when you and the girls showed up." Sasuke was most definitely not amused by the blonde's smirk as he flung his undershirt to the floor.

"They emasculated me. Ugh, I feel like such a fag." Sasuke groaned, holding up his hand and splaying his fingers to glare at his newly manicured fingernails. The things he let his mom talk him into.

Naruto snorted. "Hate to tell you this now, gorgeous, but you kinda ARE a fag."

Sasuke shot him a glare. "Yes, but I highly doubt my father will a—pprove…"Sasuke trailed off and stared as Naruto engulfed his manicured index fingertip. Blue eyes flashed up provocatively and the hot mouth started to suckle. Sasuke let out a small, choked sigh when Naruto let the finger go with a "pop".

Naruto sighed softly and nuzzled Sasuke's hand. "Don't care what your father thinks. Tomorrow, you're legally mine."

Sasuke smirked and yanked the blonde onto him. "And vice versa."

Naruto grinned. "Believe it!" Sasuke's scowl was quickly thwarted by a kiss. The raven melted easily into the foreign bed. Heh, the foreign bed he'd be spending his honeymoon night on in a day's time. He moaned softly and buried his fingers into Naruto's hair as the blonde straddled him and deepened their kiss leisurely. They were out of breath when Naruto finally pulled away. He rested his forehead against Sasuke's and sighed.

"Any hope that your father will offer you to me at the aisle?"

Sasuke echoed Naruto's sigh. "It's a rather far-fetched hope. Right now I'll be satisfied if he shows up at all. He very pointedly ignored the both of us during the rehearsal and dinner. If he wanted to walk me down the aisle, he would have done so today."

"I'm sorry, gorgeous." Naruto frowned softly and cupped Sasuke's cheek. It broke his heart to see his lover so worn and resigned the day before what was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. Stupid fathers…well, not that he really knew… Naruto sighed harder. He was just digging himself deeper into a ditch of depression. Heh. Say that five times fast.

Sasuke hummed softly. His lips twitched in a wry smile. "I think I'm actually more concerned about Sydney than I am Father. He better remember he's not allowed to look better than me."

Naruto chuckled and shifted to the side so he was propped up on his side, spooned against Sasuke's side. "I dunno, I heard him telling Sarah something about having the "Black Goddess" look down pat, so hopefully he'll just be a different kind of stunning. Besides," Naruto smirked down at the suddenly wary raven. "he won't be the one glowing like the cute little blushing bride that you are." The blonde chuckled. Sasuke's DEATH glares really weren't effective at all when accompanied by an adorable flush and what Sasuke swore wasn't a pout. "Yeah, just like that, babe." The smaller man relaxed and let his eyes flutter contently when Naruto nuzzled his cheek and neck warmly. His breath hitched a bit when a warm hand slid over his chest, brushing his nipple, and started unbuttoning his dress shirt.

Sasuke arched up onto his elbows and let his shirt slide off. His undershirt followed shortly and Naruto smirked and nuzzled the pale chest, gently pushing Sasuke back into the comforter. He licked a pale nipple lazily and trailed his fingers down the trembling stomach to undo the stupid belt. Sasuke grabbed Naruto's hair, pulling on the barely-there strands, and yanked the blonde back up to his mouth. Naruto's free hand returned the favor and Sasuke groaned as his head was forced back and the kiss deepened, Naruto's tongue piercing teasing him into a boneless puddle. Naruto shifted over him and he vaguely registered the sound of twin buckles hitting the hardwood floors—but any thoughts he might have had fled in an instant when the warm hand returned to his hips and expertly unsnapped the pants button.

Sasuke's entire frame shuddered and his fingers tightened in golden hair and bronze flesh as the zipper was so very teasingly pulled down. tooth. by. tooth. Naruto coyly tugged the slider once it reached the stops, making the slacks shift down a delicious fraction of an inch over the prominent bulge suffocating in the silk black boxers; the raven jerked back from the kiss with a muffled moan. Blue eyes focused on Sasuke's wet, blushing lips and watched them part with a gasp when a hand slid firmly under the pants and around the hip, applying the right pressure just inches from the right place. Dark, glossy eyes met blue and Naruto smirked and in one swift movement rolled over and thrust his hips roughly into Sasuke's groin. Sasuke's head snapped back and Naruto purred at the gurgled moan the raven let out. A pale hand abandoned its clutch on Naruto's shoulder to grab the sadly heavily-clothed ass, urging the blonde to continue. Sasuke scowled when Naruto ignored the silent plea and actually moved away from him! Naruto chuckled when Sasuke tried the DEATH glare again: unsuccessfully, as always.

