Chapter four: The End of the Beginning

"I'm very disappointed in you, boys," Roger said once the prank had been known. "Very, very disappointed. I was worried that there might be a fire."

Mello looked right back at the old man, as he and Matt both sat on chairs in front of the mahogany desk. "That was the point, Roger."

The fire department had left, announcing that there hadn't been a fire. They had also mentioned that the alarm might've been pulled accidentally… or intentionally. Roger had instantly turned to the two sulking pranksters. Without a second's hesitation, he had accused them, and none of the two could deny it once the chocolate-wrapper tarp had been discovered. Their plan had failed.

"You both know there will be consequences," Roger added. "I want to make sure something like this doesn't happen again." He then turned his glance to Matt and shook his head. "Matt… you were such a good boy when you first came here. It's only once you were transferred to room with Mello that you've started all these pranks."

Matt snickered slightly as he glanced at Mello. "Then why don't you re-transfer me?"

It had only been a joke, but a sudden gleam appeared in Roger's eyes. Straightening, he said meaningfully, "Well then I propose to have Mello, as of tomorrow, rooming with Near. That could be punishment enough for the likes of you."

Matt and Mello suddenly looked at each other, neither unable to conceal their huge malicious grin. Their features turned almost evil as they considered what having Mello rooming with Near could imply.

Roger twitched. "On second thought, that might just make it easier for you guys to bully him. I changed my mind."

Both faces fell.

"But I still think you two need to learn to respect the poor boy," Roger sighed softly, his worried expression returning. "After all, we wouldn't want him to grow depressive over this."

Both smiles returned.

The older man glared slightly. "Actually, just to teach you both a sign of humility, I will have you both clean out Near's room. Until it's impeccable. For the next month, I will have you both be technically Near's maids. Understood?"

Matt was about to smile, but Mello suddenly shouted, "No! Not that! Roger, please!"

Sensing that his punishment had been just, Roger waved a hand carelessly. "You're both dismissed. Go sleep, I expect you both to be there at breakfast in five hours. Goodnight."

Before Matt could protest, Mello got up and stormed away, grabbing his roommate's arm in the process. After he had yanked Matt back outside the room, he instantly began laughing manically. "Perfect! That was exactly what I wanted for a punishment!"

"Time to finish Near!" Matt said eagerly as he pumped a fist in the air.

Mello nodded in agreement. "Let's do this!"

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