With her father's hand still resting on her head, Cosette began to sob freely for the first time that day. Her father, her dear father, was dead. And she had barely arrived in time to see him…! What would have happened had she not arrived in time? She would never have seen him again…

She heard someone get up… Marius. She couldn't help but feel a bit angry with him; after all, he was the one who kept her away from her father. Feeling his hands on her back, she grimaced slightly, then slowly stood up. She reached for her Papa's hands and crossed them over his chest. Wiping away tears, she tried not to look at her husband. It only took a few long seconds before she could stand it no longer, and she stole a glance at him.

The sight made her heart break. He was looking at her father, tears cascading down his face. This look of sorrow was unfamiliar; he didn't look this upset even when he talked of his friends, or even when he took her to see his father's grave. She instantly felt ashamed for being angry with him. He, after all, was the one who had brought her here to see her father. Cosette remembered that she had never even asked Marius to take her to see her father, and she felt even worse.

Marius had begged her father to forgive him. She understood some of it; Papa had taken Marius away from the barricade to safety, all for her. Papa must have read the letter Marius had written her, and found him, fighting at the barricades. She didn't understand why Marius had been treating her father with a distant coldness, nor why her father had been acting with the same distance toward her. But she could think about that later.

Even though she had heard her father forgive Marius, she knew that Marius would not rest at that. If she knew her husband- and she most definitely did- she knew that he would not rest until he had honored her father's memory completely, and he maybe not even then. Knowing this, she made it her duty to make Marius understand he was forgiven… she didn't want to see him wasting away on a memory when he could be enjoying life. Cosette was a person who felt sadness deeply and did not ignore it, but she would recover in time. She would properly mourn her father, and she knew that she would miss him every day. Marius, though, had a knack of plunging into sorrow and becoming engrossed in it… depressed. She would not watch that happen.

She walked over to her husband and put her arms around his shoulders, feeling his head fall against her own shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her, they held each other as they cried, Cosette soothingly running her hands through Marius' hair. They broke apart slowly, and Marius tenderly wiped the tears off Cosette's cheek. He squeezed her hand, and then left the room to talk to the doctor and landlord in the hallway.

Marius arranged for his father-in-law's body to be taken to the church's morgue, where a funeral would be held in a few days. The specifics were not ironed out; all they knew was that he had wanted a simple funeral and a simple grave. Marius set out to give him exactly what he wanted, but first he needed to take Cosette home so she could sleep. This would be terrifically hard on her. After all, this man had been her closest companion for nine years, not to mention the first person who had taken care of her. Marius vowed to prove to her that he was gravely sorry for how he had treated her kind father. He would prove to be a loving husband- and god, did he love her… it should have been easy to prove this. But they had barely been married three months, and he had already caused her terrible pain; he was sorry for that, and he never wanted her to feel that again.

Once the fiacre arrived for Cosette's Papa, Marius, the doctor, and the landlord lifted him into it was she watched. Strangely enough, she did not cry as she watched this. She knew her Papa would be going to a church, and he had always been happy there. Cosette was mollified at the thought. A few minutes later, another fiacre came. Marius reached for her hand, and they stepped inside.

No longer tearful, her main concern now was how tired she was. Sleeping seemed to be the only way to get rid of this ache in her body, resonating right next to her heart. Blinking her eyes slowly, Cosette gave a huge yawn.

"You can sleep, sweetheart, you might feel better," Marius said softly. "I'll take you inside once we get home." He wrapped his arms around her, and she rested her head on his shoulder. She fell into a dreamless sleep as Marius gently stroked her hair.