Sasuke Uchiha was one of the most popular guys in middle school, he had looks, money, luck, talent, charm (sort of), and attit

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Title: Public Enemies Numbers One and Two

Parings: Gaara/Sasuke/Naruto/Neji in no specific order…that's right it's a four-some fic.

Summery: Freshmen Sasuke Uchiha and Neji Hyuuga are in way over their heads when they enter high school. The popular crowd is a hard thing to reach and the people in it are a little extreme, people that scare Sasuke and Neji witless and make them doubt their want of popularity…if only for a second. Enter Gaara and Naruto, said popular kids of the high school. They don't think traditionally and they tend to inspire bad behavior, in both the students and the teachers. They pull off some of the biggest tricks with out breaking a sweat and they get away with it too. Neji and Sasuke are out to get their attention no matter what…even if their not really sure they want it.

Public Enemies Numbers One and Two

Sasuke Uchiha was one of the most popular guys in middle school, he had looks, money, luck, talent, charm (sort of), and attitude. He was a perfect student, but by no means a goody goody and he had no desire to associate himself with "mama's boys" or any of the like that made the mistake of thinking he was a genuinely "nice guy". He got the best grades in his class, was athletic, well defined muscles and a good sense of style. Yeah at almost fifteen, Sasuke had it all. And then there was high school.

Neji Hyuuga was a prodigy and a genius. He was well liked, he was beautiful, with flawless skin and manners. He excelled in every sport he tried and all the teachers loved him, even the ones he didn't have. He had his own fan club and was endlessly charming with the politest, most sincere way of talking to people. Unless you pissed him off or did something he found offensive. Coming from a good background with a lot of money and power, just turned fifteen year old Neji had everything he could dream of. And then there was high school.

Everyone knew the basics of high school, how to avoid making enemies and who to make friends with. Who deserved what amount of respect and those who demanded it. Yes the basics of high school were well known to these to boys, only they weren't ready for the finer details of this high school. Those poor unfortunate souls. They were going to learn quickly or crash and burn.

High school basics indicate that you needed to make friends with the top class and avoid the low class. It dictated that you should be courteous to those you need and not especially friendly to those you didn't. This is where the problem began, at a normal school there was a decent sized group of people that you needed to befriend in order to become popular and they were usually the "cool kids" that everyone followed. In this school the kids you needed to be in-with were nothing like the normal criteria for "cool", in fact to most outsiders they were the exact opposite. And then there was the fact that between the two of them if you did anything that one liked, the other one most certainly didn't. Visa versa but these two boys somehow managed to be good friends despite that.

That being said, it was not surprising that these two boys, enemies themselves – though soon to become friends – were blown away by the extreme difference of this high school. Indeed one did not expect to walk into their first day of high school only to see two half naked boys on a huge stage in the middle of the campus court yard. Yes looking at the outside of the school you would never think that it would be so odd within other than its peculiar and castle style build. The court yard was inside the main wall that surrounded the school and the walls were stone and very high, so it was hardly a wonder that they hadn't heard the music until they were inside.

As for who the two boys were that occupied the massive stage. Why they were the two most popular boys at the school. Yes the two seventeen year old juniors were hot and they knew it. They were the bad boys, and they were good at it. The blonde that was being drug up onto the stage had crystal clear blue eyes and soft features. He enjoyed muscle-T's that were commonly tube tops (which was against school policy) and cargo pants that hung low on his hips showing the tops of his round but cheeks. He had long rope like cloth hanging from the belt area and looping to hand down by his knees.

The red head that was pulling him on stage had expressive sea foam eyes and sharper features. He was privy to fishnet tops that were usually short leaved (also against school rules) and form fitting leather pants. Yes where Naruto was soft Gaara was rugged. Where Naruto was lean Gaara was muscled. Where Naruto was just a little shy, Gaara ruled the stage. If Naruto was sexy than Gaara was sin. And they were on stage, Naruto with a slight blush on his cheeks, while the crowd went wild screaming their names.

Naruto looked at Gaara with large eyes and shook his head harshly, the crowd groaned in disappointment. Gaara leaned down and kissed the corner of Naruto's lips, "Please, will you do it for me?" There was a slight pout on Gaara's lips and Naruto caved with a slight nod. The crowd screamed in elation.

Naruto stepped up to the mic, opened his mouth, and some of the worlds dirtiest words flew out on a wonderful melody that had many people just a little too hot under the collar.

"There she goes shaking that ass on the floor. Bumpin and grindin that pole, the way she's grindin that pole; I think I'm losing control." Naruto swung his hips out at the crowd and proceeded to grind with the mic stand.

"Get buzzed, get drunk, get crunked, get fucked up!" He pumped his fist into the air and the crowd screamed with him. "Hit the strip club don't forget ones get your dick rubbed, get fucked, get sucked, get wasted, shit faceted." He made a body roll toward the audience and bit his lip. "Pasted, blasted, puke drink up, get a new drink, hit the bathroom sink, throw up wipe your shoe clean, got a routine." He folded over in the middle and swung on his heels bringing his ass to face the crowd.

"Knowin still got a few chunks on your shoestring, showin I was dehydrated till the beat vibrated I was revibed as soon as this Bitch gyrated." He let a tremor run through his body and he shook his whole form. "And hips and licked them lips and that was it
I had to get Gaara here to sing some shit." He licked his lips and dropped it before pointing to Gaara.

