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Mother Fuckin!

The previous day they did classes one through five, today they were going to classes six through eight. They only had four classes today because they have a pep rally at the end of the day. Neji and Sasuke started the day off bright and early with Geometry, yeah! (Insert sarcasm). The pair could have cried with boredom and frustration even being the great students they were. That is until they spotted the blond from two days ago sitting on the other side of the classroom.

Being on the other side of the room from him they couldn't talk to him. They had just given up hope until the teacher had them get up about half way through class. She claimed that she would have them rotate seats once every class period to keep them from falling asleep. It just so happened that Neji, Sasuke, and Naruto ended up together at the back of the class.

"Your that blond boy who was on stage with that red head the other day." Neji said as a way of striking up a conversation with said blond.

"With Gaara, yeah, I'm Naruto. Gaara sort of dragged me up there against my will and I - your that boy Gaara licked yesterday!" Naruto yelled immediately gaining the attention of the rest of the class.

"He told you about that!" Neji hissed with a glare that could silence the living dead.

"S-sorry. Gaara's my roommate so we discuss our entire day when we get back from classes." Naruto stuttered out.

After a hellish class full of arguments with the blond asshole Neji found out that he had the following class with Naruto. Upon finding out this tidbit of information Neji couldn't help but ask. "How the fuck did you get into foreign lit study?"

"Hey! What is that suppose to mean?" Naruto exclaimed.

"You're not that smart." Neji said stone faced.

"Your such a bitchy brunette, I don't know what Gaara sees in your type." Naruto said.

"W-what? I-I'm Gaara's type?" Neji asked slightly horrified.

"You betcha!" Naruto said with a cackle.

Tan skin flowed over muscle like the liquid it was submerged in and Sasuke couldn't move his eyes away from the erotic display that flesh made. Gaara was a sight to see with his powerful breast stroke. His masculine form quickly approached the edge of the pool where Sasuke and the rest of the class stood. Upon reaching the ledge he pulled himself up and stood, dripping water, in front of Sasuke. Black eyes we immediately drawn to the black speedos that hugged a, from what Sasuke could tell, sizable package.

"Hello, I'm Gaara, and I will be your cadet teacher." The red head spoke.

"Fuck," Sasuke said under his breath as he felt his last shreds of sanity fly out the window.

"I will assist in teaching you all of the various swimming techniques that you may or may not be familiar with. Including; the breast stroke, the back stroke, the side stroke, and so on. I will also help teach you the proper way to breathe while swimming and basic water exercises outside of traditional swimming." Gaara said with a firm, confident tone that projected the ease with which he preformed in this environment. "Lets get started."

.Neji and Sasuke blew through their joint seminar class as it was only a fourth of its normal length to allow for a longer pep rally. Standing in the freshmen section of the bleachers they listened to the announcements being made.

"Congratulations seniors for making it to your final year! And welcome freshmen, I hope the year has started well for you. We hope to make this year spectacular with the help of the four class committees. On that note we hope you all plan on coming out for our home coming game and I will now hand you off to your student body committees." Principal Iruka said excitedly before stepping down.

A young woman stood up first and addressed the freshmen. "Hi, I'm Tenten and I'm your sophomore executive! I know the freshmen don't have an executive yet but you will be voting on that soon and the announcement on who that will be will take place at home coming."

Tenten droned on about all the things they had planned for the freshmen and sophomore year. Neji and Sasuke couldn't help rolling their eyes in boredom as the preppy and peppy girl. When she finally sat back down it was to cheers from the sophomore class and a muttered "thank god" from Sasuke. A second later a familier head of red hair popped up on stage much to the supprise of the two boys.

"I'm Gaara and I am your Junior executive! I know the faculty nearly had an aneurism when they found out I had been elected into office this year. All I have to say about that is, great job guys, I couldn't have planned it better myself. Juniors, this year will be the best year yet! I could go on and on about all the school approved events your committee has laid out for you, but I'd rather not. So all I will say on the subject of events this year is HOME COMING PARTY AT MY HOUSE!"

The cheers from this announcement were so deafening that they had to move on it took so long for the students to calm down. They were still screaming and talking excitedly when the next person stepped onto the stage. "ALRIGHT SHUT THE FUCK UP!" A voice said over the speaker system startling everyone into obeying. "MY MOTHER FUCKIN NAME IS HIDAN AND YOU BETTER NOT MOTHER FUCKIN FORGET IT. YOU KNOW WHY? CAUSE I'M YOUR MOTHER FUCKIN SENIOR EXECUTIVE AND YOUR GOD DAMN STUDENT BODY PRESI-FUCKIN-DENT!"

Stunned silence turned into deafening cheers again at this proclamation. Neji and Sasuke shared a look and Sasuke couldn't be sure, but he thought he saw Neji's lips form the words "we are so fucked".

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