Cat-like eyes watched skeptically as Naruto tugged Sasuke's pants off. "What are you doing now?" Naruto hid his tremble at the dangerous, authoritative tone. "There's absolutely no reason to get me naked."

Naruto looked up with an exaggerated pout: unsuccessful, for once. "Maybe I just want to see you!" Sneaky tan fingers lightly brushed up to the waistband of the boxers and slid very softly under. Sasuke gasped and glared harder.

"Naruto." Ooh, Sasuke's DEATH voice. "We promised—"

Blue eyes didn't waver from the glaring dark slits. "But teme, it's only sex if you cum!" And with that, he swooped down and deep-throated Sasuke's already wet-with-arousal cock—the raven's spine snapped into an arch and Naruto would dare say that downright delectable noise his fiancé just made was a scream. The blonde immediately implemented the skills of his suction and his tongue piercing.

"Nnnh! Oh God, Naru—" Add the hand fondling the magnificently warm and hairless testicles. "Fuck!" Start teasing what little of the area isn't being lavished by the tongue with the other hand. "Unnngh!" Moan. "Aaaan! S-Stop! I'm—" And leave five seconds before orgasm.

Naruto backed away slowly, careful not to touch any part of his quivering lover. Any stray brush of skin would probably trigger an orgasm. The blonde sat back and stared appraisingly at the leaking, angry, red, twitching organ. Oh yeah, he was good. His gaze turned up to Sasuke's flushed face and raised his eyebrows.

"Are you crying?" He asked incredulously.

"Shut up." Sasuke bit back viciously. He shuddered one last time and with obvious effort rolled onto his side to show Naruto his back.

"Aww, don't be like that, gorgeous!" Naruto leaned over Sasuke's side and pouted, not that the other could see. "You're just as responsible for the 'no sex for two weeks' thing as I am! I just found a loophole and you know I can't resist you." Naruto backed away slightly at the feral growl that erupted from near the pillow. He squeaked—in a very manly way—when he was suddenly tackled back onto the comforter.

Sasuke's face was twisted up into a savage smirk. "You just wait until tomorrow." A pale hand darted forward and pressed firmly against the blonde's arousal. Naruto instantly melted and groan appreciatively. Then eeped—in a very manly way—when nails got involved. "You're lucky there isn't a couch here or you'd be sleeping on it, dobe."

Naruto chuckled and put his hands under his head, looking far too relaxed considering his sexually frustrated lover was practically clawing his dick. "Maa, you know you can't sleep unless I'm there!" The glare upped to DEATH. Naruto's grin softened and he reached up and caressed the hot, scowling cheek. "I love you, teme." And like that, all the fight rushed out of the Uchiha.


Naruto flashed a shit-eating grin. "I'll totally make it up to you, babe! You just make orgasm denial too sexy for your own good."

"Hmph." Sasuke sat back and Naruto could see the exhaustion in his shoulders and face.

"Hey," The blonde leaned up and pressed his lips against Sasuke's in a loving, chaste kiss. "Go wash off and let's go to bed, we have an early morning."

Sasuke's eyes were tired and half-mast as he caressed Naruto's scarred cheek. His lips twitched. Fucking dobe. "Hn."

Naruto purred and smiled. "C'mon, the sooner we get to sleep, the quicker tomorrow will come and then—" The blonde arched forward and captured the pale lips again, passionately. Sasuke's eyes were glazed over again when he pulled back, heavy wet breaths filling the sparse space between them. "we'll be legally committed and can fuck like bunnies for a week straight."

Sasuke chuckled. "Promise?"

The blonde leaned forward once more and smiled back. "Aa, teme, yakusoku o shiteru." SWAK

Tsuzuku--yakusoku o shimasu!!!

yakusoku= promise, suru/shiteru/shimasu=to do, SWAK= sealed with a kiss

I'm SO sorry that it's taken me so long to update-and that it's so short!-it's been eating me up inside, believe me. College is just so distracting! And there's so much planning involved with weddings! I really hope to have the next chapter out sooner than in 6 months!!!!!! I've actually been working on it, I swears!!! I just have to get it all down without being tedious -.- and then it will be two more arcs, and then the end! :) Thank you so much for sticking with me so far!! *bow*