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A gust of wind blew around Yoruichi, who was in her cat form, and around Nel, on whose shoulder the black cat was laying on. Hueco Mundo had never seemed so empty and deserted as it did now.

"Damn, another dead end," Nel sighed as she looked around the remnants that were once a building.

Yoruichi scanned the area before jumping off of Nel's shoulder. She walked around with a scowl on her face. "This is getting old, fast," she said with her deep, manly voice.

Nel stretched her back. "This makes the thirteenth discarded base we found in the past decade," she stifled a yawn, "How many more do you think we'll have to go through before we finally find them?"

Yoruichi licked her paw, thinking deeply. "I don't know. But if what Ichigo said about them being really strong is true, then we can't stop now."

"But it's been almost thirteen years since they last attacked," Nel pouted, "Maybe they won't—OW!" she yelped when the cat jumped and slammed her head against the ex-espada's eye.

"There is NO possible way that they would suddenly disappear! They came out of nowhere with immense power meaning that they are planning something. And if Ichigo couldn't defeat them in his Bankai form, then this has to be investigated even if they no longer want to fight us," Yoruichi snapped back.

Nel stuck out her lower lip and pouted while rubbing her sore eye. "I still think we're getting nowhere like this."

Yoruichi sighed. "Yes, this pattern is starting to annoy me. If only Yamamoto and Central 46 can give us more aid—"


The two… er, woman, turned around to see none other than Pesche and Dondochakka coming into view, riding Bawabawa who was creating a dust storm behind him as he ran.

"Did you three find anything?" Nel asked once they stopped in front of her.

Pesche jumped off of Bawabawa. "Yes! We found something! Tell them, Dondochakka."

"We found another deserted base!" Dondochakka announced enthusiastically.

An awkward silence surround the five as another wind blew around them. Suddenly…

"YOU IDIOT!" Yoruichi screeched as she jumped up and scratched Dondochakka across the face.

"Ow ow ow!" he rubbed his injured cheek. He looked back with teary eyes at the cat. "What was that for?!"

"What's so important about that? As you can see we also found another empty base," Nel pointed to the debris around them.

"Ah, but this is different," Pesche interrupted, "We can tell it's just been evacuated."

Yoruichi eyes suddenly flashed with interest and purred, "And how do you know this? Did you encounter any of those arrancars?

"Just come with us and we'll show you," Pesche replied.

Nel and Yoruichi looked at each other for a second before nodding. The four got on Bawabawa who quickly ran back the way he came.

"If what they say is true, you better inform Soul Society and get more help," Nel said to Yoruichi.

The cat meowed and scratched behind her ear, a sign that she didn't need to be told something she already knew.


A sixth grader was standing by the school gates, waiting for someone to meet him. With his amber eyes, he looked at the ground and kicked a pebble, the wind blowing through his raven, spiky hair.

He's already ten minutes late, he thought to himself, slightly pouting.

"Niichan! Niichan!"

The raven head looked up to see a young boy in the second grade, running up to him frantically. "What is it?" he asked as soon as the other kid was close enough.

"H-Hayato—hugh—he's in trouble," he huffed.

The older boy's eyes widened at the news. "W-what?! Where is he?!"

The other kid pointed towards the corner of their Karakura Elementary School. "By the gym."

Without another word, the raven head quickly ran towards the direction of the gym where it was deserted except for four kids.

"I said, give me your money!"

A dark brown haired, eight years old, boy glared at the older kids in front of him. "And I said 'I don't want to.'"

The three sixth graders surrounded the young boy, cornering him against the wall. "Look, brat. Just give us the money and we'll let you leave without a single bruise."

The younger kid continued to glare at the others, "Say what you want but there's no way I'm giving my money to idiots like you three. My otousan taught me not to get pushed around by bullies like you, and if I have to I should just beat you up to defend myself."

The three boys looked at each other than laughed. "What kind of idiot is your father? There is no way a little brat like you can take us all on."

"Yeah, but I can," said another voice.

One of the sixth grade boys turned around only to meet a hard fist to the face.

The other two watched as their friend got knocked down to the ground. "Minoru! You okay?! Why you bastard, who do you think you are—" they suddenly stopped talking when they looked up to see the famous raven head glaring at them.

"Are okay, Hayato?" he asked the younger boy.

The said kid, upon seeing who came to his 'rescue,' gave him a wide grin. "I'm okay."

The raven head nodded before looking back at the remaining two bullies. "What the hell are you guys doing to Hayato?"

"W-why should you care?" one of them asked stuttering, obviously afraid of the newcomer.

The raven head smirked at the two oblivious fools. "Because he's my little brother."

Suddenly the two froze in their place, beads of sweat falling down their foreheads. One of them started to fidget in his spot. "Um…okay. Sorry!" he quickly shouted and grabbed his two friends by the wrist and ran away (dragging the still-unconscious one on the ground).

The two boys watched as the three figures disappeared behind the school building.

The raven head returned his attention back to his younger brother. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Hayato kept grinning. "Yup."

The older brother smiled back. "That's good to know…" he raised an eyebrow as Hayato kept smiling like an idiot at him. "What's up with that smile?"

"It's because Kei-nii is cool!"

Kurosaki Keitaro snorted, ruffling Kurosaki Hayato's brown hair that was spiky just like him and their father.

"You did a good job standing up to those three," Keitaro said, "Otousan and okasan would be proud."

"Are you going to tell them about how brave I was?" Hayato asked with excitement.

Keitaro placed his forefinger on his chin to think. "I don't know. You already got praised for protecting our sister a few days ago, and you got extra dessert that night. What are you going to ask for this time if I do tell them?"

Hayato's eyebrows furrowed for a moment as he thought deeply. "I think I'll ask them let me bring Kon home from ojiisan's house so I can play with him."

"Why do you want him?" Keitaro raised an eyebrow.

Hayato blinked before grinning again. "Because I can beat him up as much as I want to and they're okay with it."

Well, how did you guys like this so far? I decided to start off at Hueco Mundo to show how it's going to play a bigger role in this story compared to the prequel. And Keitaro is a lot older, with two siblings under his care.

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