The crowd was screaming for Gaara and he pointed to himself with a cocky smirk. He stepped up to the mic and his eyes flashed before he started to sing. "Two to the one from the one to the three. I like good pussy and I like good trees. Smoke so much weed you wouldn't believe and I get more ass than a toilet seat." He leaned into the people and winked at the last part, his voice was deep and sexy and the girls shriked.

"Three to the one from the one to the three. I met a bad bitch last night in the D, let me tell you how I made her leave with me: Conversation and Hennessey." He leaned back and rolled his hips against the stand before cocking his head back and making a drinking motion. "I've been to the muthafuckin mountain top, heard muthafuckers talk, seen 'em drop. If I ain't got a weapon I'ma pick up a rock, and when I bust yo ass I'm gonna continue to rock." He grabbed at his crotch and laughed when there was more screaming.

"Getcha ass off the wall with your two left feet, It's real easy just follow the beat. Don't let that fine girl pass you by. Look real close cause strobe lights lie." He grabbed the mic off the stand and slid to the right.

"We bout to have a party," Naruto said after grabbing a new mic as he pumped toward the crowd.

"Turn the music up," Gaara nodded to Naruto as he sang.

"Let's get it started," Naruto made a come hither look.

"Go head shake your butt," Gaara pointed to a shy looking girl and at Gaara's behest did as asked.

"I'm lookin for a girl with a body and a sexy strut. Wanna get it poppin baby step right up. Some girls they act retarded, some girls are bout it bout it. I'm lookin for a girl that will do whatever the fuck I say everyday she be givin it up." Gaara and Naruto sang to each other making suggestive gestures.

Shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Come on girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Ohh girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Come on girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me." They sang out to the crowd giving the audience sexy bedroom eyes.

"I'm a menace, a dentist, an oral hygienist, open your mouth for about four or five minutes. Take a little bit of this fluoride rinse, swish but don't spit it, swallow and I'll finish." Naruto ground his hips at thin air toward the right left side of the stage.

"Yeah me and Gaara d-o double g. Looking for a couple bitches with some double d's. Pop a little champagne and a couple E's, slip it in her bubbuly, we finna finna have a party." Naruto pointed at Gaara and made a shaking motion with his hands like he was shaking a bottle.

"Have a party," Naruto threw out there and the crowd yelled again.

"Turn the music up," Gaara nodded at Naruto.

"Let's get it started," Naruto sang and nodded his head toward the stage in a 'this way' gesture.

"Go head shake your butt," Gaara growled shaking his own ass.

"I'm lookin for a girl I can fuck in my hummer truck, Apple Bottom jeans and a big Ol' slut." They both sang and pumped their hips at the audience at the same time.

"Some girls they act retarded, some girls are bout it bout it. I want a bitch that sit at the crib with no panties on, knows that she can but she won't say no." They shook their heads at each other and laughed to themselves as if the crowd wasn't there. "Now look at this lady all in front of me, sexy as can be. Tonight I want a slut, will you be mine? I heard you was freaky from a friend of mine." Gaara pointed at the shy girl with white eyes again as he say with Naruto.

"Now I hope you don't get mad at me, but I told Gaara you was a freak. He said he wants a slut, hope you don't mind I told him how you like it from behind." Naruto crooned to Hinata whose face was on fire and Gaara was smirking.

"Shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Cmon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Ohh girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me. Cmon girl, shake that ass for me, shake that ass for me." They threw their heads back and sang to the sky while letting their bodies rock back and forth.

"We bout' to have a party," Naruto faced the crowd again.

"Turn the music up," Gaara motioned toward the speakers.

"Let's get it started," Naruto grinned sliding his hands down his stomach.

"Go ahead shake your butt." Gaara sang to Naruto who pumped his ass back in response.

"I'm lookin for a girl with a body and a sexy strut, wanna get it poppin baby step right up. Some girls they act retarded, some girls are bout it bout it. I'm lookin for a girl that will do whatever the fuck I say everyday she be givin it up." They nodded their heads back from each other and smirked.

"There she goes, shaking that ass on the floor, bumpin and grindin that pole. The way she's grindin that pole, I think I'm losing control." Naruto sang and they came back together at the center of the stage to finish.

"God, come one." They said to each other and turned to the people.

The crowd was screaming and they laughed as the hopped off stage into the people. Someone else started more music and when Gaara and Naruto met up at the other side of the crowd they took off to rest in their dorms. They had caused enough trouble for the moment. After all the students where almost drunk already what with them spiking the soda machine…don't ask how they didn't. They would lie.

When the found their dorm room they collapsed onto their beds with rich laughter. "Did you see how read Hinata's face was?" Naruto gasped as he curled into a ball from laughter.

"Better, did you see Tsunade dancing at the edges of the crowd?" Gaara cackled.

"What!? No way!" Naruto sat up laughter forgotten.

"Yup." Gaara nodded and Naruto collapsed again. He got up and walked into the kitchen listening to his best friend and bed mate's giggling as he went. "Hey, coffee or tequila?"

"Blueberry vodka, please." Naruto gasped before relapsing.

"We don't have any, remember it's a new school year and we haven't restocked yet." Gaara called out.

"Freezer," Naruto replied and Gaara shrugged and opened the door. Sure enough there was blueberry vodka in the freezer.

"How do you do that?" Gaara asked in a dead voice.

"I'm just specialful like that."

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